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Critics of the proposed cell phone tower located on the north end of Jennings are out in force as usual. The tower will occupy a space of 50 Feet X 50 feet and it will be located in a pasture that is approximately 900 feet west of North Cutting between 2 rows of a treeline. With the exception of the top of the tower hidden from view for all practical purposes. It WILL NOT be right next to Hwy 102, which is what most of the anti-tower people have been misled to believe. The height will be 147 feet. This opposition for the cell phone tower want to keep things as they are or they are just oppose any changes at all. Who knows. Strangely enough many are Trump supporters but their opinions are more aligned with the Progressive Democrats, not so different to those that protested the Dollar General in Hathaway. They too wanted to keep things as they were.

A local pilot on facebook that has been flying since the late 70’s pointed out that this proposed cell tower would definitely be in the way of the planes in and out of the airport. One can assume he has expertise in the way of “tower avoidance” while flying, since he’s posting on fakebook. Despite his knowledge and experience the final decision will rest upon the FAA ruling. Until that ruling comes out, we won’t really know. In the meantime we can look at the map below to see if that pilots opinion holds water. If the FAA says it’s a problem then I don’t mind a little egg in my face. But you can bet the Mosquito Abatement District and the Airport will still work to prevent it and ignore the FAA.
In case you were not aware the Police Jury surrendered its authority on towers to the Mosquito Abatement District and put decision making in the hands of one man rather than the entire Police Jury, you know the ones we elected! You should keep that in mind.

In the photo below of the Jennings Airport, I have placed a red dot as a marker for the proposed cell phone tower, and for reference I have labeled runways 1 & 2. I have labeled another 3 but this may be a taxi lane, however I have seen planes take off and come straight over the Oil and Gas Park, so apparently it is long enough for takeoffs and landings for certain aircraft.
(Keep in mind takeoffs and landings can occur on either end of the runways)
Traffic on runway #1 goes right over LaRumba. Any takeoffs are south of the proposed cell location with a continuous progress AWAY from the cell tower during and after takeoff. I rarely see any planes coming over head from that runway and talking to a couple of people I know who live in the area they say they never notice planes taking off or landing overhead at their homes so inbound/outbound traffic may be on the other end, well away from the tower. On runway #2, IF the takeoff is from West to East, it would also be progressively AWAY from the proposed tower site. I fail to see where this proposed cell tower would be in the way for planes taking off or landing.

Here is a realization in all this. If you were to decide to take your child to the airport, at random for a couple of hours to watch the airplanes take off and land, you would waste a couple of good hours of that child’s life because in all likelihood you won’t see a single plane take off or land. Its just not that busy!

The population of Jennings from the latest Census number is 9,800 by comparison Crowley is 12,588 a difference of 2788 people. At first glance you would assume the higher the population the larger the airport. When Crowley goes up on their sales tax rate, Jennings quickly follows suit and the local elected uses the City of Crowley or Acadia Parish in their comparisons to justify and sell their tax increase to the public. Both are along the interstate and both between Lake Charles and Lafayette. Since they like to use them for comparison for higher tax justification, it is acceptable to use for other comparisons including this one. We will compare the Jennings airport to the Crowley airport and tie that back to economic benefit.

Maybe we are looking at this all wrong. As far back as I can remember the Jennings Airport has been looked at as the “holy land” of the city/parish. It carries with it the image of “the land of milk and honey” or portrayed as the “crown jewel of the city”. Nobody and I mean nobody has every criticized the airport. That would be almost sacrilegious.

But is it really this crown jewel? Or is it now in the way of economic growth and prosperity for its residents? Lets compare Crowley’s airport to the Jennings airport for a better view as we compare the 2 cities in close proximity to each other.

