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Hathaway La Anti-Dollar General Saga Continues
In Response to Letter to the Editor Jennings Daily News (Found Here) (Written by Candice Dawn Alexander)

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A Message to Anti-Dollar General Members who identify as Conservatives


I knew members of the anti-DG group would launch labels at me like my juvenile behavior (absolutely!),  being misguided (seldom), bully (maybe) and being unpatriotic (NEVER) along with a couple of other softballs. You see in the liberal progressive mind, if you challenge, question or attack their opinion, you’re unpatriotic because it is their first amendment right to voice their opinion and you have to agree. Nobody is allowed to challenge it, question it or mock it. Only liberals are allowed to make a mockery of people’s beliefs. If you challenge them you are engaging in “hate speech”. It doesn’t set well when you turn it around on them. Patriotism to them is when you’re agreeable. For example, if you disagree with Obama’s gender neutral bathroom laws, to the leftist you’re just unpatriotic.  I covered this “criticism of opinions” in my previous letter and Alexander, proved my point. I knew she wouldn’t let me down.


Alexander, a champion of first amendment rights to free speech, admitted to censorship in her letter and on her Fakebook page, that it was ONLY for anti-DG content. Pro-DG comments were deleted and users were blocked. In Ms Alexander’s diatribe, she stated clearly, “the FB page was created for communication to inform citizens and acquire their thoughts and opinions” and “We are business friendly whose primary purpose was to inform the community”. Yet, she blocks out the voice of those that disagree with her effort.  True, it is their right to create such a page and run it like you want, but don’t pretend it’s for the whole community. By pointing out this one-sidedness, I was labeled “juvenile”. Ms Alexander cannot fathom, as a champion of free speech, allowing both sides of the argument in this sharing of opinions and civil discussions.  In her liberal progressive mind, it appears censorship is considered part of “civil discussion”.  Liberals are champions against censorship and are always the first to implement it. Her response was full of consistency errors.  I was counting on this political/social hypocrisy bubbling to the top. Once again, I knew she wouldn’t let me down.


I was accused of hysteria by my statement that Hathaway must “modernize or die”, same as any other community. However, to them if the DG comes it will have an impact on the wetlands, destroy the community, native American land and artifacts, and Hathaway will become crime infested and turn into a big city and the next thing you know we will all be zombie’s, ushering in the zombie apocalypse. All of that is “fact”, but my “grow or die” comment was hysteria? (Okay, I took some liberties with the zombie apocalypse thin. Juvenile, I know!)


A few years back, in Panchoville, somewhere in the proximity of Alexander’s family property an oil rig was set up for exploration of oil and gas. This was one of those evil corporations that went in there and if I am almost certain the shifty people at the Police Jury had to approve it. From the public…not a peep!
If the current discussion was about a proposed site for an evil corporate oil rig, I bet I can predict what the level of opposition would be. I wonder what the people “a few lots down” would have to say about it in regards to keeping Hathaway “pristine”, with the prospect of an oil/gas well pumping money into their bank accounts. Apples to oranges? Pardon the old worn out ‘fruit’ analogy but not quite. Maybe apples to apples of a different variety but it’s still about keeping the community as it is without a corporate business potentially unbalancing the culture, landscape, nature, becoming a city and I’ll throw in…disturbing the feng shui. But, I’m the one using hyperbolic claims and hysteria, right?


In Hathaway there is a trailer park near my home. A couple of the vocal Anti-DG members, know the place I’m talking about. Had I opposed the building of the trailer park several years back, using ALL the arguments currently in use….where would they be living right now? People complain about the DG location becoming a crime zone, but overlook the place where they now live, was previously considered a crime zone and could very well return to one on short notice.


My interpretation of Alexander’s response is that she has convinced herself that she represents the voice of the Hathaway community. She is convinced that the 420 members made up of people from Hathaway, Lake Charles, Jennings, Sulphur, other towns, other states, reflects a good cross-section of the community she represents.  To her that’s “diversity”. To the rest of us, a large population of that number is a bunch of people who have “no skin in the game”.  It is generally customary, that all participants are registered voters and participate in the process, in the district they are attempting to drive change in. It is also customary that all currently own land in the area also. Presently living on that land also adds weight. Renting your spot, as well as having family that owns land adds a little weight but nothing like owning it yourself. Being a “taxpayer” is not enough. We are ALL taxpayers. We all have the “right to free speech”, (less those banned from their FB page), but turning that speech into action or results requires a few others things that add a little more weight to the effort. It helps leverage your “free speech”.  This is “skin in the game”.  It’s a little different on the State and Federal level, where sometimes you can “buy” “your skin in the game”.  I didn’t make the rules, that’s just how they are.

She shouldn’t fret too much, she still has 420 names supporting the cause….that’s why they signed up as members. Their “drinking the kool-aid” on what she is selling except they haven’t figured out yet what it really truly is. They only know the narrative on the surface.

I don’t represent the community as Ms Alexander believes. As always, I represent…Me!  Excluding myself, my membership base equals “0”. Alexander you should not get too upset, at my ranting, you are in a playing field of 420 to 1, in YOUR favor, greatly outnumbering my 1 consistent dissenting voice, running interference against this fake protest.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed Hathaway is not crime free. But what do we do? Surrender? Stop building businesses and homes? Do we bulldoze homes and trailer parks after crime has hit them in an effort to prevent future crime? Do we succumb to crime and the threat of it or do we fight back? At what point do we decide to cower in the corner or fight back at some point?


It was inaccurately reported that Dollar General is ranked 4th worst companies to work for. The actual position was 10th out of top 12 on the most recent Glassdoor survey. The most common complaints included long hours, low pay, and poor management. Pretty common complaints in corporate America, making it meaningless. With recent changes within the company, preliminary reviews according Glassdoor have been positive so far. (That quote by Glassdoor was left out) To some, this inaccuracy of her reporting doesn’t matter because they are still on the list.  But the value of the entire list is questionable. Her effort is wrought with inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and hypocrisy. The more surprising part is that while most easily see these consistency errors, and can peel back the layers to get to the truth but there are 420 intelligent people who can’t or won’t. The end justifies the means I suppose. The source was quoted as Wall Street 24/7 but they were only reporting Glassdoor.com survey findings. Which begs the question, why would anyone who is so anti-Wall Street Corporate business, be so quick to use Wall Street Journal resources?

Joe Semmes