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Hope and Change is looking more like “Death and Taxes”. Democrats love both!

In a President Biden’s speech on 1-22-20 on getting Covid Relief package passed…and I quote “If we fail to act, there will be a wave of evictions and foreclosures in the coming months as the pandemic rages on because there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the Pandemic in the next several months”.

there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the Pandemic in the next several months”.
there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the Pandemic in the next several months”.
there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the Pandemic in the next several months”.

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, a critic of Trump and one of the first to push his impeachment was critical of Biden and replied, “Haven’t we been told for months that restrictions and mandates were necessary to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months”?

Meanwhile over at the show, “Real Time” with Bill Maher, he states “America faces a ‘problem’ now that Trump is out of office. Trump can no longer be blamed for everything. “Now we gotta look in the mirror and we’ll find out in the next hundred days, like, if it was all Trump who was the bad guy”.

This is all breathtaking. I am already hearing stories of vaccine shortages. Trump left Biden with a vaccine from operation Warp Speed. All Biden has to do is make sure production and distribution is maintained and improved. Remember folks, and don’t forget it, the vaccine and the start of distribution along with implementation occurred as Trump was leaving office. This ball was handed to the Biden administration and all he has to do is run with it. You cannot blame Trump at all, because it’s Biden’s ball now.
If Trumps established production and distribution effort is inefficient, you can change it and see results within days. It won’t take months and if it does, get suspicious.
In time of military conflict our armed forces personnel can move men and material at breathtaking speed and efficiency. They know logistics like no other. Biden has No excuses!
No excuses!
No excuses!
No excuses!

This is what people wanted. Forget the voter fraud for a minute, there were still millions who wanted this. Democrats are the party of abortion, infanticide, birth control, death with dignity, eugenics and population control. There is not denying that. I have known this for 40 years, why haven’t you? Lurking in the shadows of the environmental movement is population control being pushed by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bernie Sanders, Dr Fauci and a multitude of liberal environmental organizations. This is what Democrat voters want. You can’t say you are against these death topics when you vote for the people who peddle it!

So let’s turn over healthcare to bureaucrats and allow Democrat controlled government to run healthcare, this “party of death”, the one that honestly believes that we face an existential threat of climate catastrophe and among the solutions includes population control and all the other death measures mentioned. What a great fucking idea!

Today News Headline: Biden Admin freezes Trump HHS rule meant to lower insulin prices.
Today News Headline: California Worst State at Vaccine Distribution (Liberal Flagship along with NY for the country. Its signals whats to come). Your clues are stacking up folks! Words mean things!

Perhaps those of you who voted for all this, will see the day when your laid up in the hospital with a treatable disease and the doctor tells you “all we can do is make you feel as comfortable as possible at this point”.
What it really mean is that ‘were rationing health care and we see here that you are living on government assistance and you are not healthy enough to contribute to the whole of society or community, therefore you are deemed a “worthless eater” with a high carbon footprint and sacrifices have to be made to save the planet”. That’s how they really think behind all their pseudo-compassion. At that moment, don’t forget you wanted this. You ignored the warning signs and voted for this every single time.

The oft-repeated Democrat party tagline of “Hope and Change” is looking more like “Death and Taxes”. The suspicious timing and suspicious beginnings of COVID 19, is turning out to be a great gift to the population control crowd and its brethren in environmentalism. They can throttle things back and let COVID ratchet up the body count because they will just blame Trump.
No sir! Its all in Biden’s court. When he started signing executive orders on day 1, he took ownership of everything.

If I was to roll up what is happening today and equate it to something for perspective, it would be this…‘we are being loaded onto the train, into cattle cars, and they are telling us they are taking us to a better place. We don’t know where we are going but it has to be better than where we are’. Sound familiar? The only difference here is that you have an opportunity to get off that train before it pulls away from the train station. When it pulls away, its too late, you will be locked in and cannot jump off. The train is a metaphor for an idea, a belief.

I recently heard advice from a holocaust survivor, that struck me. It was, “whatever you do, don’t get on that train”. What profound advice. Unfortunately its tool late for some and no matter how much you try to tell them to “get off the train” they won’t heed the advice.

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby’s comment from his homily, aimed at Catholics in his congregation who voted for Biden, will resonate for a while and we need to repeat it often, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?”


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Who are these “Fact Checkers” that parse through data and reports and determine what is fact or fiction?
They are referred to as “independent” fact checkers but they are in an organization executing the party line on facts.
They are anything BUT independent. Fact Checking has its journalistic routes and is a spin off from the media, not some grass roots campaign that was born organically. Its to keep the media in power and in control of the flow of information.
We think that Fact Checkers were born during the Trump administration in response to his “fake news” call outs on media, but it goes further back than that. You can find various starting points but they bubble to the surface anytime a Republican President is in the White House. A Project of The Annenberg Public Policy Center is considered the Mack daddy of fact checking and one pass through it, you can tell it is slanted toward liberal Democrats. Look into its founders and you learn a great deal more. “factchecked” the Biden inauguration speech and determined it was pretty standard and nothing there for fact checkers.

