Biden's First Day - End of the blame game era

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Bidens first day is today 1-20-21.
Reports are out that he will execute 17 executive orders rolling back Trump era executive orders.
Some are (according to the report)
Immediate termination of border wall funding and construction
Revoke aggressive immigration enforcement and allow Homeland Security and others to set civil immigration policies. (that’s scary). Their going to address “root cause” of migration according to Jake Sullivan.
Rebuilding the Asylum system (DACA)
End of Muslim ban from countries of Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia,Yemen and Iran. (these were put in place to reduce terrorist activity). They will review Trumps strong vetting processes of individuals.
revoke the Trump plan to exclude non-citizens from the census and apportionment of congressional representatives. (strengthen the democrat voter base)
Re-engage with the World Health Organization (WHO)
Rejoin the Paris Agreement to combat climate change
Roll back Trump administration administrative actions
Revoke the Keystone XL Pipeline
100 day masking challenge requiring masks on federal lands, federal buildings, federal employees, and contractors.
Eviction and foreclosure moratorium extension
Pause on interest and principal payments of federal student loans until Sept 30. Cancel $10,000 per person in student loan debt. (supports it but not an executive action)
Redefine equity among black, Latino, Native American, Asian and Pacific Islanders and also LGBTQIA, people with disabitlities, religious minorities, (not all religions just religious minorities), and others.
After Biden & Harris do their thing for the first 100 days to turn things around, remember that’s what he promised, there is no need to blame the previous administration for anything. If they turn things around and it gets worse, its on them.
President Biden, has decades of experience in politics and should know how to fix everything. No excuses.
Travel bans are being lifted. I don’t want to hear about Muslim terrorists, sleeper cells or Al Qaeda in the US for the next 4 years and if re-elected the 4 years after that.



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