Legalized Human Trafficking

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Picture and story from the Daily Wire. Credit to its owner
Biden will announce legislation to provide a pathway to citizenship for millions on his first day, according to The Associated Press.
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All of these people that will be coming to the US because Biden promised they will be allowed to enter. Off to a good start with 11 Million. Combine this with what’s already happened.
As it continues to grow, think of healthcare, food, housing, education and all the government benefits and protections the government has to offer. Make a list of your concerns. Think about the resources they will need. Are there enough resources to support? Which ones out of this list (from your list) will have to be rationed in the short term? What about policing, crime and emergency room demands. Big business loves this because it provides low income workers and brand-new customers. It will be a boom for the housing market which will be offset by government funding and programs, existing tax dollars. The government loves it because it is sales tax dollars and other tax dollars in the long term. Big Business loves it because they can replace their high wage earners with low wage ones, and slash benefits because they don’t know any better.
Think about all those elitists that will benefit, and you will quickly realize your outnumbered. It will become part of a new Democrat voting bloc, pushing white voters into a powerless new minority, but it will be okay because you deserve it with your white privilege.

In 1945, Post War Germany, German civilians in the cities and countryside were expelled from their homes to make room for the homeless refugees displaced by the war. This was done by America and its allies and we can all cheer that the Nazi’s deserved that treatment. Except now YOU’RE THE NAZI. If you say your not it doesn’t matter, it is what others decide, you probably missed it on the news but it has been determined your are a Nazi and a danger to society, because you voted for Trump.

If I could, I would recommend to these newly arriving immigrants to get as far away from the border as possible and seek refuge in sanctuary cities and the blue states. There is safety in the northern states away from the border that you came in on. Their greatest opportunities are awaiting for them in the Blue states.
All the people who for decades were scared the Republicans were going to destroy social security never really had to worry, but they should worry now. Republicans have always believed in a pathway to citizenship but not open borders. What is about to occur is nothing more than legalized human trafficking. We normally relate human trafficking with sex trafficking, but when its done for a political purpose, employment purpose and when individuals/certain groups benefits, rather than the whole of society…its legalized human trafficking.

Update: Biden administration officials are telling the Hondurans who are on their way to the border….“hold off…now is not a good time”. What heartless bastards! Next thing you know they will have kids in cages! That’s plum evil telling people that. The media should be all over this. (Sound Familiar)



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