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The mask mandate of the school children rages on, even though I know it’s decided, but I would like to inject my own commentary as well. There is a group developed on social media that I am signed on to but I don’t broadcast my opinion much in there because they want their approach anchored in love, understanding, cooperation and mutual respect. While I respect that, it’s just not a good platform for me. When I start writing it just doesn’t come out that way. I’ll try to work on that. As I point to the local School Board in this diatribe, it is because they play a role as part of the whole of a system. Based on the current information it looks like the School Board(s) as a whole are complicit in not pushing back on the Edwards mask mandate. We’ll explore a why and some other info.

Let’s get in sync right from the beginning…The School Board’s defense is that they are only complying with the law. Its sort of like a ceremonial washing of the hands and pretend you’re not involved kind of thing. That sounds eerily similar to a famous hand washer from April AD 33, as I recall from bible studies. We all know full well Governor John Bel Edwards is a puppet of the state’s school system. They are following a law, that the school system (Boards, Unions and organizations included) shoved down the throat of John Bel Edwards who is too scared and weak to push back on. They are following a law of their own creation and trying to use it to defend themselves against complaints. Let’s not pretend Edwards is his own man and the school system is not holding the strings.

The School system and its employees in various ranks were instrumental in getting Edwards elected. They can pull a string and get him to go in any direction they want. What may be really going on here is that the school system sees mandatory vaccinations coming to all its employees in the future and the mask mandate aimed at children is an effort to offset that mandate. While the school system pushes mandates on parents and their children, the same people are pushing back on their own vaccine mandates coming down the pike. It’s the classic, “Its good for thee but not for me”, and the usual showcase of hypocrisy. It claims to follow the science, but science has shown that children are not in the high risk groups however this same science shows that the older people are, so this mask mandate is not to protect children, but in fact to protect school employees. Many of whom probably do not choose to take the vaccine. Coincidentally, the mask on children push showed up at about the time the Feds started talking about mandating all government employees be vaccinated. A likely trigger for the School Boards across the state.

Rumors swirl that unmasked children will be segregated from the masked children. It is not hard to believe such rumors since Democrats, including those in the ranks that are Republican in name only, can’t seem to stop coming up with new ways to segregate the population. Those that identify as “Independents” are not off the hook either. Sooner or later their going to have to choose a side. I am not for mandated vaccines OR mandated mask wearing, or mandate anything. I took the vaccine, but it was my choice, a choice I made with some half-ass thought in it.
I’ll be damned if I’ll encourage anyone else to take it or not take it and I sure as hell would not support the idea of giving children an unknown, untested vaccine when they are not in a group showing any measurable risks. I do not support forcing children to wear masks all day. Follow “the science” you say…I am a little confused as to “which” science we the public is supposed to follow.

Do I follow the sciences of those who are trying to do good for society or those scientists that are the most prolific serial killers ever known? You may disagree that there is an arm of science that perpetuates death. Well then you must have slept through the development stages of chemical and biological warfare, the creation of weapons of mass destruction, and household chemicals that have been maiming and killing people for decades under the guise of all that is good, wholesome and convenient. That’s all from science too you know! So the media, government sub-divisions like the School Board wants me to “trust science”? Am I supposed to follow the advice of scientists aimed at children, who also double as the same people that support abortion, infanticide and population control? How stupid do you think I really am? That rates right up there with the dumbass idea of letting a convicted pedophile babysit your children, or making Charles Manson a male nurse.

Let’s not pretend the school leadership are doing what is best for the children whom they call students, because calling them children might over humanize them. They are doing what is best for the school system employees and their using the children as pawns in an attempt to buy time and hopefully turn off or delay the push for vaccine mandates on their own school employees. Again, it sounds a bit like an embrace of…“its good for thee but not for me”.

