Creeping Destruction

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Things like communism, socialism, loss of freedoms and other things do not occur abruptly overnight. They creep in a little at a time, some things mostly unnoticed. The setting of a precedence is part of that creeping effect. The Covid 19, epidemic and its push for vaccinations are an example. For “the public good” the government is beginning to establish mandates on vaccines with federal employees, health care facilities will follow suit and many already have. Corporations will follow and demand their employees become vaccinated. Insurance companies are sure to join in because if your not vaccinated your a risk and risk equals liability. That means higher insurance rates up to a point they are un-affordable. If your receive government funded health insurance they can require you to do anything they want under the umbrella of “public health”.
Even though ID’s are bad at the voting booth, they will be good for everything else especially an ID showing your vaccination status, which will be requested going into any state, federal facilities or going into large corporate chain stores, including Wal-Mart. If you need to get your prescription filled for some ailment, forget going inside to fill it. You will have to rely on those with vaccination ID’s, to run your errands. Look out if your called for jury duty but you can’t get into the building because of your vaccination status. Anti-vaxers will be pressured to succumb to the demand because a normal life will be interrupted. Need to go to the school to speak with a teacher about your child? Forget getting in if your not vaccinated.
Once in place, then the same tactics can be used for anything else.
We previously wrote a blog here about gun control and these possible actions are eerily similar to those called out in that blog. You can perform a word search to find that article.
People envision the government will show up at your door to confiscate your guns but that’s highly unlikely until the very end on a handful of holdouts. They will use “public health” as a means to confiscate the guns and the pressure will be so intense you will surrender them willingly.
We have created the problem ourselves. People believe government has the solutions to all problems and they are entitled to anything the government is handing out for free. Government has grown so large that it no longer answers to the majority. It caves to the minority, no matter what that minority is. We have voted based on popularity for decades without regard to whether that politician is a constitutionalist or not. We vote for politicians who do not represent those who voted for them, but rather they represent those who provided the most funding election. Those are the ones they are indebted to.
We will wake up one day and realize that this creeping destruction has finally reached its end point. We are now living in a culture of division.
We are divided by religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, political affiliations and now vaccination status. In each of these divisions are sub-divisions fighting against one another. There is no unity deep inside any of these deeply divided cultures or groups.
Its not organic, there are powerful influential forces behind it all who are pulling the strings. We are being played like a fiddle.
Find the group has the most unity and loyalty among themselves and you find the group who is pulling the strings of division for everyone else.

Joe Semmes
Jennings La



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