The below Map is in Estherwood LA because Crowley La, does not have an airport in their business district because Crowley DOES NOT HAVE AN AIRPORT. The airprort used for Crowley by default is the Legros Airport which was a training base at one time, located in Estherwood La well outside of Crowley.
(Read on, below pic)

Crowley La with its larger population, with more business and industry including large manufacturing facilities, that has a Lowe’s, A Chile’s, and other businesses that Jennings lost out on and they don’t even have an airport! The Jennings airport over the decades was supposed to fuel the economy. The airport comparison is an apples to oranges comparison because the Jennings airport is more superior. I get that but you have to look beyond airport superiority and align it with community benefit. The bigger question is “what is the benefit”? The Jennings airport is used by private local plane owners, crop dusting and various hobbyists. This is the air strip that the Mosquito Abatement District uses but it also can also use the same grass strips that crops dusters use all the time. It simply has runways out its back door and probably use the airport more than anyone. Aside from them and crop dusters, not much else flies in or out unless someone is stopping off for fuel or some bigwig flies in the eat lunch somewhere. That superior airport as its value to the community is less than Crowley’s airport, which has none. Do big shot owners of the factories in the Jennings area fly in for their businesses? Which factories or manufacturing facilities? Show them to me! Do big shot owners of the factories in Crowley fly in to Jennings and drive to Crowley? If so, how exactly does that benefit the Jennings area directly? Because people in Jennings work in Crowley? Is that your final answer? Wouldn’t it be great if Jennings people could work in Jennings and make a livable wage?

Business is moving closer to the Interstate and smack dab in the way is a huge “superior” airport eating up valuable and sizable land that could hold businesses and grow the economy and maybe slow the decay of the city. Where is this airport benefit that has been promised for the last 40 years? When you look around you see decay, you may have a difficult time equating its existence to economic benefit. During that period there have been many reports in the local paper about money poured into airport expansion, and for what? Did it increase the traffic? Its looking more like its in the way now!

Crowley is smoking the economic ass of Jennings and they don’t even have an airport. How do you explain that, when they promised economic growth with each airport improvement subsidized by the government?
Well educated people would respond to this by saying if you don’t like it move away. My response to that would be simple..”that’s what people are doing or having to do for job opportunities and its turning Jennings into shit hole or maybe you haven’t noticed. If you have to drive 45 minutes to work it makes more sense to move closer to your work.

You say a new cell phone tower, a critical piece of communication infrastructure is in the way of the airport? Depends on your perspective. It looks more like the airport is in the way of benefiting the entire community. The airport is infrastructure too but of the overkill variety. For at least the last 40 years the airport has been portrayed as the crown jewel of the community. Its no such thing. It’s a farce! It’s the proverbial ”lipstick on a pig”. Maybe its time to find another home for the airport further away from homes and the business district. I’m sure the Fed’s and State will pony up the money for it, they haven’t let them down in the last 40 years. That won’t ever happen!

If your going to have a superior airport then you should have a busy airport but that’s not the case. It looks more like a past strategy of “if we build it…they will come”, which has never materialized. I envision the guy working the tower, and if you only have 1, that should tell you something, napping for the bigger part of his/her day. If planes are not flying in an out regularly then your air traffic controller has plenty of nap time. I am not an aviation expert but I have enough knowledge to know when the aviation and other so called self proclaimed experts are full of shit!

I don’t mind egg in my face, but first, show me the log books showing the arrival and departure times of every aircraft “by type”, including aircraft owner business name or private owner name, over the course of 6 months so we can see what kind of activity it really has to see if it lives up to its reputation as the crown jewel of the parish”. While we look at the need for this cell tower, that is part of communications infrastructure, lets also pause for a moment and look at the real need to have an airport that is superior to surrounding parishes.
Is it a crown jewel as advertised or is just another government waste project?



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I came across a post in fakebook about a cell phone tower proposal around the north cutting area just south of Fred & Ruth Zigler Memorial Drive in an effort to drum up opposition against rezoning to commercial.
The area specifically is a pasture that has been a pasture for at least 70 years. The eye catcher in this fakebook commentary is that once the property goes commercial “any business venture could build on this property in the future and it will remain zoned commercial”. The business type examples were “convenience store, Mechanic Shop, Truck Yard and other types” of businesses.

