Impostor-ism...a growing Epidemic

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Impostor-ism – A Growing Epidemic

You should recognize by now that there is a growing epidemic of impostor-ism in the US and the world. You probably haven’t heard of impostor-ism because I just made it up.
It is a pattern of things and I didn’t know what else to call it.

A few Examples include:
Democrats registered as Republicans
Liberals who pretend their conservative
Men who identify as women
women who identify as men
Rachel Dolezal
Scams are the handiwork of impostors. They have to be an imposter to execute a scam.
Rev Jim Jones was an impostor.
David Koresh was an impostor.
Pedophiles who pretend to be priests, clergy, scout leaders to gain access to victims are all impostors.
Some of the people among the Trump supporters in DC that belonged to Black Lives Matters and ANTIFA were impostors.
Drag queens who live their life as a drag queen
Any person who is not who they say they are is an imposter. Anyone who claims be of a particular religion, race or culture and is not is an imposter
Elizabeth Warren claims to be Indian
People who claim to be good and righteous but behind your back are plotting evil are impostors.
The whole idea of “self-identifying” is impostor-ism.
Narcissist use impostor-ism as a tool in their twisted little tool kit.

Keep the concept of “imposter-ism” tucked away in the back of your mind and the next time you sit down for the news or other program you will begin to notice
this Impostor-isms is an epidemic. There are plenty of examples.
I am not talking about average people with human weaknesses or even Hollywood actors who play roles in movies. I am talking about people who live their lives as impostors.
Evil cannot go through life dressed as evil and identifying as evil, they must present themselves as good or something other than evil.



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