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There was some propaganda floating around Fakebook that associates Lauren Heinen with an opinion piece about Collin Kapernick and his kneeling for the anthem controversy. The writing was supposedly by Lauren Heinen candidate for Jeff Davis Parish District Attorney. It basically defended Kapernick and others for exercising their right to free speech. It was written September 25, 2017. It clearly states “*Paid for by SWLA Politics” with a headline of “Read this deleted post and decide if this is the best choice for Jeff Davis Parish. It is intended to be a political “hit piece” against Heinen.
Pay close attention to this because its focus is on the “Paid for by SWLA Politics” claim, which goes to the heart of credibility. When you perform a google search of SWLA Politics you get the Facebook page in top ranking in Google. That’s normal. After that SWLA Politics is non existent.
When you look up, .net, .org there is no presence on the web because those domains are availability. When you look up SWLA Politics as a business entity, a non-profit organization or registered political action committee of the Republican Party it is non-existent.
It is unlikely that SWLA Politics has a budget to pay for political advertising. SWLA Politics is just a guy posting his political opinions much like

Thus, the “paid for by SWLA Politics then is fraudulent. The SWLA Politics facebook group is run by none other than Lee Mallet from Calcasieu Parish and is an operative for the Cassidy campaign. You may not remember that name but I certainly do. The ad is painted up as a political advertisement but SWLA Politics didn’t really pay anybody. Its just shady covert political operators who are attempting to sway public opinion using Facebook.
Republican? Maybe in name only but that’s what often happens when Democrats convert to the Republican Party. If it caused you to change your mind about your choice for Heinen for DA…sorry you got duped. There is an epidemic of that going on right now. The fact that SWLA Politic has no other presence is a huge continuity error.

This post presumably by Lauren Heinen was almost 5 years old which means somebody either has access to deleted posts on facebook which I doubt OR they capture information and save it to use at a later time, which is quite shady. The day Lauren Heinen mentioned that she might be interested in becoming a District Attorney one day, political opponents began collecting any kind of dirt they could possibly use one day. That’s politics for you. The first thing people should determine if the comment is not a deep-fake or not or did she actually say these things.

What these shady operators are attempting to do is establish that Lauren Heinen is not conservative or a real Republican but in fact is a liberal, marxist, progresssive Democrat , and thus soft on crime. Anyone who is a true Conservative Republican will know that conservatism stands for freedom of speech, less regulations and restrictions, less government. It is in fact the liberal Democrats who are opposed to freedom of speech, not for themselves, but for everyone else. If you pay close attention they expose themselves not unlike Lee Mallet and his SWLA POLITICS Fakebook kpage.
At the very core, the very takeaway from the article is that Heinen supports free speech. What more can you takeaway from this? Conservatism is an established ideology with an established platform. If you call yourself conservative, and you feel like laws should be enacted to prevent people from kneeling during the anthem, that’s your choice but conservatism cannot be shape-shifted to fit your definition of conservatism. Kneeling for the anthem is a very liberal thing to do. The whole incident was a liberal media feeding frenzy. It was designed to drive a wedge between us all. It worked! It always works!
Mallet may call himself Republican but he has yet to prove to me he is anything other than a Democrat in his opinions. OR he doesn’t have a full grasp at what being a conservative really is.

There is a large gap between what conservatism stands for and what people want it to stand for. It has a hard enough time defending itself against the onslaught of liberalism and the infiltrators (RINO’s) who try to destroy it from within. Conservatism is under assault, and in fact it is struggling to survive. I never got too passionate about the Colin Kapernick kneeling debate. I had a few words about it but not passionate about it at all. It was all staged anyway. A staged controversy to take our focus off other things, that were going on behind the scenes.

Mallet and his SWLA POLITICS FAKEBOOK page is attempting to shape shift a fat nothing into something, to sway public opinion against Heinen. I too believe Kapernick, an American citizen, has a right to protest and kneel for the anthem. Beyond that I am no fan of Colin Kapernick. For me I just ignored him but the liberal media could not and made it a divisive controversy. That was the only goal and it worked.
The realities is that SWLA POLITICS is just a guy with a FAKEBOOK PAGE much like is just a guy with a website. There is no business, no non-profit organization and the pretending that the “paid for by SWLA POLITICS tagline” was an attempt to give itself credibility where none existed.
What Mallet was really selling is an opposition to free speech and expression. Colin Kapernicks right to protest and free speech AND Lauren Heinen’s free speech for what she wrote. If Heinen posted the opinion then deleted it, then the reason could be she learned more about the controversy and decided to back away from it. She could have changed her mind. Mallet and cronies tried to play it as trying to hide it and if your a conspiracy theorist that is likely the reason you will embrace.
Heinen does not need to explain herself for exercising her right to free speech. She doesn’t have to explain herself because her opinion differs from someone else’s. If your opposed to free speech and free expression perhaps you need to explain yourself!



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