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Things like communism, socialism, loss of freedoms and other things do not occur abruptly overnight. They creep in a little at a time, some things mostly unnoticed. The setting of a precedence is part of that creeping effect. The Covid 19, epidemic and its push for vaccinations are an example. For “the public good” the government is beginning to establish mandates on vaccines with federal employees, health care facilities will follow suit and many already have. Corporations will follow and demand their employees become vaccinated. Insurance companies are sure to join in because if your not vaccinated your a risk and risk equals liability. That means higher insurance rates up to a point they are un-affordable. If your receive government funded health insurance they can require you to do anything they want under the umbrella of “public health”.
Even though ID’s are bad at the voting booth, they will be good for everything else especially an ID showing your vaccination status, which will be requested going into any state, federal facilities or going into large corporate chain stores, including Wal-Mart. If you need to get your prescription filled for some ailment, forget going inside to fill it. You will have to rely on those with vaccination ID’s, to run your errands. Look out if your called for jury duty but you can’t get into the building because of your vaccination status. Anti-vaxers will be pressured to succumb to the demand because a normal life will be interrupted. Need to go to the school to speak with a teacher about your child? Forget getting in if your not vaccinated.
Once in place, then the same tactics can be used for anything else.
We previously wrote a blog here about gun control and these possible actions are eerily similar to those called out in that blog. You can perform a word search to find that article.
People envision the government will show up at your door to confiscate your guns but that’s highly unlikely until the very end on a handful of holdouts. They will use “public health” as a means to confiscate the guns and the pressure will be so intense you will surrender them willingly.
We have created the problem ourselves. People believe government has the solutions to all problems and they are entitled to anything the government is handing out for free. Government has grown so large that it no longer answers to the majority. It caves to the minority, no matter what that minority is. We have voted based on popularity for decades without regard to whether that politician is a constitutionalist or not. We vote for politicians who do not represent those who voted for them, but rather they represent those who provided the most funding election. Those are the ones they are indebted to.
We will wake up one day and realize that this creeping destruction has finally reached its end point. We are now living in a culture of division.
We are divided by religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, political affiliations and now vaccination status. In each of these divisions are sub-divisions fighting against one another. There is no unity deep inside any of these deeply divided cultures or groups.
Its not organic, there are powerful influential forces behind it all who are pulling the strings. We are being played like a fiddle.
Find the group has the most unity and loyalty among themselves and you find the group who is pulling the strings of division for everyone else.


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Most Catholics read this story or other stories and probably discounted it as hugely insignificant because it is aimed at the traditional pre-Vatican II Catholics of the society of Pious X, that still celebrates the Tridentine Mass.

Some probably do not fully understand what it is all about, wave it off and move on. I have read several recent articles and they all dance around the issue. I am only familiar with it somewhat because the topic has intersecting lines into some other research I do. I’m not the subject matter expert but I am familiar enough.

The traditional Catholics that celebrate the Tridentine Mass, generally use the Roman Missal of St Pius V revised by St John XXIII in 1962. This is a pre-Vatican II Missal and inside that missal are prayers that are, let’s just say inconsistent with church teachings AFTER Vatican II. The revision in 1962 by St John XXIII, was the removal of the prayer using the word “perfidious”, but the prayers still contain other verbiage not consistent with Vatican II and Nostra Aetate.
The traditional Catholics often called ultra-traditional conservative Catholics reject Vatican II along with the Nostra Aetate (pronounced Nostra A-Ta Tay) decree of October 28, 1965. If you have not read it, you should. Once you do, you will have a better understanding why the traditional Catholics are under fire for their rejection of it. There were 2,221 Catholic leaders who voted in favor of Nostra Aetate and 88 voted against. One could surmise that the traditional Catholics prescribe to the ideas of those 88 who voted against it.

