Alfred Mouton Statue

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The statue of Alfred Mouton from the courthouse in Lafayette Louisiana.
Jean-Jacques-Alfred-Alexandre “Alfred” Mouton (February 18, 1829 – April 8, 1864) was a Confederate general in the American Civil War. Although trained at West Point, he soon resigned his commission to become a civil engineer and then a sugarcane grower, while also serving as a brigadier general in the Louisiana State Militia. Mouton is a symbol of the Confederacy and he has to go, according to those offended by it.
When all the symbols of the confederacy are gone, all the street, road, town, parish names are gone, wiped from history what then?

According to a report the confederate statue has been removed and will be replaced with a flag pole from what I read but since the American Flag is also oppressive it will be interesting to see what flag flies over the courthouse.
In May 2016, Prejean and fellow community members formed Move the Mindset (MTM) – a nonprofit organization committed to addressing discrimination and other social injustices. Above all, its mission was to educate and advocate for the truth. It’s first target: Mouton.

So Prejean has made it clear its not over. The American flag is oppressive and so are confederate statues. Yankee statues are oppressive to the people of the south but nobody cares about that. Once the oppressive symbols are gone there will be one left that will be addressed in the “mop up phase” and that is of the Christian crosses visible from public roads and right of ways.

For the last 50 years or so, we have witnessed the efforts of the media, Hollywood, the Democrats and countless leftist organizations promoting social justice and improving race relations while hiding their own racist pasts. Look out as far as the eye can see and you will see
this effort of promoting equality has been a dismal failure. If it were a success, we would not be seeing the racial tensions at its tipping point today. With the efforts poured toward racial equality there are only 2 options at the place where we stand today. Its either a success or a failure. From one perspective its a failure. Then again, if the media, hollywood, the Yankees, the Democrats who have a notorious history of racism have been trying to cause racial tension, then its an overwhelming success. Which is it?
The majority of the high profile incidents including the case of George Floyd are happening Yankee territory. George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis Minnesota, what then will dismantling confederate statues accomplish? Besides more racial tension and animus.

Throughout history there have been incidents of shootings and murders from crackpots, usually in Yankee territory, that murdered people in hopes of starting a race war. Charles Manson is one. There are others and the one thing that this teaches us is that these people really exist.
How many more are out there that want to start a race war but take a different approach than Charles Manson?

What is the end game? The end game includes “hate crime laws” similar to those in Europe and Canada and across the globe.
The public will be so worn down that they will happily accept laws protecting certain classes of people but not themselves.
Once enacted the enforcement of the law will only be leveraged for only one class of people. Just like in Europe, Canada and other countries.



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