Popes Restrictions on Catholic Latin Mass

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Read the story here: https://www.americamagazine.org/faith/2021/07/16/pope-francis-decree-restricts-pre-vatican-ii-latin-mass-241068

Most Catholics read this story or other stories and probably discounted it as hugely insignificant because it is aimed at the traditional pre-Vatican II Catholics of the society of Pious X, that still celebrates the Tridentine Mass.

Some probably do not fully understand what it is all about, wave it off and move on. I have read several recent articles and they all dance around the issue. I am only familiar with it somewhat because the topic has intersecting lines into some other research I do. I’m not the subject matter expert but I am familiar enough.

The traditional Catholics that celebrate the Tridentine Mass, generally use the Roman Missal of St Pius V revised by St John XXIII in 1962. This is a pre-Vatican II Missal and inside that missal are prayers that are, let’s just say inconsistent with church teachings AFTER Vatican II. The revision in 1962 by St John XXIII, was the removal of the prayer using the word “perfidious”, but the prayers still contain other verbiage not consistent with Vatican II and Nostra Aetate.
The traditional Catholics often called ultra-traditional conservative Catholics reject Vatican II along with the Nostra Aetate (pronounced Nostra A-Ta Tay) decree of October 28, 1965. If you have not read it, you should. Once you do, you will have a better understanding why the traditional Catholics are under fire for their rejection of it. There were 2,221 Catholic leaders who voted in favor of Nostra Aetate and 88 voted against. One could surmise that the traditional Catholics prescribe to the ideas of those 88 who voted against it.

The liberalization of the Church is ongoing and is about to take a turn for the worst. It’s coming like a freight train and if you reject it, you will not be able to run to the traditional Catholics of Pius X because Pope Francis, just dealt them a death blow. If Catholics flee, and find the traditional Catholics, they will learn things the Church does not want them to learn, viewing it as “regression”. He closed the escape route for other Catholics who will reject the liberalization of the church. There is no other escape except the one marked “EXIT”!

The Pope’s decree against the Tridentine Mass is zeroed in on the pre-Vatican II missal that contains controversial prayers that runs counter to Vatican II and its Nostra Aetate. Read the brief and it points to the prayers in the Missal. If you’re wondering, that is what it is all about…”prayers” and old pre-Vatican II beliefs that were in place for centuries. Some say this change could lead to a schism, or a split in the church. I don’t agree with that, not yet. I believe the split will come later. It seems as those journalists and church leaders that are saying a larger schism will occur, are actually engaged in wishful thinking.

I believe there are 3 particular civil laws that must be enacted first. Once those civil laws are in place, that’s when things will take that turn for the worst. The church will be powerless because of its own laws preventing it from defending itself that have been in place for a very long time. The protective civil laws are needed, nails in the coffin sort of speak. At some point, I predict the Church will try to reverse course, possibly softening parts of Vatican II, causing peoples beliefs to swing too far. All in an attempt to save itself and when they do, the schism will occur then, as this abrupt change will scatter countless Catholics to the wind. Ironically, the effort to save the Church will contribute to its continued destruction. Its not the strategy of the Church, it is the strategy of its enemies. The Church will inadvertently execute the strategy for them.

Many Catholics see this Latin Mass change as insignificant or as not affecting them. The reality here is that this change is monumental to the church. You just won’t feel it for a while now, but when you do it will be apparent. The Church and Christianity in general has moved themselves into a position whereby their own teachings will prohibit them from defending themselves against the very enemy that seeks its destruction. What a great gift for the liberal enemies of the church.




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