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Lee Mallet and his fakebook group continues to assail Lauren Heinen on inexperience and maintaining a private practice as DA along with his mis-characterized soundbite about Heinen being a “woke liberal”. Its been a pretty awesome smear campaign.
At the end of his one page ads he writes “Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this matter”. Sounds good to me! By this request he is showing that he believes in freedom of speech too, like Heinen. Heinen is accused of never prosecuting in a jury trial. Cassidy has only done one. He claims as such on his website. Sparks I don’t know much about but its likely none also. So we have a 0,0,1 score in terms of jury trials prosecuting criminals that makes it a level playing field in terms of experience. As for maintaining private practice…they all do. Maintaining a private practice is different than full engagement on a daily basis. Will Elliot Cassidy absolve his law practice if elected? Probably not because he would be an idiot if he does. What Lee Mallet is engaged in is nothing but word craft and he is not very good at it.
So far no $ contributions are showing up for Mallet giving to the Cassidy campaign, but it may be due to lags in updating. Mallet gives generous sums to political campaigns including to liberal candidates, while he takes the moral high ground on conservatism. Perhaps his contribution data is just not updated or he is purposely keeping it off public records so Cassidy can keep him at arms length. Instead he will use the 5K he would donate to buy ads trashing Lauren Heinen. The important question since his existence is primarily in Calcasieu Parish is “what’s in it for him”?
Lets speculate and opine a bit since Mallet said in writing in his paid advertisement to Let him know my thoughts and opinions on this matter”.

Here is what I think….Lee Mallet owns a substance abuse and drug treatment facility that advertises…
“Clinically managed, highly-intense residential substance use treatment in a structured environment. Comprehensive, individualized treatment plans include assessment, screening, individual and group counseling, family therapy, life skills training, and education.”
Mallet does not come from a healthcare background, he is business operator that has Mallet Buildings and numerous other businesses such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Real Estate, a day care, Salvage, and the list goes on but not much in healthcare.
This facility is called “Sanctuary Louisiana”, before that it was called the now defunct “Academy Training Schools”, of which I wrote about in my blog. Before it was ATS it was “Progressive Plumbing. That’s an interesting leap in name changes. What Mallet needs are the referrals. He needs people or “cadets” as they were once named and those have to come from various sources with interconnecting links to the DA’s office.
These “cadet” involve individuals that come from referrals made by Parish mental health professionals, probation officers, persons in law enforcement, and recommendations by the District Attorney’s office, that influence the courts. I’m sure there a few walk-ins driven by concerned family members who pay out of pocket but the lions share comes from “the system”.

These “cadets” are not like Joe Biden’s “corn-pop” but are non-violent substance abusers who get tangled up in the law. Like other referrals their may be some gifts and gratuities involved that needs to be explored, by someone like state investigators. Once the “cadet’s” are sent to “Sanctuary Louisiana”, Mallet’s business, to help them through their addiction recovery, (wink wink), part of their treatment can be found in their advertising tagline, “life skills training and education”, this is code-speak for “work”, “employment”. Lee Mallet has the solution, because he has numerous businesses all needing employees and he has numerous political connections and friends through his contributions that probably need workers too. The demand for workers is evident and Mallet appears to have a low cost shady solution.

At the former ATS academy, now known as Sanctuary Louisiana, KPLCTV did a story which can be found here:

Mallet explains in a feel good fashion that “it also takes the young men off the streets and into a place where they can learn about responsibility and train for a job, and ultimately better their life. The ATS runs off strict discipline and mandatory skills training classes. And the men at ATS, or cadets as they’re called, are required to wake up at 3 a.m. each morning.”
He continues…“Every morning they all eat together, they go to work together, they all come back in and go to classes,” Mallett said. “So it’s a very regimented way of life.”

You will notice a comment by Superintendent Kelvin Smith that when the cadets first arrive to the ATS, they are set up in a military-style dorm room with no privileges. “No TV, no air conditioner, no heating, no nothing,” Smith said.