The liberalization of the Church is ongoing and is about to take a turn for the worst. It’s coming like a freight train and if you reject it, you will not be able to run to the traditional Catholics of Pius X because Pope Francis, just dealt them a death blow. If Catholics flee, and find the traditional Catholics, they will learn things the Church does not want them to learn, viewing it as “regression”. He closed the escape route for other Catholics who will reject the liberalization of the church. There is no other escape except the one marked “EXIT”!

The Pope’s decree against the Tridentine Mass is zeroed in on the pre-Vatican II missal that contains controversial prayers that runs counter to Vatican II and its Nostra Aetate. Read the brief and it points to the prayers in the Missal. If you’re wondering, that is what it is all about…”prayers” and old pre-Vatican II beliefs that were in place for centuries. Some say this change could lead to a schism, or a split in the church. I don’t agree with that, not yet. I believe the split will come later. It seems as those journalists and church leaders that are saying a larger schism will occur, are actually engaged in wishful thinking.

I believe there are 3 particular civil laws that must be enacted first. Once those civil laws are in place, that’s when things will take that turn for the worst. The church will be powerless because of its own laws preventing it from defending itself that have been in place for a very long time. The protective civil laws are needed, nails in the coffin sort of speak. At some point, I predict the Church will try to reverse course, possibly softening parts of Vatican II, causing peoples beliefs to swing too far. All in an attempt to save itself and when they do, the schism will occur then, as this abrupt change will scatter countless Catholics to the wind. Ironically, the effort to save the Church will contribute to its continued destruction. Its not the strategy of the Church, it is the strategy of its enemies. The Church will inadvertently execute the strategy for them.

Many Catholics see this Latin Mass change as insignificant or as not affecting them. The reality here is that this change is monumental to the church. You just won’t feel it for a while now, but when you do it will be apparent. The Church and Christianity in general has moved themselves into a position whereby their own teachings will prohibit them from defending themselves against the very enemy that seeks its destruction. What a great gift for the liberal enemies of the church.


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You’ll need your tin foil hat for this one…Science is an interesting subject. We often hear the statement ‘follow the science”, and we hold science in high esteem because it saves lives.
Science has risen to a level of sainthood or even God like thanks to an effective advertising and propaganda program. Science has done a great deal to improve dally life and save lives. But, science has also done much to destroy human life. Thus, there are 2 sciences, siblings perhaps, that are polar opposites from one another. One is beneficial to mankind the other malicious to mankind. You might say that beneficial science outpaces the malicious science by a wide margin but I would be hard pressed to agree. The malicious science sibling is one of the most prolific serial killers in the history of the planet.
One might say this is a ridiculous train of thought but its not. If it were not for science we would not have a vaccine for the corona-virus.
That’s true but if the corona-virus was a man made creation that leaked out of a Wuhan lab then the deaths related to covid are from the hands of malicious science. All we end up with is beneficial science tackling the problems made by malicious science. Its a dual of 2 sciences. Nuclear and chemical weapons are from science. The agent Zyklon B used in the concentration camps were from science. The nucear weapons scatter across the earth are from science. Drug commercials talk about the benefits of a medicine and then at the end gives side effects that can kill you. You can make your own list. There is plenty of malicious science AND beneficial science but make no mistake about it, there are 2. I call these the “siblings of Science”. Science is being portrayed as something that you cannot challenge. People often say…“trust the science or follow the science”. But which science do you trust or follow?

The day of this writing a report came out on Fox News about “Monkey Pox”. So I do what I always do, I googled “who discovered Monkey Pox”. I look for the origin of everything. I want a fucking name! I found that Monkey Pox was first discovered in 1958 when 2 outbreaks of a pox-like disease occurred in colonies of monkeys kept for research. Did you miss It? It was found in monkeys kept for research. Kept for research. Kept for research! Kept for research. Got it? So we are left with the knowledge that it comes from monkeys, but overlook the value that they are monkeys in a fucking lab. More specifically monkey’s kept in a research (science) facility. Also “Monkeypox virus causes the disease in both humans and animals. It was first identified in 1958 as a pathogen of crab-eating macaque monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) being used as laboratory animals”.
Monkeypox was first reported by Preben von Magnus in 1958 in laboratory cynomolgus monkeys.

