Conservative Principles - "A Time for Choosing" Accept it or Reject it!

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Conservatism principles are firmly rooted in Constitutionalism, an ideology that rejects changes to it. It represents the things that our opponent abhors. They seek to change the constitution. It is pro-life and smaller government with less intrusion in the daily lives of average working Americans. It believes in supporting the elderly, veterans and hard-working individuals. In its foundation is private property rights and economic freedom and the rule of law. Below is an outline of conservatism, and you can accept it or reject it.

Some of these major principles include: (From the Heritage Foundation but I suggest an exhaustive search of “Conservative Principles” to add to this list.)
• The federal government is instituted to protect the rights bestowed on individuals under natural law. It exists to preserve life, liberty and property — a mission that includes not only protecting the sanctity of life but defending freedom of speech, religion, the press and assembly, and the right of individuals to be treated equally and justly under the law, and to enjoy the fruits of their labor.
• The federal government’s powers should be limited to only those named in the U.S. Constitution and exercised solely to protect the rights of its citizens.
• Government functions best when it is closest and most accountable to the people and where power is shared between the federal government and the states.
• Individuals and families make the best decisions for themselves and their children about health, education, jobs and welfare.
• America’s economy and the prosperity of individual citizens are best served by a system built on free enterprise, economic freedom, private property rights and the rule of law. This system is best sustained by policies that promote general economic freedom and eliminate governmental preferences for special interests, including free trade, deregulation, and opposing government interventions in the economy that distort free markets and impair innovation.
• Tax policies should raise the minimum revenue necessary to fund only constitutionally appropriate functions of government.
• Regulations should be limited to those that produce a net benefit to the American people as a whole, weighing both financial and liberty costs.
• Judges should interpret and apply our laws and the Constitution based on their original meaning, not upon judges’ own personal and political predispositions.
• America must be a welcoming nation — one that promotes patriotic assimilation and is governed by laws that are fair, humane and enforced to protect its citizens.
• America is strongest when our policies protect our national interests, preserve our alliances of free peoples, vigorously counter threats to our security and interests, and advance prosperity through economic freedom at home and abroad.
These are just some of the unchanging principles of conservatism.

Conservatism is the only thing that stands between us and communism. It is the last line of defense. Attempts to destroy conservatism is unrelenting and has been ratcheted up in the last 8 years to fever pitch. The rejection of this ideology, which is larger than any one man, will bring about a loss of the things we hold dear. We have reached that point in time that Ronald Reagan referred to as “a time for choosing”.



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