That’s interesting for an owner that also owns a heating and air conditioning company. “No heating” and “No nothing” can be interpreted as no hot water either and given the Louisiana temperature extremes this sounds more like a Russian Gulag.

When you seek out feedback from former employees of Mallets enterprises, it’s not very complimentary and almost gives the perception that they are treated poorly but paid decently. By searching for employment reviews you have to keep in mind that they are disgruntled employees but they took the time to write up the review so you have weigh a little less than 100% accuracy. Even giving Mallet the benefit of the doubt the reviews are not good except from current employees. by Lee Zurik a prominent investigative journalist, did an interesting investigative piece that can be found here:
One or more of Mallets business ventures have been investigated not once but twice for Workers Comp violations. Employees were being paid low wages and this was offset by reimbursement through travel expenses. In one instance the employee showed earnings of $18,000 in earnings and $95,000 in reimbursement expenses. Workers comp premiums is based on earnings and excludes mileage reimbursements.
Now its been my experience that when an employer ignores or circumvents something like workers comp, they are likely to ignore other employment laws.
Mallets former employees complain they are paid a salary which is for “exempt” positions. Employers sometimes abuse the exempt status as workaround for paying overtime. When an employee is completing hourly type work they are “non-exempt” status and should be an hourly wage.
The Louisiana Workforce Commission is the resource for investigating this.
The point here is that If Mallets former employees do no have high praise for his treatment of employees then you can expect the same treatment to these “cadets” at “Sanctuary Louisiana” gulag. But they likely won’t complain about treatment or being ripped off from working because the alternative is prison. They are forced to suck it up. If they complain of mistreatment, whose going to believe them?
Its beginning to smell a lot like “human trafficking”. If you think human trafficking is only associated with sex crimes, you have a great deal more to learn.
Interestingly enough when he got into trouble over the workers comp scam, he ran to a Democrat lawyer to bail him out.
I could be wrong here but that’s how opinions and “let me know your thoughts” roll. Mallet shouldn’t mind because he asked me my thoughts and opinions.
The election for the office of District Attorney and the attacks on Lauren Heinen by Lee Mallet who is taking the moral high ground and falsely painting Heinen as a “woke liberal” has nothing to do with experience, woke liberalism, or maintaining a legal practice. How does Mallet benefit?
If he doesn’t benefit he would be quiet as a church mouse, but instead he is aggressively attacking Heinen and that alone is suspicious.
The attacks are about business and money. If Heinen wins, he loses. If Cassidy wins, he wins. As for Sparks, he may just be a Cassidy operative to split votes away from Heinen, who knows in this tainted environment.
It is possible that Eliot Cassidy is unaware of some of this and if he does he should have disavowed Mallet by now.. Cassidy should have done his due diligence on this operator Mallet. If he didn’t how is going to perform due diligence as a lawyer and a District Attorney?


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SWLA Politics and Lee Mallet has been running 1 page ads in the Jennings Daily News to discredit Lauren Heinen for DA and is a strong supporter of Elliot Cassidy for DA. Lee Mallet has put Lauren Heinen under attack for “wokeism” and disloyalty to Conservative Republicans. Its nothing more than a smear campaign against a person that does not deserve it.

Lee Mallet has been under investigation twice for questionable practices involving Workers Compensation.
Read the full story here (Copy/Paste Link to your browser)
Excerpt from the story
The Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors website describes member Lee Mallett as a ‘respected businessman’ who has created businesses ‘that support good-paying jobs and give back to the community’ — but Mallett’s companies have been investigated twice by state agencies in relation to coverage under a state worker’s compensation program.

Mallett, who also serves as chairman of the State License Board of Contractors, owns several manufacturing and construction companies in the Lake Charles area. In 2018, his companies purchased workers compensation insurance through a state created entity, the Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Corporation. The coverage protects workers hurt on the job, as long as their company signs up for coverage and pays a premium.
The premium is based on the salary of each employee.

When applying for the worker’s compensation coverage, one of Mallett’s companies, Progressive Buildings, claimed one employee drove the equivalent of New Orleans to Atlanta every day of the week.

