Maybe it's all Rigged

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This blog is really about thinking out loud. So let’s think about the whole voter fraud thing. If you believe that “voter fraud” really happened then it was “rigged”. Obvious stuff. “If every vote matters like they say it does, then every fraudulent vote matters. That’s just continuity of thought. So if we apply continuity of thought with the idea of voter fraud, across everything then we have to ask…what else is rigged?

Football games? In the play of the season the coach/quarterback makes the worst play at the worst possible moment. Coincidence? At the worst possible moment a referee makes a bogus call that is a turning point in the game. Coincidence?

Casino’s / Gambling: We all know the answer to this one.

Insurance? The rich seem to get the best payouts on insurance. The middle class and poor get shorted and have to sue to get their money. You might say that, “the wealthy pay the highest premiums”, but that’s not the way it is supposed to work.

PowerBall/MegaMillions: Are the random drawings really random? In 2015, a 54 year old computer programmer in a multi-state lottery in Iowa, rigged the lottery so he and his brother would win jackpots in several states was arrested. It was an inside job.
How many more of them are still out there, who have not been arrested, is a valid question. If they could do it who else on the inside can do it?
The Academy Awards and all award shows and all awards for that matter. Obama won a Nobel prize, that should give you a hint that something is amiss.
Actor “Jack Black” has won numerous awards and accolades and he is one of the most lousy actors and its not just my opinion.
Look up “the worst actors” and that’s also rigged.

There are more things out there that you could add that just has questions surrounding it, that more out there is rigged than we know. Paranoia thought? Sure, but if hypocrisy is fashionable, why isn’t asking for proof or free thought not fashionable”

Early voting used to be called “absentee voting” and you have to have a pretty good reason for casting an absentee vote.
Then a long time ago, the Democrats saw fit to change it to “early voting”. In hindsight, that should have been a red flag.
So now, if anyone really thinks there was cheating in this election, you have to wonder how long its been going on and how deep does it go.

Maybe its all rigged…Just food or thought!



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