Massage Parlor Racism

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You hear a great deal about people who are claiming or being accused of promoting a race war. The white supremacist, Neo-Nazi’s, Dylan Roof, the Russians, Donald Trump, and who can’t forget Charles Manson and the Manson family of murderers.
Here’s some more ripped from the headlines.
3 Delaware Men (yankees) named Brian Lemley, Patrik Mathews, and William Bilbrough
The Tulsa Race War of 1921
The Boogaloo boys
Three Marines and a Racist Porn Actor (More Yankees)
A 17yr old in New Zealand Brenton Tarrant
Joseph Paul Franklin. Serial Killer 1977-1980 born James Clayton Vaughn Jr wanted to start a race war
It seems as though the list is endless. So it has been established, by the news media and media in general, that there are people out there that want to start a race war, The news media has warned us about it for decades, So claiming that these people exist is in no way a conspiracy theory. Or is it?
The recent shootings in Georgia at massage parlors, with the majority of victims being Asian, “Police said the suspect, Robert Aaron Long, 21, of Woodstock, Georgia, told authorities his actions were not racially motivated and he frequented some of the spas where the shootings happened.” It has been pointed out that Long’s addiction to pornography may have played a role. But, the news media, one after another, want to leverage it as racism. It is evidence that the media is the one pushing for a race war. All you have to do is watch television programming over the last 40-50 years and you look at the progression of things to the point where we are today. The media tries to make everything a race issue to divide people under the guise of social justice and fighting against racism. They are fighting against it while they promote it.
In the case of the Georgia shootings their choice is between claims of racism or claims that it was influenced by racism, simply shows their preference to protect their sister industry the pornography industry.
The news media and Hollywood media continue to expose themselves for who they really are and many people are getting wise to it. It’s unfortunate that so many people are so brainwashed to buy into it but, they have bought into much more so it should be no real surprise. The liberal ideology is guilty of “projection”, accusing others of what they are guilty of. They have even accused conservatism of this projection only recently after being accused or decades of doing it. They are free to marginalize people for their race and call it comedy, while choking off the voice of others.
They aim to stifle free speech, not theirs but that of conservatism, it is part of their plan to disarm the populace who oppose them, challenge them, or question them.

Isn’t it racist to think if someone was going to execute a hate crime they would do it at an Asian massage parlor? Why not some other “Asian” place of business or place where the Asian population lives, works or congregates. When the media thinks of “Asian” do they automatically think of massage parlors and nail salons’? Hollywood and the news media has a long history of marginalizing the Asian population. The evidence is obvious. Why are they all of sudden coming to their defense? Its because there is an opportunity to make it a race issue to further their goal of starting a race war.

Here is a link that delves deeper into the marginalization and stereotyping of Asian Americans in Hollywood

Someone is trying to start a race war. Its not a conspiracy theory because the media and elites have been peddling the idea that it exists for decades. The question is who?



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