State records obtained by FOX 8 show the company claims it paid the woman about $18,000 in wages and then paid her another $95,000 in mileage reimbursements. That figure is key because the premium paid to the worker’s compensation corporation is based on the employee’s salary, not their other earnings and reimbursements. So in this example, 84 percent of the employee’s total earnings were not included in calculating the premium paid to the state corporation.

The $95,000 in mileage reimbursements to the employee equals about 3,400 miles a week — equal to the drive from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

The story is excellent and shows how Mallets companies attempted to circumvent worker compensation laws by showing a low wage and high mileage reimbursements to avoid workers compensation insurance.
But Mallet had it covered as Lee Mallet by his contributed considerable dollars to both Liberal Democrat Campaigns as well as Republican elections. Mallet is the embodiment of what is wrong in Louisiana politics and yet he wants to take the moral high ground and attack a real conservative Republican Lauren Heinen with false claims of “wokeism”. He has been appointed to prestigious positions by Bobby Jindal and its probably just a coincidence that he donated considerable funds to his election campaigns.

I received a flyer in the mail from the Elliot Cassidy campaign that stated “Elliot Cassidy is bringing the hammer down on LOWLIFE criminals”.
This my friend is NOT conservatism. The Cassidy campaign needs to expand on who he identifies as “lowlife criminals”! Is it ANYONE who breaks a law? Are lowlife criminals defined as anyone who breaks a law no matter how small outside the circle? Is a lowlife criminal someone who tries to circumvent worker compensation laws? What about the JeffDavis 8 victims? Are we going to put new resources on this cold case and other unsolved murders in the parish or are we going to start fresh with “dropping the hammer”?
I cannot believe Elliot Cassidy would align himself with Lee Mallet and I do not understand why he has not disavowed any connection between his campaign and Lee Mallets comments against Lauren Heinen.
Why the aggression on the part of Mallet?
Mallet is also involved in the Academy of Training Skills (ATS)that takes incarcerated non-violent offenders. The ATS, was located in Lacassine, La., is a referral facility where individuals charged for non-violent or non-sexual crimes can take educational courses and job training courses, along with counseling.
Is Mallet after the referrals to expand his Academy from the office of the DA?
According to the article as quoted by Superintendent Kelvin Smith “And when the cadets first arrive to the ATS, they are set up in a military-style dorm room with no privileges. “No TV, no air conditioner, no heating, no nothing,” Smith said.” Wow, it sounds like an episode of “Naked and Afraid”, or perhaps a Russian Gulag. They even call them “cadets”. Additional research shows that ATS is now Sanctuary Louisiana. According to the secretary of State website
ATS corporate standing was revoked in 2005, reinstated a year later, name change 4 months later. It started out as Progressive Plumbing then became ATS and then became Sanctuary Louisiana with Lee Mallet as one of the corporate officers.
copy/paste –
I wonder if it has air conditioning or heating or any privileges? Is Mallet employing any of these people from Sanctuary Louisiana, as employees of any Lee Mallet business venture? If so what are the employment terms?

So I wonder how the election of Jeff Davis Parish District Attorney plays into this facility in a way that enriches Lee Mallet. I’m reaching here but only time will tell. How does this mesh with Elliot Cassidy’s campaign promise to “drop the hammer on lowlife criminals”? Is there a connection at all?
Is the DA’s office or the Parish dumping money into Lee Mallets Sanctuary Louisiana project and is it at risk if Lauren Heinen is elected?
Is that the reason for this aggression towards Heinen?

The LSU Board of Supervisors states that “Not only is Mallett a very well respected businessman, he is also an avid social reformer”
Social Reformer? That sounds like one of those “woke liberal terms”. You know they call Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a social reformer too!
Coincidence? Lee Mallet and his SWLA Politics Fakebook social media page are nothing more than agents for political bullying.