The organizer of the opposition states that he “kinda likes it the way it is now”. That’s an interesting reason for opposition. Do we continue with this mentality of “we kind of like it the way it is now”, all along the way as many towns decline into something resembling ghost towns? At what point do we decide “we no longer like it the way it is” and allow improvements”? When is it too late to turn things around? It’s the same counter-effort in every effort toward positive change, people just want to “keep things the way they are.”

People love their cell phones and their access to internet, but they regularly oppose the very things that it requires to get that service to them. I previously worked in telecommunications for 30+ years I am well aware of the resistance encountered while trying to provide broadband internet and IP Telephony (Internet telephone) to the area.
We complain about the lack of cell service inside a major local department store, north of Jennings, dead spots in Jennings and into the Evangeline area but every time a cell phone tower is suggested to alleviate the dead spots, the anti-tower people come out to oppose. Some love the convenience of technology as long as they are not inconvenienced in the process. I don’t get it!

Let’s get this out of the way…I live between Jennings and Hathaway but I spend the lions share of my household income in Jennings, and as long as the city increases sales taxes, to fund projects every consumer like me has a vested interest in some things that go on in the city, as well as in our neck of the woods. As for things tied to property taxes, I have no vested interest as I have no property, so I stay clear of those discussions. I pay for local projects funded by the sales tax that I don’t have use of. That’s just how things work.

Politicians will paint a picture and use numbers to prove that Jennings is a sound city and upwardly mobile. They’re not lying to the public, just lying to themselves because they just choose to ignore the decay. They are right when you look at certain pieces of the landscape, while ignoring the rest. My senses as I ride around town throughout the city tell me a different story. I trust what I can see for myself. Decay, with its distinct signature, is easily seen. The elected may attempt to improve where they can, I get that, but the realization is that the empty storefronts are not being replaced by others or torn down to make room for new businesses. When businesses are shuttered, it’s just one more vacant building added to the growing list. Downtown is vitalized along empty store fronts. The local newspaper has fewer pages because it has fewer business advertisers. Larger chain stores, regulations and burdensome laws push out privately owned businesses. Technology through internet sales add to the burden for local privately owned brick and mortar stores, who do not open their own internet store fronts. We see the net results of the decades old idea of “keeping things as they are”.

This is not just about a cell phone tower. This is about a failed idea, a hope that things will stay as they are, or once were, and people oppose anything new because of that hope, which is nothing more than a mirage.
If you want to keep things as they are, be ready to ride that idea all the way to the bottom where things like decay, crumbling infrastructure and the criminal element resides! Sure, maybe that property in question, zoned commercial could attract other businesses? How is that a bad idea, as the tower opposition alludes to? Since we are just speculating, maybe it could attract a business that employs 100+ local people later.
Maybe there will be nothing but this cell tower or maybe it will remain a pasture for another 70 years. We don’t know what the future holds.

Others will join in and provide various reasons why a cell tower is a bad idea using the usual predictable safety and health concerns, but the real message is that they too prefer to “keep things as they are”, because working around the issue or finding an alternative to any obstacle this cell tower addition or any other improvement presents is much harder than figuring out what the workarounds are. This cell tower will improve cell service in the area and space will be leased to wireless internet providers and provide broadband services to areas that currently do not have broadband internet. People believe that everyone should have access to broadband internet as long as they cannot see a tower or no fiber/coax crosses their property or over their driveway, in which case they will oppose it. There are a few things that people are on board with, new schools, parks and public buildings named after somebody, but beyond they do not want the landscape to change within their field of view.
Allowing things to “stay as they are” is a bad plan and you can see the net result of this attitude as you see decay gradually setting in. The question is, at what point before we hit the bottom do we stop wishing things would remain the same?


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After almost 35 years of research, studying and learning focusing on the political and social realm, for the purposes of topics for my blog and past writings, what I have really learned is this…..
You will know when you land on the truth, because you realize you can’t publicly talk about it.
We have been lied to since birth by governments, experts, churches and the media.
Conspiracy theories are built as part of a shell game to keep you away from the truth, to keep you distracted. In reality, there is only 1 real conspiracy.
What you should fear the most are laws to protect others from hate while excluding YOU.


