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You hear a great deal about people who are claiming or being accused of promoting a race war. The white supremacist, Neo-Nazi’s, Dylan Roof, the Russians, Donald Trump, and who can’t forget Charles Manson and the Manson family of murderers.
Here’s some more ripped from the headlines.
3 Delaware Men (yankees) named Brian Lemley, Patrik Mathews, and William Bilbrough
The Tulsa Race War of 1921
The Boogaloo boys
Three Marines and a Racist Porn Actor (More Yankees)
A 17yr old in New Zealand Brenton Tarrant
Joseph Paul Franklin. Serial Killer 1977-1980 born James Clayton Vaughn Jr wanted to start a race war
It seems as though the list is endless. So it has been established, by the news media and media in general, that there are people out there that want to start a race war, The news media has warned us about it for decades, So claiming that these people exist is in no way a conspiracy theory. Or is it?
The recent shootings in Georgia at massage parlors, with the majority of victims being Asian, “Police said the suspect, Robert Aaron Long, 21, of Woodstock, Georgia, told authorities his actions were not racially motivated and he frequented some of the spas where the shootings happened.” It has been pointed out that Long’s addiction to pornography may have played a role. But, the news media, one after another, want to leverage it as racism. It is evidence that the media is the one pushing for a race war. All you have to do is watch television programming over the last 40-50 years and you look at the progression of things to the point where we are today. The media tries to make everything a race issue to divide people under the guise of social justice and fighting against racism. They are fighting against it while they promote it.
In the case of the Georgia shootings their choice is between claims of racism or claims that it was influenced by racism, simply shows their preference to protect their sister industry the pornography industry.
The news media and Hollywood media continue to expose themselves for who they really are and many people are getting wise to it. It’s unfortunate that so many people are so brainwashed to buy into it but, they have bought into much more so it should be no real surprise. The liberal ideology is guilty of “projection”, accusing others of what they are guilty of. They have even accused conservatism of this projection only recently after being accused or decades of doing it. They are free to marginalize people for their race and call it comedy, while choking off the voice of others.
They aim to stifle free speech, not theirs but that of conservatism, it is part of their plan to disarm the populace who oppose them, challenge them, or question them.

Isn’t it racist to think if someone was going to execute a hate crime they would do it at an Asian massage parlor? Why not some other “Asian” place of business or place where the Asian population lives, works or congregates. When the media thinks of “Asian” do they automatically think of massage parlors and nail salons’? Hollywood and the news media has a long history of marginalizing the Asian population. The evidence is obvious. Why are they all of sudden coming to their defense? Its because there is an opportunity to make it a race issue to further their goal of starting a race war.

Here is a link that delves deeper into the marginalization and stereotyping of Asian Americans in Hollywood

Someone is trying to start a race war. Its not a conspiracy theory because the media and elites have been peddling the idea that it exists for decades. The question is who?


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“Iscariotism” and “yoking” might not be a couple of terms you’re too familiar with at first glance and you may not find much on the subjects if you research it.
This research behind “ Iscariotism” started about a decade ago, taking several weeks, when I first worked on it. I never really did anything with it, but it was a fascinating journey. There’s not much more today than what could be found back then on this subject, so it had to be pieced together. If there is some “conspiracy theory” out there on this, I am not aware of it, so any similarities are purely coincidental.

Iscariotism is linked to Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Jesus.
Now this is not all a religious, philosophical article, It’s roots are in political/social causes of the day which can be traced backed to religion. “Yoking” is defined as ‘to be or become joined, linked, or united as one or new whole’, and connects neatly with Iscariotism.

For my research, I use electronic copies of the bible to perform word and phrase searches and I use an old printed 1960’s bible for cross reference, because that was before man started changing single words that changed entire meanings. My use of the bible for things less than inspiration and spiritual won’t win me any gold stars, but sometimes you just gotta do it.
I rarely speak about Iscariotism because most people are not familiar with it and they have a tendency to roll their eyes if you mention it. Its pronunciation often throws people off which is “Iscario tism” with the o sounding more like an ‘a’. Iscariotism is named after “Judas Iscariot” the traitor of Jesus in the Gospels.

