Maybe its just Misanthropy

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The name calling is beyond out of control. If you voice your opinion there are armies of people ready to attack to call you racist, bigot, homophobe, Islamaphobe, anti-semite, misogynist and the list goes on. Maybe its not your opinion they hate, maybe its your very existence.
Once in a while you run across a single word that seems to sum things up. Misanthropy is one of those words.
Misanthropy if your not familiar is the general hatred, dislike, distrust or contempt of the human species, human behavior or human nature.
There are people who hate the human species and if you do not see it in the world around you, then your probably not consuming enough television, news and social media.

For the very word, misanthropy or misanthropist to exist, you have to have people who fit the description. So its a real thing and not some conspiracy theory. Nowadays, it seems like armies of them exist.
They hate the human species so much they seek to destroy the unborn in the womb at any stage during pregnancy and if they had their way, at any age. Then there is infanticide and death with dignity also known as assisted suicide. We live in a death culture and away from biblical teachings and there are plenty of misanthropists to hate you for that too.

Look at environmentalism and its alignment to population control. At its very core when you push aside all of the noise who is destroying the planet? It is mankind, and to save the planet misanthropists are more than willing to destroy man. They set out to destroy his/her livelihood, their family unit because they hate the human species. They harbor more hatred than the worst of any racist, bigot or homophobe that is in existence.
The de-fund the police movement is steered by misanthropists. They know that crime will increase and death will increase with it and to them the more death the better.
You may think this thinking is a bit hypocritical for a person who is a human species to hate the human species. So for clarification misanthropist despise those who are not like them and barely tolerate those that are.

Based on what I have studied on this fairly new word for me is that it is a mental defect and I can believe that. Maybe some are born that way and the rest are indoctrinated.
The next time you sit down to watch the news, pay attention to the level of hate for you, just for exissting, that you see.



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