Biden Covid-19 Plan

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1-23-21 It is Biden’s plan to roll out 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days. That’s an astounding 1 Million vaccinations per day.

The only problem is that the current vaccination rate is 1 Million per day, so Biden is planning on holding course but his words do not reflect that.
Some media outlets covered this but liberal Fact Checkers did not. They missed it. His plan “to move heaven and earth” is to maintain Trumps plan that he inherited. I actually ran across this little jewel when I was researching some Covid-19 statistics that had to come from several locations. It was on the news and I simply forgot about it with so much information out there. My goal here was to take basic calculations and arrive at a date based on current trends.

Instead of 1 Million, Biden needs to commit to 2 Million, double the current rate. Its doable once you look at other countries.

This snapshot shows the vaccination rates of various countries per 100 people. The US is only doing a fraction of what the UAE, Israel, the UK and Bahrain are doing, per 100 people. So doubling what we are currently doing is feasible.
Based on a doubling of the vaccines, we are looking at a date of 6/12/21 for majority protection. Leaving it at Trumps present 1 million per day and we should be majority protected by November 1, 2021. This of course is based on current trend using the data from reliable medical resources. Since the election overlapped the vaccine rollout, you could expect that Trump would have doubled the rate of vaccines early on in 2021. We will now never know for sure.

This calculation includes Total US Population, Total cases so far, 10% with existing anti-bodies, vaccines administered, vaccine rate per day, days remaining brings you to a target date. Increase the vaccine rate and it shortens the number of days before reaching majority protection. Herd immunity figures is not known but its out there so this 6-12-21 calculation is very conservative. If you factor in the unknown herd immunity figure then we should be looking at the end of May, maybe sooner.

The ball is in Biden’s court. He cannot blame Trump if he does not double or triple the vaccination rate.
However, Biden screwed us all when he dropped the travel bans in place and is about to open the border. This adds to the US population number, adding to the total Covid Cases, and those that will require vaccination. This is all based on simple calculations that anyone can do. It is not based on government math though.

The fact checkers failed to fact check that the Democrats were hyper focused on impeaching Trump that they didn’t have time to focus on Covid 19. When he enacted travel bans from China and other countries, they (the Democrats) went ballistic calling him a xenophobe and every name in the book. They downplayed the seriousness of it only to turn around and attack Trump for his response. Biden has since lifted Travel bans as of his first day as President. The liberal media and its liberal Democrat and misguided Republicans and Independent voters who voted for Biden, lapped it all up like highly trained lap dogs.



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