Iscariotism has a vague definition. The definition variations you find are very lame, all over the place, and varies with people trying to describe it. Many people have never heard the word to start with, but once they hear it, they can immediately explain what it means, without study. Go figure!
Despite your findings to the contrary, it is “anyone or any concept that is a betrayal of Jesus by aligning themselves with the enemies of Christ.” This definition parallels with actions of Judas Iscariot in the Gospels and is more fitting. Any definition to the contrary is questionable.
Iscariotism seeks to make people unwittingly side with the enemies of Christ and has had phenomenal success. You can test your pastor/minister’s knowledge by asking him what it is, but expect an initial blank stare on his/her face, before you get some ‘on the fly’ explanation. Before continuing I must explain there is no organized group called “ Iscariotists International” or nothing of the sort”. It’s not something you willingly join, but rather a trap you fall into as an individual or a group. Granted there are groups of Iscariotists but they go by other names and do not openly consider the principals of Iscariotism as one of their ethos. Their actions tell a different story. “You will know them by their fruits”.
Iscariotism is rooted in the story that does not get a great deal play except during the Easter season and not much even then, because it is drowned out by the story of the resurrection. It is that of Judas Iscariot the betrayer. In Jesus’ words when he said, “The Son of Man goes as it is written of him, but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been better for that man if he had not been born.” (Matthew 26:24 Also found in Luke and Mark). Jesus spoke in several forms, as in parables, he spoke plainly or answered a question with a question. This one is plainly spoken. You cannot take it out of context when your reading it as written. There is no parable here.

In the word translations that I found, for “woe to that man”, the word “that” is actually “the”, so the word “that” and “the” are interchangeable. So “that man” (Judas) and “THE man”, (all men) are the same in who it speaks to. Some bibles depending on the age of them and which version, will use “that” or “the” in this verse. This is very important word distinction because it is not just a statement aimed at Judas Iscariot but also about all of Jesus followers. I do not see any exclusions for the followers of Christ, as Judas was one of them. Afterall Jesus spoke for the moment and for all time, as we have been taught…right? Iscariotists are not always betrayers themselves, but often like “betrayer sympathizers” for the lack of a better explanation.
The message then suggests that anyone who betrays Christ, by siding with the enemies of Jesus, then the verse would apply. “woe to that man, it would be better if that man had never been born”. Contrast this against “love thy enemy”, from Matthew 5:43-48 on the Sermon on the Mount but it shouldn’t confuse us. There is no evidence that, “Love your enemy” means to take them into your fold or “yoke with your enemy”, which would of course end in catastrophe for you and your family. Its more logical that it simply means to not carry hate for your enemy or the enemies of Christ.
This brings up numerous questions we must ask ourselves like, how do you betray Jesus like Judas did? You can ask that question to many people and they will all give you differing explanations. It’s easy to find some interpretations by clergy or individuals attempt to soften what he said and hold Judas Iscariot in a better light, but it’s usually a sign they fell into the trap of Iscariotism?

Another question might surface like, if Judas had NOT accepted 30 pieces of silver for his betrayal, but still agreed to show the Sanhedrin where Jesus was, would it have still been a betrayal? Would it still had been a betrayal even if Judas had simply told the Sanhedrin where Jesus was hiding as a favor? Had Judas, not took the 30 pieces of sliver and not greeted him with a kiss and simply told the Sanhedrin where Jesus was hiding would it have been any less of a betrayal? The answer to all these questions should be a resounding NO!
The money and the kiss made the betrayal deeper, wider, taller and so there was no confusion and no way for future historians to explain away the action of Judas’ betrayal. When Judas stood up from the table of the last supper to walk out the door, the betrayal began. This was before the 30 pieces of silver, before Judas led the mob to the garden, and before the greeting kiss. His betrayal was compounded after that. Then the betrayal was, at its core, in its simplest form….Judas sided with the enemies of Christ. Those that despised Jesus and everything he stood for.
Defenders of Judas, Iscariotists, would quickly point out that if not for him, Christ would not have been crucified so that our sins could be forgiven. This lessens Judas’ guilt and I won’t go along with that. Its Iscariotism echoing from the hole/trap they fell into.
Another question is, why did the Sanhedrin need information from Judas Iscariot anyway? They could have arrested Jesus as any time when he was in Jerusalem teaching! Jesus was in hiding from those who sought his death and they were in a rabid hurry to find him, give him a mock trial, and crucify him, all before Friday at sunset when Passover began. They needed Judas because they were in a hurry and had no time to launch a manhunt in the countryside. That explanation is pretty standard learning.
For his act of treachery Judas Iscariot earned his “better if he had not been born”, curse. Judas’ return of the silver, did not redeem him. Any defense of “I didn’t know”…was of no consequence. There is no evidence that hanging himself even redeemed him. There are some huge teachable moments in these often-overlooked words that Jesus spoke and in the story of the Iscariot.
This “ Iscariotism” uses “inclusion” as leverage. It is an infiltration, a parasitic invasion of Christianity. It exploits Christs teachings and that of scripture for its own gain. It seeks to obtain alignment with Christianity to call it one and the same under an inclusive name. It seeks to remain a member of the fold while it attempts to destroy it from within. Iscariotism’s goals are not so different than its namesake. Judas, was a member of the fold, the elect, but in the end he really wasn’t.
In 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 there is specific instruction. zDo not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For awhat partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?
(Important to read in its entirety all the way through verse 18, as it contains more important instruction in the parable section).

