Please Pardon Corn Pop

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When the whole “Corn Pop was a bad dude story” came out some time back, I looked it up immediately and found that the Urban Dictionary defined a “corn pop” as someone who was a “ponk” and otherwise violated in college (another name for prison.)
One could assume that corn pop got his name in college and when he graduated the nickname followed him.

I looked it up again today and the definition is “A bad dude who ran a bunch of bad boys. A razor armed gang leader in Wilmington Delaware, who was confronted and stared down by then lifeguard Joe Biden and a six foot chain.

I hate it when they change definitions of things like this. So now Biden standing up to a “ponk” from college now has been re-defined to make Biden look tougher. I hope Biden pardon’s corn pop for any of his previous shortcomings. That would show that even as a “bad dude” himself he still has a heart. I am hoping he makes other “ponk pardons”.



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