I saw a UFO over a Trailer Park Last Night.

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I have been knowing for quite some time and you have too that people read the headlines of a story and they build their own opinions on the subject based solely on that. I just did it!
I see this a great deal in fraudbook where a story is posted with headlines, you read the story and then you move on to the comments to see what people are saying about the story.
You find people making comments about it, and you notice they didn’t read the article and other users/posters are telling them to read the damn story. Most of the time its the headline that gets the clicks and often its just click-bait for some damn advertisement or story about something totally different.

I knew this was an issue with lazy minded (mostly liberal) people but I am firmly convinced that it is of epidemic proportions.
There is so much misinformation out there that we CANNOT do this. Television programming (a noun and verb) does the same thing. Their lead off gets us thinking and we never hear the rest of the story, because we drown out the information in our head with our own thinking.

I did it with the headline for this blog and people will circulate that I actually saw a UFO and they may contribute their own story of seeing a UFO and the next thing you know were talking about life on Mars or even Sasquatch. However, I once thought I saw a Sasquatch up in the deer woods that I hunt in but as I got closer I realized it was just my older brother.

Read the articles people! I know its lots of words and some of them are kind of big words but power through it. Reading the articles allows you to analyze what is being written, which often is not possible with television news.

I once believed in UFO’s but now that they are coming out with more and more information I no longer believe. I think we are here in this universe all by ourselves. We are the only intelligent life in the universe with the exception of those who formulate their opinions based on headlines.



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