Name Calling and Conspiracy Theories

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I have written a few things about my personal findings about conspiracy theories and it bares repeating. This is merely an opinion based on research into the subject. I have previously called it a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories.
These findings are based the origins of them, structures and whether they are covered by the media or not.

Conspiracy theories are an invention to lead you away from the truth not towards it. Its clever crowd manipulation. Here is how it works.
From the beginning, someone creates an outlandish theory for example about the behaviors of people and links it to Aliens, UFO or Sasquatch. It is then labeled with a name that ends with the term “Conspiracy Theory”. Repeat this process several times using outlandish claims. There is never a shortage of people who will buy in, and some are agents who pretend to buy in, but whose role is to circulate the new conspiracy theory.

Then they label the group or individuals as Kooks, tin-foil hatters, idiots or a variety of other names.
Over time more and more conspiracy theories surface that are just as outlandish as the original one. More people, more name calling and group think is established.

Next the truth is thrown out and it is “fact-checked” as a conspiracy theory. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the QANON group was promoting the idea that high level people were engaged in a pedophile network and engaging in sex with minors. Its some real dark web stuff. A quick look around your world with daily news about human trafficking, child pornography, and children being assaulted its not to hard to believe this idea. This pedophile network, which Jeffrey Epstein had such a network, could possibly exist and those powerful people have the ability to squash the story. How? Label it a conspiracy theory. The truth is hidden and nobody wants to join those who believe it because they do not want to associate with it.
Conspiracy theories and the perception of them have been built up over time and it causes people to disassociate the minute it is labeled a “conspiracy theory”.

On “Lamebook”, I witnessed a family being torn apart by a variety of conspiracy theories mostly involving Donald Trump. However, the conspiracy theories about Trump with Russia collusion and the Pee dossier are treated as truth. At one point one of the family members used the term “Q-Cult” to describe the people who voted for Trump, with references to Q-Anon.
The whole conspiracy theory of Q-Anon has reversed poles. The idea that there could be a cult of people who prey on children and minors for sexual exploitation, and human trafficking is discounted and instead the people who believe that a counter group called Q-Anon is exposing it are the ones being called “cultists”.

Q-Anon’s job was not to expose anyone involved in the cult of exploiting children. What names did they give? What facts did they provide? What video evidence was submitted? Not video of just information promoting the conspiracy idea but rather real evidence? Did they lay out the structure on how this cult was run? Did they provide anything of real substance that led to an investigation or real substantial evidence? Not that I could find. All they have provided was eye raising commentary. They mixed the truth with lies, got it labeled as a conspiracy theory. Did it ever occur to anyone that Q-Anon could have people involved and worked to get people to disassociate with the idea, whereby they can continue with impunity? Stranger things have happened.
If you have reached a point where you don’t trust much then should not trust these groups that bubble up seemingly out of nowhere.
Its unfortunate to see families ripped apart but that is the end goal of much of this. Its the net result of people falling into the trap. The problem is that each side thinks the other is the one that fell into the trap. I do not see an easy fix unless both decide to get away from the brainwashing media machine. Television programming is both a noun AND a verb!



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