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Pitfalls of Political Mudslinging
An ad ran in this newspaper by SWLA Politics pointing to the idea that a candidate for DA was a “woke liberal”, because they defended Colin Kapernick kneeling for the national anthem.
I searched for this organization and I could not find a non-profit, an independent political action committee (PAC), or one connected to the Republican Party or a business under that name. The domain names for SWLA Politics (.com, .org, or .net etc) are available for purchase to anyone, so there is no other web presence. This simply means beyond a Fakebook group, it does not exist. In reality, it is a guy with a social media page and that’s about it, but he has the resources and motives to pay for a 1 page ad in the paper. SWLA Politics made a disastrous miscalculation and the 2 other candidates should scramble to disavow.
In the ad, a candidate for DA was assailed and demonized for exercising their right to free speech supporting someone who was exercising theirs. The obvious goal here is to paint a conservative as a “woke liberal”, when that candidate is anything but. Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of conservatism, but the person behind this doesn’t know that because they are likely a newbie to conservatism. The conservative movement has had a difficult time with converts who bring over their radical agenda’s that does not serve the best interests of the movement. They do not assimilate or embrace its principals and opt instead to create a hybrid of their own beliefs and call it conservatism. It doesn’t work that way.
Conservatism is an established ideology. It is not shape shifted to fit your own narrative or your own definition of conservatism. Conservatism is struggling to survive because of the relentless onslaught from the left in its attempt to demonize it, and it is being torn apart from within from misguided people, with personal enrichment agendas, many are converts from other parties. It yields only in-fighting. Liberalism has the same problem.
I noticed in this ad that the DA Candidate quoted Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King “A time comes when silence is betrayal”. Is this another part of this charge of “woke liberal”, worthy of being demonized? Are conservatives now evil for quoting Dr King? Is this some kind of new secret rule of conservatism I am not aware of? Is there some kind of secret racist hand signal that goes along with this thinking?
I also noticed in the ad there was a picture that included Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick, 2 black NFL players that the DA candidate supported their constitutional right to protest. Does SWLA Politics know anything about the optics of doing that? The takeaway from the SWLA Politics effort is that any candidate that supports people’s right to protest or otherwise kneel when the national anthem is played should automatically be disqualified for office. Is this disloyalty to the party? Is that the central message from the far-right extremists who pass themselves off as conservatives?
We are to believe that SWLA Politics is a “loyal/solid conservative Republican” but yet the owner has dumped considerable contributions to elect a Democrat Governor and super-Pac’s.
(Political contributions are public record you know!)

A term often used by candidates that claim are a “solid conservative Republican”, is overplayed, because I have learned that it can be interpreted as codeword for “far-right hardliners”. Those people can be scary, much like the far left liberals. Soundbites slogans like “tough on crime” sound good but begs the question…which crimes? Does it mean “tough as much as the law allows” or beyond that? I don’t want a DA, or Judge “tough on crime”, beyond what the law allows. I want them fair, reasonable, impartial and seekers of the truth. Catchy slogans like “tough on crime” are pretty scary when you look at it with granularity or perspective.
I look for an everyday run of the mill fellow conservative who supports things like free speech, free press, freedom of religion, fairness and the rule of law, and making the penalty fit the crime. Not toughness for its own sake. If they go too far to the right they end up in Nazi, ideological territory. If they go to far to the left they end up in communist territory. I didn’t make this up, the political science experts did decades ago.
Another scary piece is that the Candidate for DA posted this opinion in September of 2017. Since recovering the deleted post is highly unlikely that means the person who posted this captured it and saved it, at the time it happened and held on to it for almost 5 years with a plan to use it at a future time, you know…in case that person ran for office one day! Who does that besides the CIA or NSA? Scary stuff!
It appears the far left and the far right are in a life and death struggle of re-defining what patriotism is and the rest of us are caught in the middle standing as the accused for being “un-patriotic”, because we don’t see it their way. So it goes with the growing number of radical groups.
Local candidates for DA or other local positions need not promote themselves as Pro-second amendment, or pro-life. Unless you’re going to be presiding over or prosecuting abortion cases, it’s not necessary to make it major piece of your platform. If pro-life is a major piece, does that mean the candidate will not seek the death penalty in a murder case ever? How does that mesh with the slogan “tough on crime”? If you state you should be elected because you are pro-2nd amendment then we expect you to stand up for it and NOT enforce any unconstitutional anti-2nd amendment legislation that comes down from the Federal and State level, should that occur. If you’re not prepared to do that then you need to save your pro-2nd amendment speech for when you run for higher offices, where you can really make a difference.

