Anti-Vax/Mask - Pro-Vax/Mask...Its All PSYOPS

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The kind of psyop’s (Psychological Operations) we’ll explore are not the kind specifically used by the military with its legal constraints. We will instead discuss the psyop’s used by everyone else which has no legal constraints. In particular the media, which includes social media.
Psychological operations, or PSYOP, are intended to “convey selected information and indicators to foreign and domestic audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

I added “and domestic” because the person who wrote out the definition did not include it, which is a typical propaganda technique.
The word “propaganda” and its definition is approaching end of life and is being replaced with the word psyop’s. The Department of Defense, who we know and are supposed to believe are the only ones using psyop’s, have discontinued the use of the phrase, “perception management”, but that’s what it really is. Covid 19 have divided us into camps of anti-vaccination vs Vaccinated and pro-mask vs anti-maskers.

Each side has its supposed experts but there are gaps of unknowns on both sides that distorts the truth.
Truth, back in the day, used to be an absolute but has been replaced with variations of the truth. When absolute truth is not easily grasped it opens the door to all sorts of conspiracy theories. One thing is for sure Covid 19 really exists. Personally I have known at least 12 people who I know directly or indirectly that have died or almost died due to Covid and I have known many more that have caught it. When people reportedly die from Covid, we have a tendency to rationalize the death as “they must have had an underlying condition”. This train of thought is right out of the “population control book”. If you immediately think that “they must have had an underlying condition”, then you have bought into the psyops of the pandemic.

What we know is that the Covid 19 started in China and fingers are pointing to the Wuhan lab. The experts are throwing around a phrase called “gain of function” that is a bio-weapon term that a scientist presenter would make to room of Department of Defense people. There is debate as to whether this virus was constructed in a lab and whether it was released accidental or intentionally. The virus appeared under the administration of the most hated President of all time, in a re-election year, and we are supposed to look at this as a coincidence, without suspicion. More psyops. Many people believe that the whole Covid thing is a hoax.

A vaccine was fast tracked by eliminating the normal red tape and bureaucracy under President Donald Trump. The anti-vaxers and the anti-maskers which are usually the same people are very suspicious of the government and based on what I am seeing are predominately Trump supporters. Trump has also promoted the vaccine, so in reality they do not really trust Trump either. Many believe that the population control people supported by the government is trying to kill them with the vaccine. Other think that population control people are trying to kill them with the virus. Whichever camp of conspiracy theory you fall into, all we have in front of us are choices that suck.
Take the vaccine you might die because it is experimental. Don’t take the vaccine, risk catching Covid and all the treatments are experimental, and in the process you might die. These are not good choices.

I recently read a meme on social media that read “Call us anti-vaxxers, Covidiots, conspiracy theorists, it doesn’t really matter. You’re mocking the people who have correctly predicted every stage of this scam with a 100% success rate. Trust me – you won’t have the last laugh”.
I am still puzzled by it. What exactly were the predicted items at every stage of this scam with a 100% success rate? No examples of the predictions fulfilled were provided. It requires a list of predictions to support the claim they nailed it at a rate of this 100%. It had no name taking credit for the statement. This is typical perception management or better known as a psyop. If your of the camp of anti-vaxxers or anti-maskers its easy to embrace. If your a true conspiracy theorist then you would find problems within this statement, that should make you suspicious.
Here is food for thought. People believe that communist are taking over the country. If that is true communist leadership eliminates their dissidents at every opportunity, often in stages. Dissidents are defined as “a person who opposes official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state”.
A conspiracy theorist should theorize that with communism approaching quickly is attempting to identify and flush out the dissidents for early elimination in stage 1. That could be the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers. There is an alternate view of this whole Covid event that is still within the realm of conspiracy theories and you have to pick which one. At the present its all a gamble and it sucks really bad. It could ALL be psyops.



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