quid pro quo

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From Fox News

The article related to the headline above focused on “green energy’ contributions to the Democrats but didn’t really touch on the obvious question.

“The green industry heavily relies on government-awarded funds, and with Biden promising to lean heavily in their direction, the industry as a whole contributed more than $11 million in political donations in 2020, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The center noted that while this amount pales in comparison to the $1 billion Biden’s campaign raised in total, it is still more than double what the industry had given in the past.”

“Biden’s campaign, in particular, received more than $3 million that had been raised by Clean Energy for Biden, which describes itself as “a network of clean economy business leaders and advocates” that looked to get Biden elected and “advance policies, technologies and investment to address the climate challenge.” The group says it plans to remain active under the name Clean Energy for America. The organization’s executive council includes more than 50 green industry leaders.”

The government pumped USD $634 billion in 2017 in subsidies to renewable green energy according to one source IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency). In turn, they contribute $11 Million into the Democrat coffers. Of course they operate through “organizations” or other entities so it does not appear so direct. Green energy is not the only benefactor. There are billions going into “organizations” and other groups that support an industry which is chaired by people from that industry.
Once they receive their funds they in turn contribute to the political campaigns usually going into party coffers.

Its a sweet deal for everybody except the taxpayer. That’s why our politicians are so generous with our money and why there are so many “organizations” many of which are registered as 1 of the 29 types of 501© nonprofit (tax-exempt) organizations in the US, that get supporting funds from the government.

We are caught up in this class warfare between the rich and the poor, because we envision individuals and corporations as the evil rich.
When lobbyists work on behalf of an industry such as the “green industry” and secures support in billions, and that industry in turn donates to political campaigns, how do we know they are not using taxpayer money, that same money they were awarded to fund those campaigns? How is that controlled or policed? Within this exchange there is way too much opportunity for corruption.



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