It was fun and games to debate the Kapernick controversy and to have mixed feelings about it but when someone decides to use it as a litmus test for our elected officials, then we cross over into radical territory! I cannot see anyone with any shred of political intelligence getting behind this and giving it value.
The fakebook owner of SWLA Politics, demanded in a post that the candidate explain themself. Explain what? Explain why they support the constitution and the freedom of speech, and of expression? If you do not believe in those things then the burden of explanation is really on you.
Political mudslinging is never wise when you throw it straight up!


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There was some propaganda floating around Fakebook that associates Lauren Heinen with an opinion piece about Collin Kapernick and his kneeling for the anthem controversy. The writing was supposedly by Lauren Heinen candidate for Jeff Davis Parish District Attorney. It basically defended Kapernick and others for exercising their right to free speech. It was written September 25, 2017. It clearly states “*Paid for by SWLA Politics” with a headline of “Read this deleted post and decide if this is the best choice for Jeff Davis Parish. It is intended to be a political “hit piece” against Heinen.
Pay close attention to this because its focus is on the “Paid for by SWLA Politics” claim, which goes to the heart of credibility. When you perform a google search of SWLA Politics you get the Facebook page in top ranking in Google. That’s normal. After that SWLA Politics is non existent.
When you look up, .net, .org there is no presence on the web because those domains are availability. When you look up SWLA Politics as a business entity, a non-profit organization or registered political action committee of the Republican Party it is non-existent.
It is unlikely that SWLA Politics has a budget to pay for political advertising. SWLA Politics is just a guy posting his political opinions much like

Thus, the “paid for by SWLA Politics then is fraudulent. The SWLA Politics facebook group is run by none other than Lee Mallet from Calcasieu Parish and is an operative for the Cassidy campaign. You may not remember that name but I certainly do. The ad is painted up as a political advertisement but SWLA Politics didn’t really pay anybody. Its just shady covert political operators who are attempting to sway public opinion using Facebook.
Republican? Maybe in name only but that’s what often happens when Democrats convert to the Republican Party. If it caused you to change your mind about your choice for Heinen for DA…sorry you got duped. There is an epidemic of that going on right now. The fact that SWLA Politic has no other presence is a huge continuity error.

This post presumably by Lauren Heinen was almost 5 years old which means somebody either has access to deleted posts on facebook which I doubt OR they capture information and save it to use at a later time, which is quite shady. The day Lauren Heinen mentioned that she might be interested in becoming a District Attorney one day, political opponents began collecting any kind of dirt they could possibly use one day. That’s politics for you. The first thing people should determine if the comment is not a deep-fake or not or did she actually say these things.

What these shady operators are attempting to do is establish that Lauren Heinen is not conservative or a real Republican but in fact is a liberal, marxist, progresssive Democrat , and thus soft on crime. Anyone who is a true Conservative Republican will know that conservatism stands for freedom of speech, less regulations and restrictions, less government. It is in fact the liberal Democrats who are opposed to freedom of speech, not for themselves, but for everyone else. If you pay close attention they expose themselves not unlike Lee Mallet and his SWLA POLITICS Fakebook kpage.
At the very core, the very takeaway from the article is that Heinen supports free speech. What more can you takeaway from this? Conservatism is an established ideology with an established platform. If you call yourself conservative, and you feel like laws should be enacted to prevent people from kneeling during the anthem, that’s your choice but conservatism cannot be shape-shifted to fit your definition of conservatism. Kneeling for the anthem is a very liberal thing to do. The whole incident was a liberal media feeding frenzy. It was designed to drive a wedge between us all. It worked! It always works!
Mallet may call himself Republican but he has yet to prove to me he is anything other than a Democrat in his opinions. OR he doesn’t have a full grasp at what being a conservative really is.