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On September 1, 2021 the temporary mask mandate from Emperor Edwards is set to expire. At the center of this is the availability of hospital beds and hospital staffing and attempts to avoid the health care system from being overwhelmed (a different kind of overwhelmed than what they already are). We will see if the emperor extends the mask mandate and for how long, or if he lets it expire. As of today we are looking at 9 days or 6 more school days. I’m betting he will extend it past at least Labor Day.


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First off, I am not an anti-vaxer (anti-vaccine) or pro-vaxer. It’s a personal choice. I do not support forcing children to get vaccines or anyone for that matter. The anti-vaccine movement began way before COVID 19 and has been around for decades. What they have is new vaccine they can use for their age old crusade. They have a new target. If you are a present anti-vaxer, ask yourself…”Did I just become one or have I been and anti-vaxer for several decades? Many of the people who promoting anti-vaccines has been at it for a very long time and if you have decided to join them, that’s your business. Just recognize its not new! It is not something new that evolved because of the Coronavirus!

Historically, anti-vaxer are against vaccines and promote alternative medicines including holistic health or using existing drugs to treat rather than prevent. It doesn’t matter if those drugs are for human use or veterinarian use. If you find yourself jumping on the anti-covid vaccine bandwagon, just remember it is not a new bandwagon. Anti-vaxers existed as far back as when the small-pox vaccine came out and into the mid to late 1800’s. EVERYTIME there has been a vaccine rollout, the anti-Vaxers have always been right there. They are only louder today because of social media.

In 2019, before COVID, according to an AR Threat report there are more than 2.8 Million antibiotic resistant infections that occur in the US each year and more than 35,000 people die as a result.
We the American people have been lab rats for decades long before COVID. When we have an illness the medical professionals follow a protocol of procedures, medicines, injections and the application of all types of high-tech equipment, methods and medicines. The diseases for which there are no cures follows these protocols. Here’s the kicker. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. That makes many of the procedures experimental by default.

The COVID vaccine is not a vaccine that creates some imaginary forcefield. It reduces the symptoms should you get the coronavirus. Some people may be suspicious that the whole coronavirus scare is fake. Everyone that is dying they are associating it to COVID is the thought process. Lets follow that thinking by taking COVID19 out of it. People are dying at alarming rate by the Flu or an unknown superbug that is not responding to traditional Flu treatment protocols, and is not a seasonal bug but year round and ongoing. Now what?

Many anti-faxer’s would push alternative treatments like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine but these medicines were used for treatments of other things like worms in livestock or malaria but they are not tested on flu like symptoms so they would be experimental and the Covid vaccine is experimental so they too would fall under the same category. While people are paranoid about the vaccine, they are not paranoid with unproven treatments should one get the coronavirus. Keep in mind that once you get the cornonavirus, or any other potentially fatal illness, the clock is running and there isn’t a great deal of time to play with while doctors run experiments trying to save you.

There is a person in the company I work for who was 39 years old, worked out, health conscience, and considered a healthy individual succumb to COVID 19. If you are suspicious that it was NOT Covid then call it some mysterious virus that was operating outside of traditional flu season. The same mysterious bug that has claimed numerous lives worldwide. His doctors called in COVID because that is what was identified.

I have known several people about 10 or so, who I either knew or knew of, that have died of COVID 19 or if you prefer of some mysterious illness that has the same symptonms. A former co-worker, who sat 2 cubicles down from me, healthy by all accounts, was debating getting the vaccine but was researching because of the confusion that is out there as to whether to get it or not. The confusion driven by the different vaccines available AND the efforts of the anti-vaxers adding to the confusion. He is presently in ICU on a ventilator fighting for his life.

