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Here is another psyops or topic using “perception management” that I see and you may very well disagree with, but I have been keeping track of this stuff for a very long time. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (AOC) recently came out against the US funding of Israel’s iron dome. She even shed crocodile tears when the funding was approved. Everybody I know can’t stand AOC and her politics.

AOC is and has always been nothing more than fake opposition. You would recognize this if you have been monitoring news headlines over time and apply what you learned to this one event to see if there is continuity and there is not. The psyops here is that if you oppose funding Israel’s Iron Dome defense system then you too are on the side of the likes of AOC and the rest of the squad, (who ALL make up a team of fake opposition). Who wants to be on the side of “the squad” right? So behaviorally we force ourselves to go in the opposite direction, because we DO NOT want to align with AOC and the squad.

You start disagreeing with everything that comes out of AOC and the squad’s mouth. Along with AOC and the other members of the squad are labeled anti-semitic and anti-Israel, and then look at the outcome. Nothing really happens. Compare that to others who have been accused of anti-semitism or anti-Israel and notice what happens to them. Mel Gibson comes to mind. Helen Thomas a long standing member of the white house press corp. Remember the story of Brian Williams formerly of NBC news that lied when he said that the helicopter he was riding in was forced to the ground due to RPG being fired at it and claims it hit another helicopter? Well it wasn’t true and he lost his big gig with NBC news and now he is over at MSNBC in obscurity.

In July of 2014, Brian Williams reported, “Palestinians are ‘trapped’ in Gaza in a ‘lopsided conflict”. In another interview Brian Williams grilled Netanyahu and touts Hamas calling him a War Criminal. Williams also read a statement from Osama Hamdan who did not appear on camera. It read, “As for the targeting of civilians, the numbers speak for themselves. Till now, Israel has murdered more than 550 people in Gaza; according the UN 80 percent of these are civilians…. As for Hamas every single Israeli killed by its fighters or its rockets except one have been soldiers in uniform on duty fully armed and on the battlefield.” Israeli’s and Netenyahu was furious.
A Few months later covering the war in Iraq, Brian Williams finds himself onboard a Schinook Helicopter flown by an IDF team (Israeli Defense Force) believing that he was being fired at by an RPG and was forced to land. The crew said it never happened! That’s psyops at work! He got what he deserved for being stupid!
IF AOC and members of the squad were sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, anti-Israel or anti-semitic then it would not go by unnoticed or without public repercussions. If it doesn’t then they are operatives working as fake opposition. Its all psyops!



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