This is what their mask mandate on children looks like…It looks like they are treating children like little disease carrying rats, and perhaps if left up to some in the school system, they would be fumigated upon arrival. Is that next? Rumors are, they are going to segregate children between mask and unmasked and set them aside for discipline? WHO in this modern era, thinks like that? Are we regressing back to 1930-1940 Germany? I am expected to respond to this mistreatment of children with love, understanding, cooperation and mutual respect? I wish I could but I am just not wired that way. I am more wired to ask a simple question…ARE YOU OR ARE YOU NOT…. A NAZI? It’s a fair question! If you are going to be segregating children based on masks, I have a few follow ups. Will you be calling in tattooists before long? How long before Zyklon B is introduced to fumigate the little “ditch rats” when they arrive at school. (Guess where I got the name “ditch rats”? From a former childless high school teacher…at school…who told us what she really thought about kids). Just out of curiosity will any of these tiny unmasked villains be put up against a wall for punishment? Of course none of this is true, but its just a perception based on the actions.

I read where BESE is trying to push for vaccine mandates of all School employees. Do you really think I believe that is a real effort? I’ll believe it when I see it! If I were a betting man, I would bet after school starts and the mask mandates are in place the whole BESE push on vaccinations will quietly and mysteriously disappear.
For the sake of argument, why don’t they follow the science if they are so trusting of it and mandate that all school employees be vaccinated before the start of school? Shouldn’t that have already been done? Shouldn’t that have come first and masks second? Why are they leading off with the masking of those they view as disease carrying little vermin? Shouldn’t they, the school employees be more concerned about protecting the children against them rather than the other way around.?

If the most vulnerable group is vaccine protected, including the teachers, principals, custodians, cafeteria workers, via this “testing on the fly” vaccine there is no need for masks on children, is there? You push “follow the science” on masks but you’re not pushing “follow the science” on vaccines for your employees. The truth is not just found in what you do but in also what is missing. Lets be clear I am not suggesting that vaccines should mandated against school employees, BUT if you use the children as political pawns in an effort to avoid your own mandates coming down the pike, then guess which side of the fence I will fall on? Have a seat and raise the sleeve on your arm, don’t worry the side effects only vary from mild to death, but worry not, just trust the science! If we are following the science, then those in the school system who have taken the vaccine should be onboard with parents who are opposed to masking. But apparently, they don’t trust the science and feel better if they can look out into a sea of masked faces! You need a mask enforcer at every school so the teachers can stay out of the controversy and do what they do best…teach. When the Governor mandated the masks did he also provide funds to hire the enforcers of it? Teachers should not be forced to enforce the mandate. They should only have to comply with it, which is not the same as enforcing. You should not pass a law and expect them to enforce it especially if it runs counter to their own religious, political or social beliefs. They are hired to teach, not chase down pandemic pawns who violate the emperors orders.

Why FORCE the teachers to enforce this mandate? Certainly, you can find people willing to take on this task and willing to wear the brown shirts, with the SS on the sleeve, (school security not that other SS) willing to enforce these type tyrannical laws. Maybe they can even have their very own special salute. (You know the one).

There was hardly any school last year because of COVID. Under Trump it was “shut it all down…everything”! Under Biden it’s “Open it all up, social distance and wear masks…everyone”! That’s quite a reversal. During the periods of no school did they refund any tax dollars that the taxpayers paid to have their children educated. Was there a tax collection postponement while schools closed? No, they kept the money! Were employees including the board members and admin staff paid during the periods when classes both virtual or physical were absent?
How many teachers, administrators, employees, school board members were furloughed and placed on unemployment like the private sector was?

We are told, “follow the science, follow the science, follow the science”. Its hard to follow the science when science is wandering around aimlessly lost and the directions keep changing. I have read anecdotal medical information about the effects of Covid 19 on smokers, mostly based on “scientific expectation”, which is not science, it’s only an expectation, nonetheless it’s not pretty. I have also read scientific studies that smokers only make up 9% of those hospitalized and they can’t figure out why the scientific expectations are not being met. Smokers are less affected than non-smokers and science can’t figure out why. (report published by WebMD and others citing studies across the globe). This “science” is all over the place! (I probably should have used another analogy because the loyal “follow the science” people in a panic might get the idea to hand out cigarettes for COVID prevention)