From Biden’s speech he said, “We must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal. We can do this if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts. If we show a little tolerance and humility.”
That could have been fact checked because this tolerance and humility has been absent by everyone on the left long before Trump was elected. Certainly they could have least found that one!

Fact Checking is a media weapon formed to protect the media and the liberal elite. Conservatism is the enemy and the pseudo-official fact checkers has it in its sights.


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Definition of Coincidence: “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection”.
“the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection”.

As you can see that the definition bounces between 2 inconsistencies, one that says without connection and the other with some connection.

Psychology Today gives some interesting information on coincidences but in the end they cannot give a clear answer to them.
Experts claim that scenarios of coincidence are part of our brain’s innate need to create order out of chaos — and we experience them more often when we’re paying attention.

In the study of coincidences we are supposed to do is ignore them as anything meaningful. Yet, investigators and the legal system do not ignore them. To them numerous coincidences are a pathway to the truth. A suspicious thing surfaces that needs further investigation. Coincidences are often circumstantial evidence.

All too often we make judgement based on a single coincidence with no other coincidences to support the first. At the same time we can look at multiple coincidences within a subject and not see anything at all. For whatever reason we ignore them.
Draw a line between 2 or 3 coincidences in a court of law, you got yourself evidence. In the court of public opinion you got yourself a conspiracy theory. Its funny how that works.

There are coincidences within the current pandemic. Its a coincidence that the experts out front and most vocal are also supporters of population control, abortion, infanticide and are staunch environmentalists.


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This blog is really about thinking out loud. So let’s think about the whole voter fraud thing. If you believe that “voter fraud” really happened then it was “rigged”. Obvious stuff. “If every vote matters like they say it does, then every fraudulent vote matters. That’s just continuity of thought. So if we apply continuity of thought with the idea of voter fraud, across everything then we have to ask…what else is rigged?

Football games? In the play of the season the coach/quarterback makes the worst play at the worst possible moment. Coincidence? At the worst possible moment a referee makes a bogus call that is a turning point in the game. Coincidence?

Casino’s / Gambling: We all know the answer to this one.

Insurance? The rich seem to get the best payouts on insurance. The middle class and poor get shorted and have to sue to get their money. You might say that, “the wealthy pay the highest premiums”, but that’s not the way it is supposed to work.

PowerBall/MegaMillions: Are the random drawings really random? In 2015, a 54 year old computer programmer in a multi-state lottery in Iowa, rigged the lottery so he and his brother would win jackpots in several states was arrested. It was an inside job.
How many more of them are still out there, who have not been arrested, is a valid question. If they could do it who else on the inside can do it?
The Academy Awards and all award shows and all awards for that matter. Obama won a Nobel prize, that should give you a hint that something is amiss.
Actor “Jack Black” has won numerous awards and accolades and he is one of the most lousy actors and its not just my opinion.
Look up “the worst actors” and that’s also rigged.

There are more things out there that you could add that just has questions surrounding it, that more out there is rigged than we know. Paranoia thought? Sure, but if hypocrisy is fashionable, why isn’t asking for proof or free thought not fashionable”

Early voting used to be called “absentee voting” and you have to have a pretty good reason for casting an absentee vote.
Then a long time ago, the Democrats saw fit to change it to “early voting”. In hindsight, that should have been a red flag.
So now, if anyone really thinks there was cheating in this election, you have to wonder how long its been going on and how deep does it go.

Maybe its all rigged…Just food or thought!


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Impostor-ism – A Growing Epidemic

You should recognize by now that there is a growing epidemic of impostor-ism in the US and the world. You probably haven’t heard of impostor-ism because I just made it up.
It is a pattern of things and I didn’t know what else to call it.

A few Examples include:
Democrats registered as Republicans
Liberals who pretend their conservative
Men who identify as women
women who identify as men
Rachel Dolezal
Scams are the handiwork of impostors. They have to be an imposter to execute a scam.
Rev Jim Jones was an impostor.
David Koresh was an impostor.
Pedophiles who pretend to be priests, clergy, scout leaders to gain access to victims are all impostors.
Some of the people among the Trump supporters in DC that belonged to Black Lives Matters and ANTIFA were impostors.
Drag queens who live their life as a drag queen
Any person who is not who they say they are is an imposter. Anyone who claims be of a particular religion, race or culture and is not is an imposter
Elizabeth Warren claims to be Indian
People who claim to be good and righteous but behind your back are plotting evil are impostors.
The whole idea of “self-identifying” is impostor-ism.
Narcissist use impostor-ism as a tool in their twisted little tool kit.

Keep the concept of “imposter-ism” tucked away in the back of your mind and the next time you sit down for the news or other program you will begin to notice
this Impostor-isms is an epidemic. There are plenty of examples.
I am not talking about average people with human weaknesses or even Hollywood actors who play roles in movies. I am talking about people who live their lives as impostors.
Evil cannot go through life dressed as evil and identifying as evil, they must present themselves as good or something other than evil.