Feminist protecting transgender sports? NOT SO FAST!!

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From Breitbart but they missed it too.

An organization of feminists filed a petition Monday with the Biden Department of Education, requesting the department make a rule to change Title IX regulations to ensure the rights of women and girls are preserved in all education activities, including sports.
Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) has condemned President Joe Biden’s executive order that removes any legal recognition of the two sexes and eliminates crucial protections for women in the federal government and beyond.

Chuck Schumer said he is on board with Joe Biden’s presidential campaign promise to allow youth access to sports activities, bathrooms, and locker rooms based not on their biological sex but their preferred gender.
“Feminists are stepping up to defend the rights that previous generations fought for,” she asserted.

So this article will get your mind to tell you “finally feminists are coming out against transgender sports to protect women”. NOT SO FAST!
This will cause your mind to lie to you, because the TRADITIONAL AND MOST POWERFUL FEMINIST GROUPS like NOW are silent on the subject. A list is here: https://www.humanrightscareers.com/magazine/feminist-organizations/

This group the “Women’s Liberation Front” is labeled as a “radical. Using the liberal Wikipedia….Further reading shows its ties into Christian organizations.
Women’s Liberation Front

The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) is an American non-profit radical feminist organization founded by Lierre Keith in 2016. In media outlets, it has often been noted for its opposition to gender identity legislation.12 WoLF has engaged in litigation on transgender topics, working against the Obama administration’s Title IX directives, and the Gavin Grimm case. WoLF is chaired by Natasha Chart.3

They are radical because they are Christian based and pro-life. This is an example of counter-groups being established to oppose groups that are created. It has a snowball effect and they create more groups. The people behind the groups have plenty of money to support all of these organizations.

Meanwhile, conservative counter-groups are demonized and called ‘radical”.

Founded by Lierre Keith who is labeled a “Radical Feminist” because of her challenges to mainstream feminism which includes:
In 1986 she was a founding member of Feminists Against Pornography in Northampton, Massachusetts.2 She is a founding editor of Rain and Thunder, a radical feminist journal in Northampton

Some of her views are somewhat in line with environmentalism and other topics but far away from mainstream feminism.
This story is a classic misleading story that the casual reader will surmise that Feminists are coming out against transgendered sports but no such thing is happening. The most powerful feminist organizations are NOT about women’s rights beyond that of abortion.



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