Baked Alaska Arrested for Role in Capitol Breach

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News headline / Dailywire

According to the US Justice Department, Tim Gionet better known as “Baked Alaska” from his social media platforms was arrested by Federal Agents in Houston on Friday for his alleged role in the attack on the US Capitol.
Ginonet 33, is often described as a “far right activist. He gained popularity promoting Donald Trump’s Make America Great again movement in 2016. Before that…..are you ready?….he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and worked at the very liberal BuzzFeed.
On his video used against him he could be heard saying, “America First is inevitable. Fuck Globalists, Occupy the Capitol, and We ain’t leaving this bitch. You know all the things that Bernie Sanders supporters used to say….
So here we have another example to stack on top of the others of clear infiltration to undermine a protest and to cause chaos coming from FAKE Trump supporters.”



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