"Citizen Dossiers" - Gun Control & The road to a surveillance state

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The left is advocating for “more thorough” background checks even though gun purchases require those already. The list of mass shooters who passed background checks are lengthy, causing many to ponder its value. The left knows this, so what is it their really after? The answer is hidden in the seemingly innocent phrase “more thorough background checks”. A “more thorough background check” will be fruitless with existing background information available. A “more thorough” check will require MORE data. Look at the mass shootings made by those who passed their background checks to purchase a firearm. Obviously, there was information missing that could have prevented the shootings. so how do you fix this missing information gap, when living in this “information age”?

This push for more thorough background checks is really an effort to fill in the missing pieces needed in order to create a more accurate “risk/threat assessment” from your future “citizen dossier”.
When we hear “more thorough background checks” related to gun control we automatically gravitate to the gun control debate.
We should instead gravitate towards arguing against becoming a surveillance state. Its the precursor to gun control. The collection of data has already begun. There aren’t too many pieces remaining.

Communist countries have been maintaining dossiers and keeping tabs on their citizens long before computers were invented. While everyone is focused on gun control a surveillance state is the real goal. Gun Control is really the issue on the back-end not the front.
Make no mistake about it gun control is in the funnel of this surveillance state effort. It is tied to the need to make accurate “risk/threat assessments”, so the gun control will come later. Look at the “cancel culture”, attacks on free speech, laws developing against “hate speech”, all of this is in that funnel of creating a surveillance state. Once laws are created you cannot control that which gets re-defined or added. They do it all the time.

Many people might say, “so what, I have nothing to hide”. You may be right as long as you don’t voice your opinion, complain about the price of anything, never question government decisions publicly or to your neighbor, don’t participate in social media, don’t use the internet or ever write a letter to the editor then you’re probably going to be in full compliance in the future. If you don’t buy and read books that run counter to a particular ideology, subscribe to certain magazines, or only make purchases with cash then you won’t have much on your citizen dossier, and you won’t have anything to hide. However, you will find yourself in a place of surrender, doing only what the government wants you to do.

Another favorite word used by government and media sources, that you must watch for, is the word “loopholes” used to describe gaps or missing pieces. You hear about “loopholes” for example related to transfers of firearms and gun shows. An effort to have “more thorough background checks” is an effort to close these loopholes. Think about your citizen dossier with a threat/risk assessment score tied to it much like a credit score. Think about a risk assessment calculated based on your speech, behaviors, medical prescriptions, subscriptions and all your purchases.

Still you say, “so what”!
The next thing to think about is who will have access to this information, like insurance companies, employers or any company that has to send someone to your house for service. Lets say you are listed as “high risk” because you own a gun, have bought books that are considered anti-government, and you got into a heated argument with your neighbor over some subject AND your medical records show you were treated for depression and you were prescribed anti-depressants. Next thing you know there is a digital red flag on your name and your address. You will become marginalized, unable to work, unable to afford insurance that will be legally required to carry and towards the end of your misery, you will willingly give up your firearm to improve your risk score from your citizen dossier. Much of this data will be data mined using “bots” which we will cover in another future blog.

Your citizen dossier could fill with examples of what is deemed as anti-government rants on social media giving your dossier a red flag. That would be valuable information to insurance companies and employers. Insurance companies could go up on your rates because you’re a high risk individual and Employers would know to stay away from you. Your neighbor or even a family member at the first sign of trouble or disagreement will help provide information for your citizen dossier.
These people routinely rat each other out in communist countries. There is plenty of information out there that suggests a move towards more of a communist state whether you want to label it a conspiracy theory or not. Its been predicted by many for decades and even communist supporters themselves that the US will one day become governed by communist principles.

Once you have the basics of “citizen dossiers”, built by “more thorough background checks”, anti-communism activity will more easily identified and dealt with by the state, much like what was done in Russia, Cuba, China and other communist countries.
Don’t expect it will be communism first then citizen dossiers second. It will be the other way around.

We are given examples by the gun control crowd of countries with gun control laws that work but one country they never mention is Mexico with its tough gun control laws and take a look at it. In Mexico there is only 1 gun store in the whole country. “If they take away our guns then only the cartels will have guns”! More thorough background checks is a means to that end but gun control is not the only end. Your voice will also be disarmed.
This innocent phrase “more thorough background checks” is a Trojan horse and sinister.



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