Creeping effect of Gun Control.

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Many people envision gun control being enacted and cops or military personnel going door to door to confiscate guns. I doubt it will be that blatant. Instead I believe we can expect a more subtle approach.
One thing the Covid 19 response has shown is that the government can enact laws and guidelines that violate your rights when public safety and health may be impacted.

Expect the government to enact strict gun ownership rules that will levy a tax against gun owners on a specific style of firearm. Then it will expand to include all firearms. Next expect the insurance companies to increase your
insurance rates, or dropping you, claiming you as a gun owner are in a higher risk group and higher liability group. If you’re a firearm owner, you will be blacklisted from certain types of jobs, specifically government and health care then spreading to any job that interacts with the public. Your credit score will drop. You know…because you’re a part of a high risk group.
You can expect “blacklisting” where you name and address is labeled “unsafe”, or “high risk” because firearms are present. All under the guise of safety, workers for gas, electricity, cable/internet, and water will be alerted and you may not be able to get these services, or you will be required to leave the premises when work is needing to be performed. All for public works employee safety. This blacklist will also label you a white nationalist, white supremacist, and of course the usual racist, bigot, homophobe, fascist, or other popular labels. You will be labeled a far right extremist member of a hate group, even though your not.
Your doctor may be required to ask you if you own any firearms before prescribing any medication whose side effects include violent outbursts, depression or anxiety then you will need to surrender your firearms in order to get the medication.
If a doctor deems that your suffer from any mental illness, you will likely lose your firearms.
Once hate crimes become law and you post anything on social media including sharing that meme that may be controversial then your name will be red flagged.
You can expect a blacklisting somewhere along the line and at some point the pressure will be insurmountable and you will give up your arms willingly in order to feed your family. It’s a tactic that communist and socialist regimes have done since their inception and that is to starve people into compliance. Starvation for non-compliance seems popular with communist regimes.
There will be waivers for certain groups of course, but the majority of firearms owners will not be part of that group. If you belong to a group or class that is listed as a victimized group, past victims of racism, bigotry and hate, they will get a waiver to keep their firearms for their personal protection. If you do not belong to that group, you will not be able to obtain a waiver. During all of this the 2nd Amendment can remain in the constitution and it will still apply to certain people. Just not you! You will fall into the class similar to an ex-convict that cannot own a gun, even though you’re not an ex-con.
Many people will say that would never happen. Which were the same people who deny that a lot of things will never happen, but they do and are happening.

The first things to watch for are laws enacted that are specific legal protections of certain groups. These people will be considered members of victims groups. You will not be allowed by law to speak out against them. Europe already has such laws.

These are presented as simple alternatives to outright gun confiscation. The 2nd Amendment stays in tact, and gun restrictions will only apply to those in high risk groups.



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