Red State Blues

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Louisiana is considered a “Red” state due to past elections. I call “bullshit”! Louisiana is a Blue state that “leans” Red. I did not make up this “lean” word, it is a word invented by political pundits and experts
to describe registered Democrats that often vote Republican or vice versa. It is also used to describe Independents. They describe Independents as leaning one way or another between Democrats or Republicans.
With all this leaning back and forth in political discussions it muddies the water and causes confusion. For Louisiana the proof is in the numbers. Let’s focus on party affiliations and less on votes for the moment, because the vote cast is the end game. “well that’s the only one that matters”! True, and we will get to that. For now focus on Party affiliation and party strength.
According to the La Secretary of State Data exported into an excel format and crunched from there, Louisiana has 1,254,915 Registered Democrats, with 1,030,291 Republicans. A difference of 224,624
More registered Democrats than Republicans. Louisiana has 64 parish and calculating registrations for each parish and apply the “RED”/”BLUE”, colors that the experts rely on tells a story. There are 819,336
Who are listed as “other” in the data collected so this would include the libertarians and the independents. We are leaving them out for now because they are “leaners” and “into the wind” according to experts.
Out of 64 parishes, 23 are “RED” and 41 are “BLUE”. That’s 41 parishes that are dominated by registered Democrats and 23 parishes that are dominated by Republican registered voters.
When you filter the red parishes, you see that they exceed the Democrat registrations by a smaller margin. Using 20% margin for Democrats difference as a benchmark there are only 3 parishes that meet or exceed that margin. Filtering for Democrats reveal that their margin is greater. They have 20 parishes that outpace the Republicans by 20% margins.
The fact is that there are more registered Democrats than there are Republicans by 224,624.
The independents and others in the wind make up 819,336 that will “lean” (there’s that word again). There are more independent who lean Democrat than there are independents that lean Republican.
Republicans, despite what you think are a minority party, and Republicans who have jumped ship to become independents is the greatest gift that the Democrats could hope for.

Many people do not believe in “party politics”, they just want to vote for whoever they want. This Presidential election displayed people who were beside themselves, passionate, angry and complained about voter fraud. That’s all cool but don’t overlook the fact that in Louisiana in the primary election to select Donald Trump the voter turnout was 21.7%. For the Democratic primary to elect Joe Biden the voter turnout was 22.6%. Where was all this passion? Its much like football, many people may watch or not, but when the Super Bowl rolls around they become super fan. Meanwhile, some fans read up on it, study it year round, and they really are superfans.
Hunting is the same way. Voter turn out for the election for President was 70.1%. That is great and if it would be 70.1% for EVERY election, we would not find ourselves in the situation we find ourselves. Many of these crazed Trump fanatics were formerly Bernie Sanders supporters, lifelong Democrats, and voted for Biden in the Democratic primary. That’s a fact! Many of those passionate Trump supporters are not even registered to vote or are registered Democrats voting for a Republican, a man their Democratic party despises.

I call “bullshit” on Louisiana being a Red state, it has Democrats who lean to right but do not have the guts or commitment to register with the conservative Republicans. They don’t want to be a part of the names falsely applied to conservative Republicans that has existed for the last 40 years and getting worse by the day. The only thing that will fix this is 70-100+Million registered Republicans who are devoutly partisan.



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