Lee Mallet and the JDP DA Election

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Lee Mallet and his fakebook group continues to assail Lauren Heinen on inexperience and maintaining a private practice as DA along with his mis-characterized soundbite about Heinen being a “woke liberal”. Its been a pretty awesome smear campaign.
At the end of his one page ads he writes “Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this matter”. Sounds good to me! By this request he is showing that he believes in freedom of speech too, like Heinen. Heinen is accused of never prosecuting in a jury trial. Cassidy has only done one. He claims as such on his website. Sparks I don’t know much about but its likely none also. So we have a 0,0,1 score in terms of jury trials prosecuting criminals that makes it a level playing field in terms of experience. As for maintaining private practice…they all do. Maintaining a private practice is different than full engagement on a daily basis. Will Elliot Cassidy absolve his law practice if elected? Probably not because he would be an idiot if he does. What Lee Mallet is engaged in is nothing but word craft and he is not very good at it.
So far no $ contributions are showing up for Mallet giving to the Cassidy campaign, but it may be due to lags in updating. Mallet gives generous sums to political campaigns including to liberal candidates, while he takes the moral high ground on conservatism. Perhaps his contribution data is just not updated or he is purposely keeping it off public records so Cassidy can keep him at arms length. Instead he will use the 5K he would donate to buy ads trashing Lauren Heinen. The important question since his existence is primarily in Calcasieu Parish is “what’s in it for him”?
Lets speculate and opine a bit since Mallet said in writing in his paid advertisement to Let him know my thoughts and opinions on this matter”.

Here is what I think….Lee Mallet owns a substance abuse and drug treatment facility that advertises…
“Clinically managed, highly-intense residential substance use treatment in a structured environment. Comprehensive, individualized treatment plans include assessment, screening, individual and group counseling, family therapy, life skills training, and education.”
Mallet does not come from a healthcare background, he is business operator that has Mallet Buildings and numerous other businesses such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Real Estate, a day care, Salvage, and the list goes on but not much in healthcare.
This facility is called “Sanctuary Louisiana”, before that it was called the now defunct “Academy Training Schools”, of which I wrote about in my blog. Before it was ATS it was “Progressive Plumbing. That’s an interesting leap in name changes. What Mallet needs are the referrals. He needs people or “cadets” as they were once named and those have to come from various sources with interconnecting links to the DA’s office.
These “cadet” involve individuals that come from referrals made by Parish mental health professionals, probation officers, persons in law enforcement, and recommendations by the District Attorney’s office, that influence the courts. I’m sure there a few walk-ins driven by concerned family members who pay out of pocket but the lions share comes from “the system”.

These “cadets” are not like Joe Biden’s “corn-pop” but are non-violent substance abusers who get tangled up in the law. Like other referrals their may be some gifts and gratuities involved that needs to be explored, by someone like state investigators. Once the “cadet’s” are sent to “Sanctuary Louisiana”, Mallet’s business, to help them through their addiction recovery, (wink wink), part of their treatment can be found in their advertising tagline, “life skills training and education”, this is code-speak for “work”, “employment”. Lee Mallet has the solution, because he has numerous businesses all needing employees and he has numerous political connections and friends through his contributions that probably need workers too. The demand for workers is evident and Mallet appears to have a low cost shady solution.

At the former ATS academy, now known as Sanctuary Louisiana, KPLCTV did a story which can be found here:

Mallet explains in a feel good fashion that “it also takes the young men off the streets and into a place where they can learn about responsibility and train for a job, and ultimately better their life. The ATS runs off strict discipline and mandatory skills training classes. And the men at ATS, or cadets as they’re called, are required to wake up at 3 a.m. each morning.”
He continues…“Every morning they all eat together, they go to work together, they all come back in and go to classes,” Mallett said. “So it’s a very regimented way of life.”

You will notice a comment by Superintendent Kelvin Smith that when the cadets first arrive to the ATS, they are set up in a military-style dorm room with no privileges. “No TV, no air conditioner, no heating, no nothing,” Smith said.

That’s interesting for an owner that also owns a heating and air conditioning company. “No heating” and “No nothing” can be interpreted as no hot water either and given the Louisiana temperature extremes this sounds more like a Russian Gulag.

When you seek out feedback from former employees of Mallets enterprises, it’s not very complimentary and almost gives the perception that they are treated poorly but paid decently. By searching for employment reviews you have to keep in mind that they are disgruntled employees but they took the time to write up the review so you have weigh a little less than 100% accuracy. Even giving Mallet the benefit of the doubt the reviews are not good except from current employees.
Fox8live.com by Lee Zurik a prominent investigative journalist, did an interesting investigative piece that can be found here: https://www.fox8live.com/2019/05/16/zurik-state-officials-companies-sanctioned-two-separate-investigations/
One or more of Mallets business ventures have been investigated not once but twice for Workers Comp violations. Employees were being paid low wages and this was offset by reimbursement through travel expenses. In one instance the employee showed earnings of $18,000 in earnings and $95,000 in reimbursement expenses. Workers comp premiums is based on earnings and excludes mileage reimbursements.
Now its been my experience that when an employer ignores or circumvents something like workers comp, they are likely to ignore other employment laws.
Mallets former employees complain they are paid a salary which is for “exempt” positions. Employers sometimes abuse the exempt status as workaround for paying overtime. When an employee is completing hourly type work they are “non-exempt” status and should be an hourly wage.
The Louisiana Workforce Commission is the resource for investigating this.
The point here is that If Mallets former employees do no have high praise for his treatment of employees then you can expect the same treatment to these “cadets” at “Sanctuary Louisiana” gulag. But they likely won’t complain about treatment or being ripped off from working because the alternative is prison. They are forced to suck it up. If they complain of mistreatment, whose going to believe them?
Its beginning to smell a lot like “human trafficking”. If you think human trafficking is only associated with sex crimes, you have a great deal more to learn.
Interestingly enough when he got into trouble over the workers comp scam, he ran to a Democrat lawyer to bail him out.
I could be wrong here but that’s how opinions and “let me know your thoughts” roll. Mallet shouldn’t mind because he asked me my thoughts and opinions.
The election for the office of District Attorney and the attacks on Lauren Heinen by Lee Mallet who is taking the moral high ground and falsely painting Heinen as a “woke liberal” has nothing to do with experience, woke liberalism, or maintaining a legal practice. How does Mallet benefit?
If he doesn’t benefit he would be quiet as a church mouse, but instead he is aggressively attacking Heinen and that alone is suspicious.
The attacks are about business and money. If Heinen wins, he loses. If Cassidy wins, he wins. As for Sparks, he may just be a Cassidy operative to split votes away from Heinen, who knows in this tainted environment.
It is possible that Eliot Cassidy is unaware of some of this and if he does he should have disavowed Mallet by now.. Cassidy should have done his due diligence on this operator Mallet. If he didn’t how is going to perform due diligence as a lawyer and a District Attorney?



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