Heavy Metal Rioter

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An Indiana heavy metal guitarist was arrested on Sunday in connection with the US Capitol riot earlier this month, according to the FBI.
Jon Schaffer, a founding member of the band ‘Iced Earth” faces 6 charges including engaging in physical violence in a Capitol building.
He was allegedly among rioters who sprayed Capitol police with bear spray. He too was ratted out by the people who knew him. His outfit included a baseball cap that read “Oath Keepers Lifetime Member”.

His bandmates release a statement that they absolutely do not condone, or support riots or acts of violence.

Commentary: Okay so here with have another example where the media would like to portray him as a typical Conservative Republican when in fact he is nothing of a sort. He is likely one of millions who have voted Democrat, and when Trump comes along they want to jump on the populist bandwagon, because of particular issues THEY helped create. Is he another previous Bernie Sanders supporter like the last one? Why is this important? There is a wide gulf between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump that requires a giant albeit suspicious leap.

Is he an Independent? Libertarian maybe or does he even vote? I would bet an Independent because he looks like a guy that is totally fed up with Democrats and Republicans. If so why should these Bernie supporters, Democrats, Independents and Libertarians be associated with the Republican party and Conservatism by the media?
Because it serves an excellent purpose to destroy it. I understand their frustration and desire to riot to “set things right”, but where were they when Obama was President? Where were they in 2000 when Trump ran for President?….Crickets!

One thing is for certain, if Donald Trump comes back in 4 years which I completely doubt, his pool of supporters will be much smaller because of these people. Maybe that was the plan all along. It makes you wonder who they really work for? Where were they when Obama was elected? Where were they when Trump ran in 2000?…Crickets!



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