Mainstream Thought - I don't embrace it!

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I enjoy reading the rantings of others. Sometimes your reading something and its way outside the realm of mainstream thought, bordering on “crazy talk”, but that person will say something no longer than a sentence or maybe a few selected words that is absolutely brilliant. I read a great deal with most of my news coming from reading rather than television because I have come to believe that television
is nothing short of propaganda and psyops. I am convinced that mainstream thought is a serious problem. You wonder how people can follow the ideology or political beliefs of an opposing side, but its not that hard to understand. You won’t change a single individual’s thinking. We have 2 opposing sides in the political/social realm of things. Each one thinks the other is brainwashed. We believe that anything outside mainstream thought, the most common train of thought is the safest place to be so that we are not victims of being brainwashed. For example, if CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and all the news services are saying the same thing, virtually a mirror image of thought of each other, then our brains tell us that’s the side to be on. It’s a herd mentality. You will never change their mind, they will have to change their own by some revelation that they come to learn.

When an individual says something outside of the mainstream of thought they are immediately rejected by the masses. The whole does not gravitate or swarm towards that lone voice, it moves one by one and slowly away from that mainstream thought, usually caused by a recommendation from one to another.
People on one side of an ideology cannot believe that people on the other side are so gullible and allow themselves to be brainwashed and it usually starts with mainstream thinkers.
The belief that if the majority of mainstream thought is one thing then there is no way that it is propaganda, a lie or brainwashing. The mainstream media even pushes this narrative to reinforce it.
It further marginalizes a group of thinkers that are actually among the minority.

There are many Christians who embrace this majority thought but fail to recognize that Jesus himself was a sole person who rejected mainstream teachings of the time. He rejected what the religious leaders of the time were teaching and the masses sided with the religious leaders and their mainstream thought equivalency. Still people see safety in following the crowd even if they disagree with what the crowd is saying because they feel its better than the alternative. Liberals have been demonizing conservatism for as far back as I can remember, as far back as 40 years. Conservatism has been labeled racists, bigots, homophobes, Nazi’s and every name under the sun, by the liberal media streams just mentioned, all doing it in perfect unison.
People are reluctant to abandon the liberal ideology to become part of group that carries those labels so they join in on the condemnation, simply mimicking what they hear from the liberal ideologues.

Rush Limbaugh used to say, “being a liberal is the easiest thing in the world, all you have to do is say yes to everything”.
As for me, I always like to read up on the things that are outside of mainstream thought because they often reveal truths even when they are small ones.



  1. Loved this Joe! So well written and thoughtful.


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