On to Wikipedia: Preben Christian Alexander von Magnus (25 February 1912 – 9 August 1973) was a Danish virologist who is known for his research on influenza, polio vaccination and monkeypox. He gave his name to the Von Magnus phenomenon.
He represented Denmark at the 1959 Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs where he explained that respiratory viruses such as influenza and the common cold were unsuitable as biological weapons. He became a Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog in 1965.
(Interesting remark: “he explained that respiratory viruses such as influenza and the common cold were unsuitable as biological weapons”)

Now we know what his research focus was. Biological weapons.
It is also noted that in 1970, the first human case was in the Republic of Congo, during a period of INTENSIFIED effort to eliminate smallpox.
The whole monkey pox history is suspicious. Why would a virologist, who is working for the benefit of the human species say, that viruses and the common cold were unsuitable as biological weapons unless he was performing research specifically for that purpose?

People are trying to remove qualified immunity from law enforcement. What if they removed qualified immunity from scientists?
Of course, there would be very little science just like there would be very few police. When a husband comes home and discovers his wife
is murdered, who is the first suspect? The person who made the discovery! I treat science news today in a similar fashion. Whoever found it, is a suspect.
We are learning that Dr Fauci, the front man on Covid19 has direct ties to the Wuhan lab where the virus was first discovered. Fauci was also a lead man on AIDS which supposedly came from monkeys. (There are those monkeys again). Its always either bats or monkeys. Its always discoveries from bats and monkeys KEPT in research facilities.
Its never, “I found a bat/monkey in the wild, brought him in, tested him and found a disease”. Its so prevalent that you could make the argument that bats and monkeys should be left alone and in the wild, because their getting mysteriously ill inside science facilities and those diseases are crossing over into human populations.

I am not talking about doctors, but more like the scientists who are developing and weaponizing viruses, and other dangerous pathogens.
Science has made great strides and brought us many wonderful things. At the same time science has brought misery and death and that is unmistakable. I love science. I do not trust science! On one hand, the sibling of good science has improved the lives of many. On the other hand, the malicious science has created so much death it could be labeled a serial killer.

That brings us to mask mandates and the science suggests that we wear masks and our children wear masks and get vaccinated.
Which sibling of science is this coming from? The one that is the saint of science or the serial killer of science?


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The statue of Alfred Mouton from the courthouse in Lafayette Louisiana.
Jean-Jacques-Alfred-Alexandre “Alfred” Mouton (February 18, 1829 – April 8, 1864) was a Confederate general in the American Civil War. Although trained at West Point, he soon resigned his commission to become a civil engineer and then a sugarcane grower, while also serving as a brigadier general in the Louisiana State Militia. Mouton is a symbol of the Confederacy and he has to go, according to those offended by it.
When all the symbols of the confederacy are gone, all the street, road, town, parish names are gone, wiped from history what then?

According to a report the confederate statue has been removed and will be replaced with a flag pole from what I read but since the American Flag is also oppressive it will be interesting to see what flag flies over the courthouse.
In May 2016, Prejean and fellow community members formed Move the Mindset (MTM) – a nonprofit organization committed to addressing discrimination and other social injustices. Above all, its mission was to educate and advocate for the truth. It’s first target: Mouton.

So Prejean has made it clear its not over. The American flag is oppressive and so are confederate statues. Yankee statues are oppressive to the people of the south but nobody cares about that. Once the oppressive symbols are gone there will be one left that will be addressed in the “mop up phase” and that is of the Christian crosses visible from public roads and right of ways.

