I'm burned out on all the supremacy

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I don’t know about you but I am sick of all the supremacy. Everyday we are hammered with stories, examples and accusations of “white supremacy” by people who are practicing supremacists themselves.

I learned a long time ago there is a war waging among supremacists groups. Its everywhere if you pause for a moment and take notice. It is not confined to one group.
I also learned some time back that the rise of some supremacist group will cause the creation of a counter-group and they are nothing more than a mirror image of each other.

One definition of supremacy is: the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status. Currently the most accused supremacist are of course whites. The phrase “white supremacists” seems to roll of the tongue better than all others.

Sadly our country has been divided into supremacist groups. Have you ever searched for a new job based on your experience in a field that you excelled at, so you start reading the job duties and responsibilities and everything you read fits you like a glove. Then you scroll down to the qualifications and you have ALL of the qualifications except one. The employer is specifically looking for someone with a college degree for a job that doesn’t really require someone with a degree. This is usually a case of someone in authority who has a degree that only wants to hire someone with a degree. Its kind of a club of sorts. I have worked with plenty of people with degrees over the course of 40 years who had some awesome resume’s and that is the extent of what they delivered to the organization.
The reality is many companies that went under were run by the highly educated with impressive pedigrees and degrees. In fact, the government is run by people just like that.

Then we have our supremacist religious groups who all think they are the “Chosen Ones”. You CANNOT pretend you and your group are among the chosen ones of God, without embracing supremacy. I troll Fakebook all the time in Christian groups and many are arguing over scripture and pointing out who will be saved and who will not. Its Christian supremacists battling each other. Repeatedly I see people who quote a few words of scripture and tell people, “read your bible”, and those same people failed to read the verse before and the verse after that particular scripture they are quoting to understand its content.
Then there is royalty and “bloodlines”. Now how can you be in royalty and not be a supremacist. Its hilarious to watch someone with a Hollywood pedigree, that is an elitist in Hollywood accusing people of “white supremacy” when they are practicing supremacy as an elitist themselves.
When you think about it we are divided into groups just like they wanted for us. The supremacists do not want unity or for people to get along.
They want division because their supremacist group is empowered and enriched by it all.

One could argue and claim that white supremacy is responsible for millions of deaths and you would only be fooling yourself and cherry picking to make your point. Ethnic cleansing stretches far beyond run of the mill white supremacy. I am not saying that there are not groups of white supremacists because sadly there are, but I cannot see overwhelming numbers. Are they alone? Not even close. They are just a mirror image of other supremacy groups. The charges of white supremacy are convenient and help drown out or conceal the existence of other supremacy groups, which are bountiful.

I am worn out with all of them, so when I spot them while watching television I switch the channel. Unfortunately that makes me a channel surfer. Start looking as these different groups through a different lens and you realize there are as many supremacist groups as there are stars in the sky.



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