Democrats did not lie about the Oil Industry

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The new Democrat administration and the party itself has made no bones about what it sees as the future of the Oil Industry.
It wants to dismantle it and replace it with more environmentally friendly green energy. A week in, and by executive order President Biden he has cancelled the keystone XL Pipeline and has halted drilling on federal lands. These were campaign promises. You didn’t hear them, I did,…even when they denied saying they would dismantle it. The legislation on banning Fracking by 2025 is still out there under S.3247 introduced by then Senator Bernie Sanders.

The message is and has been loud and clear about the end goal for the oil industry all for the sake of saving the environment. If you voted for Democrats…you voted for what they believe in, thus you believe in it too by default. It does not matter what you say about your support for oil industry and the jobs it creates and the families that it impacts. If you voted for them, you voted for what they believe in. Don’t whine about high gas prices, gas lines, or fuel rationing should it arrive and don’t blame previous administrations. That’s what you wanted and made a declaration of you wanted when you pulled that lever in the voting booth. By your vote you have agreed that it is better to import oil than it is to drill it ourselves. You voted for green energy and steps towards abandoning fossil fuels.

You can’t say “the Democrat politicians lied”! No they didn’t! They said what they were going to do and set about doing it.
The Democrats have ALWAYS been loud and clear about their distastes for the oil industry and its impact on the environment and wildlife which has all been a ruse.
You have bought into the Democrats lie and their cohorts the media lie that “Republicans are for the rich”, coming from the mouths of millionaires and billionaires and not once did you ever suspect a thing.
People are frustrated with the Republican Party because of 10 men, and WHO WAS IT that voted for these “fake republicans”, then re-elected them over and over again? Many Republicans support the oil industry against overwhelming odds, so if you feel they failed, then keep in mind the overwhelming odds they are up against.

If the oil industry continues to suffer from this blunt force trauma that it keeps getting, with YOUR support via YOUR vote, then what? It will take decades to restore the industry back after being damaged by a few strokes of a pen. Its easy to predict because its already happened.
I am not as concerned with Keystone XL Pipeline as I am concerned about the halt of drilling on federal lands and the impacts to fracking. The Keystone is less important to the US today than it was in the beginning, since we have increased production and are relying less on imports. But it looks like the attacks on domestic production will flip the scales and make the Keystone more vital.

Democrats want to go green but they cannot compete with the oil industry so their goal is to destroy the competition.
The loser in this battle will the same as always…the US Citizen.



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