Many Christians will use this verse to attack other Christian religions. They tend to internalize and disconnect. They look inward instead of outward, because they think these “unbelievers” referred to are fellow Christians who do not believe the same as they do. Pay attention to the single word “unequally” in this verse. Some Christians confuse this equal yoking with unequal yoking which are separate. Iscariotism and the unequal yoking of other religious beliefs are closely aligned. In this yoking that already exists there is a hope and a belief in this alignment, but reality is something totally different.

Iscariotism’s pursues the goal to get laws passed to protect it from criticism and its aims. It will be dressed as something else. Christians will go along because it is painted as inclusiveness and will deceptively think they are included in those protections. Iscariotisms inclusiveness is only to their benefit. Several protections have already been implemented dating back decades, and more are coming. Once complete, the real assault on Christianity will begin and Christians will not be able to fight back, because the protection laws, the ones they agreed to, will prohibit them from resisting.
Christianity began ignoring the instruction of 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 about 5 decades ago with disastrous effect.

Conspiracy theory? If so, then it might be the greatest of all time. This is all BS? Maybe so, depending on what you were taught, but with the penalty of “woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been better for that man if he had not been born”, personally its not worth the gamble. Yoking with the wrong crowd can have a disastrous effect which is already being played out. If your uncertain about this Iscariotism and yoking, then by all means ask me about it the next time you see me. I can explain it with a simple sentence, now that you have the jest of it.


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Conservatism, the political ideology embraced by the Republican party is called bigoted, racists, homophobic, hateful and everything that is wrong with this country. People who embrace conservatism are idiot racist NAZI’S, that deserve to be called every vile thing that can be invented, and they should be harassed and threatened, chasing them to their grave. They should die and in fact when they do pass away the death of any conservative voice is celebrated. Liberal activists protest conservatism by holding the severed, bloody head of one its leadership members. They question their very existence and attempt to treat them as non-human. When they pass away, liberals say things like “Rest in Piss”. That is life as a Christian Conservative. If you’re a liberal Christian…your safe. You pose no threat to liberalism as long as you keep agreeing to everything. In fact, liberalism will ignore your as long as you’re in their fold. I think the bible calls it “yoking” in 2 Corinthians 14-16, but for the sake of safety, by all means they should keep yoking.

Conservatism’s political and ideological opposition is deeply rooted in hate, and it’s obvious every day. Its not new at all! Donald Trump only forced it to the surface so that it could be seen, he chased it out of the shadows, and they hate him for exposing them.

Conservatism is the “spawn of Satan”, so we have been taught since January 12, 1971. Oddly enough the majority of people who dreamed up the idea of equating conservatism to Satan, do not really believe Satan is real in the first place but it sells good to gullible liberal Christians. This January 12, 1971 date coincides with the date the beloved sitcom, “All in the Family” first aired. The creator for All in the Family, was Norman Lear. When you look the name up, using ONLY liberal resources for reference, you will find that “ Lear is a political activist, part of the so-called Malibu Mafia who funded liberal and progressive causes and politicians. Lear was a silent partner of The Nation magazine and founded the advocacy organization People for the American Way to counter the Christian right in politics. He has supported First Amendment rights”. (Except the first amendment rights of the Christian right. He also supports gun control and planned parenthood.)

Lear was born in New Haven, Connecticut, the son of Jeanette (née Seicol) and Hyman “Herman” Lear, a traveling salesman.2 He had a younger sister, Claire Lear Brown (1925–2015).3 Lear grew up in a Jewish household in Connecticut and had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony.4 His mother was originally from Ukraine, while his father’s family was from Russia. Oddly enough many of the “activists” you read about have roots to Communist Russia. Coincidence? The sitcom’s Lear created were the offspring of his political activism. He does not deny it.

The sitcom “All in the Family” has been called “ground-breaking”, influential, and it portrayed Archie Bunker, played by Carrol O’Conner, an ardent liberal in real life, as the typical blue collar, conservative, Republican and bigot. By today’s standard that should be ‘cultural appropriation”, but that’s off limits. The spin-offs from this show were pretty much the same, with Normal Lear propagating his activism for liberal views. Very little television since then has been just silly entertainment. It usually promotes some social or political causes which conservatism is not one of them, because it’s way too evil. Will the cancel culture eat their own and try to destroy Lear’s work? I doubt it! It’s untouchable! Archie Bunker’s character was carefully crafted as “Episcopal”, which gave Archie Bunker free reign to make a mockery of Catholicism in particular. It is true he made a mockery of many religions and groups but that was all part of aligning him to non-liberal groups. His son-in-law, daughter and wife were there to apply balance and defend liberalism.