There is a large gap between what conservatism stands for and what people want it to stand for. It has a hard enough time defending itself against the onslaught of liberalism and the infiltrators (RINO’s) who try to destroy it from within. Conservatism is under assault, and in fact it is struggling to survive. I never got too passionate about the Colin Kapernick kneeling debate. I had a few words about it but not passionate about it at all. It was all staged anyway. A staged controversy to take our focus off other things, that were going on behind the scenes.

Mallet and his SWLA POLITICS FAKEBOOK page is attempting to shape shift a fat nothing into something, to sway public opinion against Heinen. I too believe Kapernick, an American citizen, has a right to protest and kneel for the anthem. Beyond that I am no fan of Colin Kapernick. For me I just ignored him but the liberal media could not and made it a divisive controversy. That was the only goal and it worked.
The realities is that SWLA POLITICS is just a guy with a FAKEBOOK PAGE much like is just a guy with a website. There is no business, no non-profit organization and the pretending that the “paid for by SWLA POLITICS tagline” was an attempt to give itself credibility where none existed.
What Mallet was really selling is an opposition to free speech and expression. Colin Kapernicks right to protest and free speech AND Lauren Heinen’s free speech for what she wrote. If Heinen posted the opinion then deleted it, then the reason could be she learned more about the controversy and decided to back away from it. She could have changed her mind. Mallet and cronies tried to play it as trying to hide it and if your a conspiracy theorist that is likely the reason you will embrace.
Heinen does not need to explain herself for exercising her right to free speech. She doesn’t have to explain herself because her opinion differs from someone else’s. If your opposed to free speech and free expression perhaps you need to explain yourself!


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Since the onset of the cold war we have been educated and informed by our government and the media what a formidable enemy communist Russia was.
I lived through it for most of my 61 years on this planet. With the fall of communism Russia remained our enemy anyway. We bragged about winning the cold war but yet Russia remained a foe.
They were such a formidable opponent we created NATO, an organization of member states in alignment against aggression across Europe. Its motto “an attack on one is an attack on all”. We developed and deployed military hardware and advanced weapons system at a considerable cost with defending against Russia in mind. We used these weapons systems against smaller foes across that same period of time.

The US created a thermobaric weapon called the GBU-43/B MOAB also known as the “mother of all bombs”, that is the most powerful single conventional non-nuclear bomb ever used. On 13 April 2017, a MOAB was dropped15 on an ISIS-Khorasan cave complex in Achin District, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. We developed cluster bombs, daisy cutters and used them to great effect in the war on terror. The Russian TOS-1A is a thermobaric weapon that the US has no equivalent. The long and short of this is that the Russian weapons we call barbaric the US is just as guilty.

Russia is using similar weapons in the war against Ukraine and are being deemed barbaric and guilty of war crimes. The FOAB or Father of all bombs is a thermobaric weapon much like the MOAB. I am no weapons expert but I can read and apply reason. When we use these type of insidious weapons we are heroic. When someone else uses them they are barbaric. Funny how that works!

We are being told in so many words that Russia is struggling with Ukraine. Ukraine is brave and holding its own. Russia is being portrayed as a weakling, disorganized and not formidable at all. What happened to Russia’s enormous military might? Either we are being lied to now or we have been lied to since March 12, 1947 about the Russian threat.
I believe we are being lied to know because in conversations in the media and privately people want to see Russia get their asses kicked. Which is exactly the response the US warmongers are looking for.
What happened to this “fake news”? Did it all end, and the news media became more reliable once Russia threatened Ukraine? I see everybody and his brother lining up to get involved in Ukraine war, even if it means WWIII and nuclear war, because we are being inundated with propaganda every single minute of the day, from factions in the US Government that want WWIII.
Get ready folks…its coming if we stay the course! The pro-death crowd is hard at work using propaganda to start WWIII to purge those that were missed by Covid 19.