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How do you get rid of Conservatism? You radicalize it to a point that its own adherents no longer accept it.
Historically, Communism engages in insurrection to gain power. Once there they punish insurrection with imprisonment and death.
Democrats engaged in and promoted ANTIFA and BLM in insurrection but called the Trump protest in DC and insurrection and is the basis for impeaching him. They will hound Trump till his dying day and even after that.
Liberals will pursue impeachment of Trump, that’s a given. The Senate will likely not meet until after the new members take office and they will likely impeach Trump for incitement of insurrection, which means his political future is over. His punishment is just beginning. Hopes that he will return in 4 years is a pipe dream. It will be their relentless goal to prevent it. They will not let it go until they are convinced Trump is ruined.

If the economy tanks under Biden and Harris after a repeated salvo of executive orders they will still blame Trump for creating the mess.

Republicans will be struggling to save the Party and the Conservative platform. I have no hope they will be successful to any degree. The will toy with the idea of redefining conservatism. That is a disaster waiting for them. The effort to label the conservative movement a “Nazi inspired movement”, based on lies has finally succeeded.
Republicans will leave the party and become independents or will become Democrats. In the future, the Republican party will only be a “place holder” in American politics and we will be ruled by a one-party system, but it will be portrayed as a 2 party system.
Employers concerned with problems from Trump supporters will not employ them. They will use their party affiliations to identify potential Trump supporters. While your inside on an interview someone will be outside looking over your vehicle to determine if you have any bumper stickers. Your facebook posts, twitter posts will be scrutinized. Anything political leaning toward conservatism or political party affiliation will be a factor in the hiring decision. This is from an article I read about employers taking another look at their security but never mentioned anything about cameras or physical devices. So that only leaves it was about people.

Whether Trump is impeached or not he will likely fall into bankruptcy before the next election. People and institutions will distance themselves from him.
Don’t look for his son or daughter to make a showing if either run for President in the future simply because of their ties to the former President. Trumps opponents have done a masterful job and they have the media on their side.
The Independent party does not have an official platform. No clear leader or frontrunner. It is a block of voters that all individually vote for the candidate of their choice based on the message of the candidate.
The independent voter within themselves lean toward Republican voters or Democratic voters or candidates aligned with other parties, In Iran, they are called “Party of the wind”. This party (non-party) will continue to see increases in numbers all coming from the Republican party. In the end the Democratic Party registrations will soar and the Republican party will have lost its gains achieved since the 1980’s.

“THEY WILL NEVER SILENCE ME….EVER”….say the people who are 100% dependent on social media for their voice. “THEY WILL NEVER TAKE MY GUNS”..says the people who hide their guns in a closet or under a bed. When the time comes people will give up their guns freely if they want to make a living, have insurance or be treated as something other than a radical person who is a threat to society. Destroy the competition and silence the opposition. One of the most powerful strategies in politics. Communists used it to great effect. Republicans suck at it. Democrats have honed it to a craft. Liberals eat their own! We have all witnessed the level of hatred aimed at Trump, Republicans, & Conservatism in the last 4 years. It was always there in the shadows, but it came out in the open during the Trump years. That kind of hatred does not die out easily nor based on a date of January 20, 2021. They will hound him and his family for a very long time until they are satisfied by his ruination or death. If there is any chance that either him or one of his family members run for office in the future, they will be in the sights of a character assassination. If this does NOT happen, you should get very suspicious. They DO NOT EVER let anyone off the hook until they are totally destroyed.

If the deplorables, Conservatives, Republicans & Christians are Nazi’s who will the Nazi hunters be? Liberals need to give up the hate until it gets out of control. But they won’t. They can’t!
Electronic banning of publications is the Hi-tech version of book burning except it doesn’t create smoke and its better for the environment. Who’s the Nazi again?
HEADLINE: WAPO’s Robinson: Trump Supporters need to be deprogrammed” ( C ) You mean like a re-education camp? Will there be ovens be delousing facilities at this re-education camp? Who is the Nazi again?
HEADLINE: Project Veritas: PBS Counsel says Trump Supporters Children should be taken, put in re-education camps. 2 reports from different people using the same word craft. Who is the Nazi again? I thought taking children away from their parents was racist and Nazi like?
HEADLINE: Democrat: Cruz, Hawley could be put on No Fly List – Same as terrorist?
HEADLINE: Meghan McCain: Ivanka and Jared need to be held accountable following capitol Attack. – For what exactly?
HEADLINE: Twitter says Internet Shutdowns Violate Basic Human Rights – In Uganda ( C ) Isn’t banning conservatives from your platform a form of Internet Shutdowns?
HEADLINE: Deutsche Bank Cuts ties with Trump – The destruction effort of Trump will be unrelenting
Headline: Dems Push Bill to Prevent even a Bench from being named after Trump. —- The hate is mind boggling
Headline: Sheldon Addelson Dead at 87 – Republican Mega Donor – A Major financial hit to the Republican Party but then again maybe it can get back to normal.
HEADLINE: FACEBOOK Blacklists all content mentioning Stop the Steal – High tech censorship is the exact same as book burning. Who is the Nazi again?
HEADLINE: Amazon Partner “Go Daddy” and internet hosting service kicks pro-gun site off servers
HEADLINE: Lieu: GOP Lawmakers who incited insurrection should be prosecuted. Let me guess the Democrats get to decide the definition of insurrection.



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