DAY One - Mask Mandates

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I have heard in reports up to this point that Biden will mandate masks worn on federal property and interstate travel on day one.

Report Source NPR:
Additionally, Biden will sign an order requiring masks on federal property and for interstate travel. Biden has said he’ll use part of his inaugural address to urge Americans to commit to wearing masks for at least 100 days to help slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic that has now killed almost 400,000 Americans.

People have commented that it makes no sense for people to wear masks on interstates inside their own vehicle. In fact, people have been wearing masks inside their own vehicle have been the brunt of jokes.

It depends on what lens your looking through. It makes perfect sense to me. Here’s why….

If your not wearing your mask, it gives law enforcement, a new revenue stream by opening up a new reason to pull you over. You get a ticket, they get money and there will be confrontations that escalate, causing arrests or worse.
This will create additional animus between the public and law enforcement. Law enforcement would do well not to fall for it, and not enforce it, but that won’t happen because of the revenue stream it offers.

As for reducing the spread of the coronavirus, not so much. There is no science behind it so that only leaves the explanation I just gave.

Additional Note: Don’t forget that your ticket for violating the mask mandate puts you in a “high risk” category so your insurance company will have cause to go up on your rates.

“Oh yeah…we will all complain to the insurance commissioner”. That’s a funny response, don’t you remember you elected an insurance guy to be commissioner. You should have voted for the guy who was on the opposite end of Insurance companies as the insurance commish.

In the future pay close attention to these “high risk” assessments by insurance companies and others.
Our opinions will put us in a “high risk” category. It can be used to strip you of your rights. I better come up with a “Disclaimer” (like that’s going to help)



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