I have also seen the exemptions and I see where the athletic programs will not require mandated masks. Is that because the science shows that Covid cannot survive on a football field or basketball court? Is it because of those out of bounds markers so prevalent on the playing fields that repels the virus? Do those white boundary lines provide adequate COVID protection? Will the unmasked segregated students under punishment be allowed to participate in unmasked athletic programs? How is that going to work exactly? Or will they be forbidden from participation due to their segregation status? In boys physical education classes instead of the traditional shirts VS skins, maybe you can do something more COVID compliant like Masked Angels VS Unmasked Demons from the burning pits of Hell. (This is a parody of course… but who knows someone might like the idea)
The decision for the exemption of the athletic programs were made because they know in their hearts that there is no real reliable science behind any of this.

The only option available to parents is to remove their children from school because of this mandate. That is not a very good option and its not like they would get any money returned to them to spend on other options. The school system seems to ignore the fact, that their funding comes from the same taxpayers they mandate against. After they win the battle of masks, what’s next? Mandated vaccines for children on a drug that has not been fully tested or approved. We do not know the long term effects in particular to their respiratory health, circulatory health or reproductive health. I would recommend they do not cross that line, which could trigger a rebellion. There is no deeper water than that which surrounds parents and their children. People who swim in that water should expect to drown in it.
The School system has powerful influence and helped get Edwards elected. While they complain about having to enforce this mandate, they know they are the ones who got him elected. The school system more than anyone has his ear, and now they want to say that, “we have to follow the law”. Has the School Board and other boards across the state sent an official letter to Governor protesting his decision? If not it proves they want this!

Over the course of several decades I have witnessed a transformation of the image of the educational system, despite their failings, despite their controversies and despite their poor decisions and toxic cultures, and their image is that of almost sainthood and beyond reproach. I once knew another group that was just like that. They are called “law enforcement”, and look at their image being portrayed today and a large swath of the public has turned on them. Colleges had a particular positive image in the past, and now it is one of being a cesspool of indoctrination. The same can happen to the local school systems, if it strays too far away from the families of the children they are tasked with educating. If they lose that support, and continue to allow the toxicity that permeates through their organization, they will find themselves with the same image as colleges, law enforcement and government in general.

They will make their decision to comply with the law but remember that when mandatory vaccinations arrive at your doorstep for you and your employees. Just comply with that too, since your all geared up for complying with law anyway. If School Board employees do not want to be vaccinated, segregate them from those who will comply. Punish them in the same way, that your willing to punish children. Discipline them like you are willing to discipline “the students”. Make sure you do all the things to your employees that you expect parents to go along with. Be consistent!
There are 5 very important things to remember that the school system has lost sight of. 1) This country was built on rebellion and civil disobedience. 2) Any law that runs counter to the US Constitution is not a valid law. 3) You do not represent the School Board. You represent the people who elected you and your position is on the school board and its very temporary. 4) YOU Represent others! If you’re not getting much feedback to help you make a decision then you should proactively go out and get it, not passively wait until someone tells you something. You should not be voting your conscience, but that of your constituents. 5) If the State is going to mandate to you what your going to do in your school systems then WHAT IN THE HELL DO WE NEED YOU FOR? We do not need an extra political sub-division that will simply agree and enforce mandates.
The same CDC that is advising closures and masks all the time for everyone is the same CDC that rolled out a 15 day plan to slow the spread and among their guidelines was to wash your hands, social distance and if your sick wear a mask. That 15 day plan by the idiots at the CDC worked like a charm wouldn’t you say? To their credit, I do believe wearing a mask when your sick is still sound advice.
I also recently read where teachers who do not enforce the mask mandate can be held personally and financially responsible if they do not enforce the law and this is according to their attorneys as reported.
That’s an interesting statement and has all the markings of a verbal hand job. What you may need to do is get your dumb ass lawyer to look up the piece about qualified immunity under RS 17:416.18 under Teacher Bill of Rights. But even a dumb ass lawyer already knows this so that means the whole story was made up.

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Joe Semmes
Jennings La



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