I watched a video today of a young girl playing both sides of the argument about the vaccine about entering a restaurant and not allowed due to not having the vaccine. It was the dumbest most irresponsible attempt at trying to be a social media influencer. Her argument was not even on point, yet people responded with “nailed it” and other support. One person even replied, “think people”. I did and I guess I was alone in seeing her argument as apples to oranges. People who have received the vaccine have taken it in the hopes of minimizing the effects if they get the COVID, much in the way a person takes cancer treatment. You take the treatment because you think its your best shot. It does not protect from getting the coronavirus but minimizes the impact if you do. The reports coming from even local hospitals is supporting this.

Anti-Vaxers are suspicious of experimental drugs or vaccines but have no issue with any of the other drugs or products that are on the market. When you watch television and a commercial comes on for a drug, do you actually think that commercial is running just for the doctor? Do you think medical professionals are the target audience? If so why do they say, “ask your doctor about….”, at the end of the commercials?
Big pharma is trying to get YOU to talk to your doctor about prescribing the drug. If your adamant, he may very well cave it and let your “try it”. At that point you have become a lab rat. People have no issue with this.
Anti-vaxers should follow their beliefs. What they should not do is try to talk anyone out of it. Why would you be so irresponsible to try to talk someone out of a potential treatment? These are personal choices.
Most drugs are experimental even though they have been on the market for decades. If you take it and it does not work, you have just gone through an experiment so the doctor tries something else.

Do you stop him at that point because you don’t want to be a lab rat?
How many common household items, medicines, or products thought to be safe turned out to be toxic? Many say that, “I know someone that took the vaccine and they died”. That may be true, but I know many who took the vaccine that did not and some that did not take the vaccine that are no longer alive. The participants in this discussion circle are pretty big.

If your child is dying and there is a 20% change an untested drug could help, would you fight for that untested drug? What decision would you make? Or, will you go into your anti-vax/anti-experimental drug posture and say, “no way is my child going to be a lab rat”! As for myself, if my child was dying, I would be willing to try anything. Anti-Vaxers should be consistent and become anti-medicine because its ALL experimental.
There are side effects and contraindications attached to all medicine and treatments. The COVID vaccine is no different, it would appear.

I do not promote vaccinations and I do not discourage people. That is personal choices between them and their physician. If anti-vaxers do not want to take the vaccine that is fine but why are they trying to recruit new members to follow along. There are as many people trying to talk you out of vaccine or a medicine as there are promoting it. If someone wants to be an anti-vaxer for the COVID 19 that is their business but if they’re going to make public statements discouraging people from getting a vaccine, at what point do they take responsibility for the outcome of the medical victim should they die? How are you going to explain it to the family that it wouldn’t have made a difference?

Some people have died taking the vaccine. People have died taking the flu vaccine. People have died, 128,000, who died from prescription medicines.
Many prefer to approach this pandemic by trusting their immune system. Each to his own for their approach. But as I have read, this superbug not only attacks people the elderly but the effected groups keep getting younger as the virus continues to look for new victims. We all think we have pretty strong immune systems, but are we certain there is not one weak spot? This super bug attacks that immune system and tries to turn it on itself. The question becomes who or what is trying to kill us? The virus, the government, the health professional or the anti-vaxers?
Anti-vaxers are doing what the have done for as long as there have been vaccines. When you make your decision, you would do well to keep that in mind. Its a risk either way.
Update: Donald Trump is now promoting the vaccine to his supporters. Jim Acosta from CNN is accusing Trump of trying to kill his supporters by telling them to get the vaccine. Now what?

Prediction: I have already said that the school system in Louisiana is pushing mask mandates for children while pushing back on vaccine mandates for all school board employees. “Its good for thee but not for me”. It seems that their “just following orders”, won’t apply when it comes to them, only the children. I predict that the mandating of vaccines for children will come BEFORE the vaccine mandate for the school system employees. Parents WILL NOT demand that all school employees and all government employees go first.
When the time comes parents will get behind the school board and school employees to prevent the school system mandating vaccines against its employees. When the tables turn and aim at kids getting the vaccines the school system will once again be following orders.