For the last 50 years or so, we have witnessed the efforts of the media, Hollywood, the Democrats and countless leftist organizations promoting social justice and improving race relations while hiding their own racist pasts. Look out as far as the eye can see and you will see
this effort of promoting equality has been a dismal failure. If it were a success, we would not be seeing the racial tensions at its tipping point today. With the efforts poured toward racial equality there are only 2 options at the place where we stand today. Its either a success or a failure. From one perspective its a failure. Then again, if the media, hollywood, the Yankees, the Democrats who have a notorious history of racism have been trying to cause racial tension, then its an overwhelming success. Which is it?
The majority of the high profile incidents including the case of George Floyd are happening Yankee territory. George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis Minnesota, what then will dismantling confederate statues accomplish? Besides more racial tension and animus.

Throughout history there have been incidents of shootings and murders from crackpots, usually in Yankee territory, that murdered people in hopes of starting a race war. Charles Manson is one. There are others and the one thing that this teaches us is that these people really exist.
How many more are out there that want to start a race war but take a different approach than Charles Manson?

What is the end game? The end game includes “hate crime laws” similar to those in Europe and Canada and across the globe.
The public will be so worn down that they will happily accept laws protecting certain classes of people but not themselves.
Once enacted the enforcement of the law will only be leveraged for only one class of people. Just like in Europe, Canada and other countries.


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I am old enough to remember to discussions, articles and speeches against communism. It was common place and communism was tagged as the worst of evils. Nowadays, to speak of communism you are labeled a wacko and conspiracy theorist. On November 9, 1989, the Berlin wall fell, a giant symbol of the oppressiveness of communism. Later it was declared that communism was dead but the ideology of communism doesn’t die a natural death, it has to be killed and nobody killed it. In 1989 we witnessed a barrage of people on the Eastern side of the wall, flood to the west. We like to locked into our minds that this flood of people were all those were freedom loving people, seeking to escape communism. But, in reality there were many in those crowds who were in those crowds seeking to expand communism.

I like to research the origin of things rather than engaging in the pro’s and con’s of a social, religious or political topic. We get so wrapped up in the topic that pay no attention to its origin. Getting bogged down in the controversial topics and the commentary coming from each side is interesting but not revealing. What is revealing is those people who are behind those topics. Everything has an origin.

In that process, of researching these radical people with radical ideas you uncover a significant number of them who they themselves escaped communism or their parents did and they often give a year they immigrated. Except there is one problem, the year of their immigration was before the wall came down. I recall that in order to escape the communist USSR, you had to defect, and in doing so put their families in harms way. So how did these people “immigrate” during communist rule? Remember the walll? It was there to keep people in not out.

We have been on the road toward communism for a long time and we are closer today than ever before in American History. But of course this is tin foil hat talk, even though 20-30 years ago it was common discussion. The undermining of our culture, law and order and everything that makes up America for what it once stood for is being eroded daily. Disloyalty to America is all the rave. Using and exploiting the darker side of its history as it evolved from its infancy is being used to undermine it. The tactics being used are right out of the communism playbook.
Defund the police, dismantle law and order and what replaces it? The military, with their checkpoints, barricades and authority to shoot on sight. Sound familiar?

In a video capture this morning 7-9-21, as reported Pro-Palestinians are gathered to protest Israel and are seen burning Israeli flags and squirting fluid on them to keep the fire blazing. I noticed something odd in the video. There were no Palestinians. There were mostly white faces. During the video, a black woman steps into view to throw an American Flag onto the burning Israeli Flag. She is wearing a red arm band. Another protestors is seen with a red arm band to the left holding a drum. In the background when you zoom in you can see the words “ICE IS” and the rest of the protest sign is covered with someones head. The red arm bands can be any number of groups.
The video played as a Palestinian protest was nothing of the sort. This is just another misinformation tactic.
Meanwhile, Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms are policing misinformation, which is a communist tactic to control information that runs counter to the approved content. What you had in the video as a Palestinian protest without Palestinians.