On the road to Communism

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I am old enough to remember to discussions, articles and speeches against communism. It was common place and communism was tagged as the worst of evils. Nowadays, to speak of communism you are labeled a wacko and conspiracy theorist. On November 9, 1989, the Berlin wall fell, a giant symbol of the oppressiveness of communism. Later it was declared that communism was dead but the ideology of communism doesn’t die a natural death, it has to be killed and nobody killed it. In 1989 we witnessed a barrage of people on the Eastern side of the wall, flood to the west. We like to locked into our minds that this flood of people were all those were freedom loving people, seeking to escape communism. But, in reality there were many in those crowds who were in those crowds seeking to expand communism.

I like to research the origin of things rather than engaging in the pro’s and con’s of a social, religious or political topic. We get so wrapped up in the topic that pay no attention to its origin. Getting bogged down in the controversial topics and the commentary coming from each side is interesting but not revealing. What is revealing is those people who are behind those topics. Everything has an origin.

In that process, of researching these radical people with radical ideas you uncover a significant number of them who they themselves escaped communism or their parents did and they often give a year they immigrated. Except there is one problem, the year of their immigration was before the wall came down. I recall that in order to escape the communist USSR, you had to defect, and in doing so put their families in harms way. So how did these people “immigrate” during communist rule? Remember the walll? It was there to keep people in not out.

We have been on the road toward communism for a long time and we are closer today than ever before in American History. But of course this is tin foil hat talk, even though 20-30 years ago it was common discussion. The undermining of our culture, law and order and everything that makes up America for what it once stood for is being eroded daily. Disloyalty to America is all the rave. Using and exploiting the darker side of its history as it evolved from its infancy is being used to undermine it. The tactics being used are right out of the communism playbook.
Defund the police, dismantle law and order and what replaces it? The military, with their checkpoints, barricades and authority to shoot on sight. Sound familiar?

In a video capture this morning 7-9-21, as reported Pro-Palestinians are gathered to protest Israel and are seen burning Israeli flags and squirting fluid on them to keep the fire blazing. I noticed something odd in the video. There were no Palestinians. There were mostly white faces. During the video, a black woman steps into view to throw an American Flag onto the burning Israeli Flag. She is wearing a red arm band. Another protestors is seen with a red arm band to the left holding a drum. In the background when you zoom in you can see the words “ICE IS” and the rest of the protest sign is covered with someones head. The red arm bands can be any number of groups.
The video played as a Palestinian protest was nothing of the sort. This is just another misinformation tactic.
Meanwhile, Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms are policing misinformation, which is a communist tactic to control information that runs counter to the approved content. What you had in the video as a Palestinian protest without Palestinians.



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