Conservative Principles - If it falls...then what?

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Under the blog, “Conservative Principles” I provided some generic information on the conservative ideology. In this blog we will expand further as a part 2 to the previous one.
Republicans are the designated caretakers of conservatism. Whether they have done an admirable job is the subject of debate. Many people are turned off by party politics or their principal ideologies.
Each has a platform, that outlines their core beliefs but then you have to look at what each party actually does to understand what they stand for. You have to true up their platform to what they actually do or at least try to do. Voters expect their politicians to “bring home the bacon”, and many don’t care if it meaningful or not. The current home of Conservatism is the Republican Party, it is an established party that has been around a long time, battling against the same ideology for decades. If you believe in the right to bear arms, freedom of religion, if you are pro-life for the unborn, you believe in property rights and want less government control, then your beliefs are in alignment with Conservatism and there is a dotted line from there to the Republican Party. Unfortunately, people do not reliably vote party lines, and this is more clear for the Republican Party.
People disgusted with party politics or are not that engaged in politics have registered as independents. I have read many comments on social media that call Republicans or Conservatives “Sheep” because they believe in party politics. I have spoken to quite a few independents and they are quite proud they are Independents because they are not “sheeple”. More on this later.

According to Pew Research from 2019, among the public overall 38% describer themselves as Independents. Of that 31% are Democrats and 26% identify with Republicans. Pew Research and the medial alike describe independents in terms of “leaners” because they may lean one way or another toward other parties. Of the Independents 81% lean toward the Republicans or Democrats. The balance is scattered.
Among the public 17% are Democrat leaning Independents while 13% lean toward the Republican Party. Just 7% decline to lean toward a party. Do you have problems with these numbers?
So do I! That leaves 63% unaccounted for and into the wind. Pew research never said where they were. Independents are as divided among themselves as the Democrats and Republicans.
Also according to Pew Research, the media and others, “Republican-leaning independents are less supportive of Donald Trump than are Republican identifiers.” Who are the Independents? Pew Research and the media call them political free agents, rouge voters, and in Iran and other countries call their Independents “party of the wind”, which is a definition that is not far off for American Independents.

Personally, I call Independents the greatest gift the Democrats could ever ask for. There is a huge block of voters that are into the wind that can easily hide voter fraud and polling data. Let me explain. If conservatives ALL Registered as Republican and could get their party numbers to 70%, of registrations and these voters were party loyalists and partisans and only voted Republican, leaving the Democrats with 20% and the remaining 10% to other parties, how could the Democrats hide voter fraud numbers? If conservative Republicans were loyalist or partisans to their party, Democrats would be too weak to win elections.
So the Democrats have worked to scatter conservatism to the wind, via Independents or “no party affiliation” or other parties. They work hard to keep Republican numbers down and theirs up through immigration and exploiting minorities. Its no game to them. The Republicans historically suck at recruiting and retaining. Democrats are Masters of It.

The Independents have large numbers of gun control supporters at 62% according to some polls and on the topic of abortion 48% are pro-life but 44% are pro-abortion.
What is the adopted political platform of the Independent party? Is it conservative, Liberal, or a mix of both? There is none because it is not an organized party, it is a “no party affiliation” group. They consider themselves Non-Partisan and instead vote for individual politicians rather than parties. Independents are millions of voters that all embrace their own belief, not collectively but individually. With that said, who is the spokesperson for Independents, you know those people whose message resonates with Independents? There is none. Independents speak for themselves not as a collective voice or one in unison but rather individually. The ones who could speak for them can range from Rachel Maddow to Rush Limbaugh and others in-between, because Independents have separate opinions from one another.
What is their agenda? They have none. Theirs becomes the agenda of the person they vote for. It could be a liberal or conservative agenda. It blows in the wind.
In short, Independents are “politically homeless”! I hate to hurt feelings, but the reality is undeniable. The independent group is the net result of a successful campaign by the Liberal community to divide and conquer. Many will join the ranks of Independents after the election of Joe Biden because their disgust with Republicans and their failure to support Donald Trump but those who did not support Donald Trump were elected by Republicans and Independents. The real problem started there.

When I tell people and fellow Republicans, I am a partisan voter and do not vote for Democrats EVER, and never have, I get this look like I don’t know anything about politics and I am a sheep. When I tell them that I would vote for the weakest most unpopular Republican that embraces Conservatism before I would vote for a strong popular Democrat, that embraces Liberalism, they immediately stop talking politics with me.
Contrary to what you might read here, I very seldom talk politics or religion unless someone brings it up and I can usually get them to stop talking about it.
I DID NOT vote for Ross Perot, a Registered Republican who ran on an independent ticket because doing so would have split the vote and got Clinton elected. Perot divided the ticket rather than endorsing his Republican counterpart. He was a gift to the Democrats, and very possibly recruited by the Democrats to do just that.
I do not gamble with or trade off portions of or the whole of Conservatism for any politically popular individual. I voted for Trump because he was nominated by the Republican Party and he embraced Conservative ideals albeit a little different than what the party was accustomed to. IF Trump creates a new Party that embraces Conservatism and endorses an official platform then I will change parties. Until then, I stay Republican, until I am forced to do otherwise by the liberal gestapo. They believe in free speech as long as the speech is “liberal positive”.

Unfortunately, we have reached a moment in time where Conservatism has been dealt a deathblow and it is in ICU. I suspect people will leave the party in droves in the coming years which will further weaken it.
Unless a new home is built for Conservatism, it will be homeless along with the Independents and will not survive its brutal onslaught that it has endured for decades.
The NRA is bankrupt, Churches and Religions are under constant assault from within and from the outside. The voices of Conservatism are being silenced in media platforms and Republican voters will be scattered to the wind. Rush Limbaugh the single most powerful voice of conservatism has stage 4 cancer. Fox News is inching away from Conservatism. More prominent conservative voices will be silenced. The heritage foundation will fall and I don’t see anything that can stop it except maybe one thing, and it is unity of party, partisanship and recruitment, to battle against the liberal communist ideology. I don’t see that happening.
The failure to embrace Conservatism and become more partisan will eventually lead to the fall of it. When that happens…then what?



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