My body My Choice - Vaccine VS Abortion

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I was reading an article today and Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett used a phrase called “Bodily Autonomy” and a comparison was made between Vaccine Mandates and Abortion. It suddenly occurred to me, (because I am wired that way)…Out of the anti-vaccine group the phrase is surfacing “my body – my choice” which is the mantra borrowed from the abortion crowd. Why are the 2 being compared? Is it a coincidence that the vaccine mandate crowd are also the pro-abortion crowd? This has already been pointed out anecdotally as hypocrisy on the left, that the abortionist say “my body my choice” but yet that does not apply to mandatory vaccines. (BTW the left is cursed with hypocrisy, they can’t help it). I have read these type commentary’s on facebook from average non-elitist, non-supremacist people. People I even know and it makes a good point. But if you take that same point and reverse it then it is to the benefit of the pro-abortion crowd.

Is it a coincidence that when states started challenging the abortion laws more aggressively that all of a sudden COVID 19 showed up under suspicious circumstances and in a place where the unwitting public can blame the Chinese Communists?
Is it a coincidence that the anti-vaccine challenge and the challenges to Roe V Wade will be showing up in the Supreme Court in close proximity to one another? Will a ruling against vaccine mandates based on “bodily autonomy” set a FINAL legal precedence for abortion and Roe V Wade and forever anchor it as a human right based on this bodily autonomy concept.
Are the 2 connected closer than we think?
Is it a coincidence that the elite that support mandatory vaccines are the same people that support abortion, infanticide, environmentalism, feminism and population control? Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

From an article on 1/21/21 from Freedom2Care

If you’ve ever wondered where Dr. Anthony Fauci is politically, or exactly how “unifying” the Biden administration plans to be on abortion, read Fauci’s 1/21/21 comments below on abortion. Fauci delivered these remarks as President Biden’s newly appointed representative to the World Health Organization (WHO). The previous administration withdrew U.S. funding from WHO, charging that the organization lied about the Coronavirus due to its entanglement with the Chinese Communist Party.“And it will be our policy to support women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights in the United States, as well as globally. To that end, President Biden will be revoking the Mexico City Policy in the coming days, as part of his broader commitment to protect women’s health and advance gender equality at home and around the world.“What does the euphemism “reproductive health and rights” mean? Abortion on demand. What did the Mexico City Policy do? It kept US tax dollars from funding abortion advocacy internationally.So Fauci walks in lock step with the Biden administration’s agenda of expanding abortion not only domestically but internationally as well.
More on this at the rag called

Is it a coincidence that Fauci the vaccine mandate mogul is also a very pro-abortion radical? “Gender equality” is as the name implies but it is also a codeword for transgender-ism, which will also fall under this “bodily autonomy”.
For a recap: Those who do not support the idea of “my body my choice” for abortion, maybe if we give them a virus, a vaccine and mandate the vaccine the whole globe will be screaming “my body my choice” from the rooftops and the we set up a legal precedence between the 2 and abortion once and for all will become a basic human right, never to be challenged again”. That’s pretty wild thinking but look around, stranger things have happened.

I am beginning to see dotted lines between mandatory vaccines and abortion and other topics and anytime you see dotted lines that’s the thing of conspiracy theories. Sounds like good conspiracy theory stuff if you ask me. Please help me watch for these connections where vaccines and abortion are discussed at the same time in conversations in the media. Lets see how it all plays out!



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