Coincidences...When their not!

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Definition of Coincidence: “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection”.
“the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection”.

As you can see that the definition bounces between 2 inconsistencies, one that says without connection and the other with some connection.

Psychology Today gives some interesting information on coincidences but in the end they cannot give a clear answer to them.
Experts claim that scenarios of coincidence are part of our brain’s innate need to create order out of chaos — and we experience them more often when we’re paying attention.

In the study of coincidences we are supposed to do is ignore them as anything meaningful. Yet, investigators and the legal system do not ignore them. To them numerous coincidences are a pathway to the truth. A suspicious thing surfaces that needs further investigation. Coincidences are often circumstantial evidence.

All too often we make judgement based on a single coincidence with no other coincidences to support the first. At the same time we can look at multiple coincidences within a subject and not see anything at all. For whatever reason we ignore them.
Draw a line between 2 or 3 coincidences in a court of law, you got yourself evidence. In the court of public opinion you got yourself a conspiracy theory. Its funny how that works.

There are coincidences within the current pandemic. Its a coincidence that the experts out front and most vocal are also supporters of population control, abortion, infanticide and are staunch environmentalists.



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