When you look out at the vast wasteland of social and political ills of today, there is not a single topic that was not covered in “All in the Family” sitcom decades ago. To repeat myself from previous rantings, television programming is both a noun and a verb. If television does not shape our opinions, or drive our behaviors then why do they have commercials? Why to they use the media to promote causes? Why do they use television to promote “getting out the vote”? Why did they cover the social topics in “All in the Family” in the first place? Television media including all network news and throw in cable news has always leaned toward liberalism. That’s no secret. That is why there was room for Fox News that gave the appearance of being “the other side of the coin”. That’s what led to the hugely popular radio program “Rush Limbaugh” on AM radio of all places. There was a demand for the other side of the coin. Of course we all know that the other side is only made up of bigots, racists and homophobes along with other school yard bully name calling titles. It does bring to light some realizations with all that television has done to promote unity, love, compassion, understanding and you look out today at the results and you realize they were not promoting those things. They were promoting the opposite, to great effect, otherwise you have to admit their effort were an utter failure and had the opposite effect.
Lear’s political focus has been his opposition to the rise of Christian televangelists and the Christian right. In 1981 he left the television industry to focus on political activism and created the left-of-center advocacy group People for the American Way to fight against Christian causes. He distributed millions of dollars from his family foundation to left-wing groups such as Planned Parenthood, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Huge fans of Archie Bunker and all the spin-offs spawned from it, do not want to hear anything negative about their favorite programs no matter how much evidence you provide. Its easy to recognize once you actively watch the programming instead of staring at the television mindlessly and writing off the messages as just entertainment. Some people are good at identifying propaganda while others are not, that’s just the way it is. Many blue collar workers, conservatives, Christians especially Catholics should have been appalled on how they were being portrayed and marginalized, instead we laughed. We did not realize our identities were being redefined for all time. All in the Family nor its spinoffs did anything to create unity, instead it was the seeds of division that have grown out of control, because many shows followed the same format in promoting social and political causes with liberalism being portrayed as righteousness and all that is good, with conservatism portrayed as Lucifer himself.

When you research the word “Activist”, using ONLY liberal sources, the word often appears in the bio data of many prominent people, it is portrayed as an absolute good, and worded in such a way that is palatable in a positive way for its liberal viewers. It’s almost angelic. Add “liberal activist” to your word search and the top results will always be positive. Take the same word and add “conservative” to the front of it, “conservative activists” and you will quickly find the demonized explanation of activism and all of a sudden they are Hitler/Satan incarnate. People susceptible to propaganda and brainwashing never see this, because they want to believe that Conservatism is the spawn of Satan. Its easier to agree with the liberal propaganda than it is to question it. Liberalism is easy, when things go wrong, when their social engineering backfires, they always blame the Republicans/Conservatives. If you look closely at the upheaval that we are in it is nothing but a blame game, with each side blaming the other, but who has the real power and influence?

Liberalism is evil personified and it protects itself by projection, hiding its evil by accusing others of what they are guilty of.
What are we to do? Absolutely nothing except continue to vote, voice opposition wherever you can but do it peacefully. If you show up for a protest, they will infiltrate it, cause mayhem and conservatism will continue to be assaulted. Be patient, because they eat their own. Jump on the cancel train and go after the things they hold dear.

“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed”.
Friedrich Nietzsche


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Check out
They track the liberal money and organizations. Interesting stuff


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I have been knowing for quite some time and you have too that people read the headlines of a story and they build their own opinions on the subject based solely on that. I just did it!
I see this a great deal in fraudbook where a story is posted with headlines, you read the story and then you move on to the comments to see what people are saying about the story.
You find people making comments about it, and you notice they didn’t read the article and other users/posters are telling them to read the damn story. Most of the time its the headline that gets the clicks and often its just click-bait for some damn advertisement or story about something totally different.

I knew this was an issue with lazy minded (mostly liberal) people but I am firmly convinced that it is of epidemic proportions.
There is so much misinformation out there that we CANNOT do this. Television programming (a noun and verb) does the same thing. Their lead off gets us thinking and we never hear the rest of the story, because we drown out the information in our head with our own thinking.

I did it with the headline for this blog and people will circulate that I actually saw a UFO and they may contribute their own story of seeing a UFO and the next thing you know were talking about life on Mars or even Sasquatch. However, I once thought I saw a Sasquatch up in the deer woods that I hunt in but as I got closer I realized it was just my older brother.

Read the articles people! I know its lots of words and some of them are kind of big words but power through it. Reading the articles allows you to analyze what is being written, which often is not possible with television news.

I once believed in UFO’s but now that they are coming out with more and more information I no longer believe. I think we are here in this universe all by ourselves. We are the only intelligent life in the universe with the exception of those who formulate their opinions based on headlines.