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Reminder for the Elected
Some get it, some don’t and for those that don’t…there are 10 important things that our elected officials in local political subdivisions need to remind themselves of, as they seem to lose sight once elected.
1) This country was built out of the ashes of rebellion and civil disobedience. If you make a bad decision don’t be surprised if the people who elected you turn on you, and your elected seat is threatened. As a collective body, if you make a bad decision don’t be surprised if you see some civil disobedience or rebellion. Americans are funny like that.
2) Any law that runs counter to the US Constitution is not a valid law. If you take an oath to defend the constitution and then refuse to do so, then what was the real self-enrichment reason you entered politics?
3) As an elected you do not represent the School Board/Police Jury/City Council including all political subdivisions and elected posts, you represent the people who elected you and your position simply occupies a seat and it should be considered temporary. (common knowledge)
4) YOU Represent others! If you’re not getting much feedback to help you in decision making (voting) then you should proactively go out and get it, not passively wait until someone hands you something. With technology today there is absolutely no reason to be disconnected from your constituents.
5) Don’t make your phone number public or hand it out if you have no interest in answering it or returning calls anyway. If your phone mailbox is full when called, as simple as it is, speaks volumes about your interests. You sought out people for their backing and votes during the campaign and disappear after that?
6) Sometimes you win an election only because your opponent was weak. This does not give you a mandate and does not translate into political strength.
7) If you’re not fielding calls, emails or input from other sources originating from your constituents then that might be a sign your days are numbered as a political hopeful. You might want to get proactive.
8) You should not be voting your conscience, but that of your constituents. That’s why we are regarded as a “representative republic.”. Elementary stuff.
9) Political activism and influencers are on the rise and the once cushy expectation of re-election that has survived for decades for a political incumbent are drawing to a close. In advance of re-election, before you think you “have it in the bag”, double check your bag for holes.
10) If the State is going to mandate to you what you’re going to do in the capacity of what you were elected for then WHAT DO WE NEED YOU FOR? There is no need for extra layers of “yes” men to the mighty emperor in Baton Rouge. No offense to Emperor Edwards.

Joe Semmes



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