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In a recent letter to the editor of 11/27-21 – Mr Larry Guidry submitted an eyebrow raising letter. It began with the phrase “many so-called self-righteous Christians” believe Joe Biden should not be allowed to receive communion because they say he supports or approves of abortion. He goes on to point out that Biden has stated a number of times he is personally against abortion. This is not even close to being accurate, but Mr. Guidry likes to paint things with a giant broad brush. Biden is taking steps to protect the abortion industry at times when it does not need such protection.

This letter was not his first of words aiming at “self-righteous Christians”, it has been visible in many of his writings in the past. Mr Guidry couldn’t pass up an opportunity to lump in former President Donald Trump into the fray and pointed out 3 specific commandments that Trump has broken. Christians I know, do not normally point out the commandments broken by others. That is usually something left to the self-righteous who judge others for what they do, while excluding themselves. It’s a habit they have that make the self-righteous easy to spot. It is hypocrisy at its finest. Which is interesting because Mr Guidry charged others with hypocrisy in the same letter. He then goes on and implements the standard pro-choice argument regularly used and drags in gun control, mask mandates, vaccine mandates and the like as if they are on comparable grounds to the destruction of the unborn. It was the typical liberal scripted pro-abortion argument.

In his letter early on he states clearly that “pro-choice doesn’t mean pro-abortion”. Mr Guidry has bought into the scam of marketing verbiage but the word pro-choice is exactly a marketing word, a sanitized word for pro-abortion. Pro-choice means nothing else and “women’s health” is just another sanitized phrase for destroying the unborn.
The whole “a woman should have the choice of what to do with her body” which is a standard pro-abortion marketing tagline, is predicated on a lie. Abortion is an industry complete with goals and quota’s because in the end there is money to be made and government taxpayer dollars flowing into the system to help support it. Then there is the environmental side benefit of population control and it crosses over into Feminism’s ideology.
The phrase “pro-life” is also a marketing tool that really means “anti-abortion” so one should not take those marketing soundbites too literally. These “self-righteous Christians’ that Guidry alludes to, that want to prevent Biden from receiving communion originated from Catholic Bishops and not the self-righteous laity in general. But Guidry with his wide brush would like to paint others with it and avoid its source.

Interestingly enough the same group that are the movers and shakers of abortion are the same ones who support eugenics, population control and euthanasia. The marketing catchphrase for euthanasia is “medically assisted suicide” or “death with dignity” as they call it. The vast majority of those who oppose abortion of the unborn do not support any of these pro-death cultures either, and Mr Guidry as well as myself and other aged people benefit from this opposition by these “self-righteous Christians” as we reach our twilight years. Without opposition since the inception of abortion, where would we be? With opposition there is still 40-50 Million abortions worldwide annually. That’s a whole lot of “choice” at the expense of unborn children who never have the opportunity to make their own choices, it was made for them by their mothers brainwashed into an idea of choice. The aborted will never get this “choice” to engage in the pro/anti-abortion debate. Mr. Guidry should be pleased by these 40-50 Million annual numbers because he can quantify this choice, he speaks of.

I have written numerous articles and letters to the editor over the course of the last several decades. I always try to at least put some research and thought into what I write. I try to throw something out that is thought provoking even if small. I have read many letters from Mr Guidry and it has been clear for some time now that he is not capable of formulating an opinion based on thought or research. He has limited himself to regurgitating the same vomit that the average run of the mill liberal spews out. His opinions are from his programming and it is almost robotic. His attacks on Christians are predictable and if I am not mistaken has labeled himself a Christian as well in past writings. It has become clear that he has low regard for Christians whose ideologies do not match his own. This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. The interesting thing about hypocrisy is that most people are guilty of scattered inadvertent hypocritical moments, while others are cursed with it. The liberals that Mr Guidry embraces so tightly are clearly cursed with it. When abortions are in decline the abortion activist kick things in high gear to stave off the decline, and I am supposed to believe this is about choice and not money!

What has become obvious is that abortion is a devaluing of human life beginning in the womb and you will never convince me that does not play a part in the attitudes of people. Mr. Guidry looks at these Christians and conservatives as brainwashed, and puppets of the likes of Donald Trump. The reality is these Christians are saying “no”. They make up the resistance to the brainwashing. They are inundated with this liberal information on a daily basis that runs contrary to their own beliefs and they are saying no, time and again. The polar opposite are those that say yes to everything, and compliance to everything that the liberal media and Hollywood promotes. The resistance against the majority is rarely the group that is programmed or brainwashed. The hatred for former President Donald Trump was promoted in the liberal media, Hollywood and numerous powerful newspapers and individuals who did not like Trump found plenty of wagons to jump on to help them explain why they didn’t like Trump. It takes a different kind of mind to reject what the media is selling.
I enjoy reading Letters to the Editor in the local newspaper. Even if you don’t agree, many are well written and you get to watch the writer, hone their skills and you can watch their style and opinions grow and evolve over time. Its truly amazing. Unfortunately Mr, Guidry’s opinion has never really evolved, but I am hopeful.

Since self-righteousness and the anti-abortion movement has been linked by Mr Guidry’s recent letter, I would recommend people perform a google search of the term “Pew Research + abortion by religion” and click on the first link that comes up, The Pew Research article is titled, “American religious groups vary widely in their views of abortion”. Scroll down to the table showing each religion and where they stand on abortion. Look at and focus on the top 10 religions where the majority believe abortion should be legal.You will find some surprising and shocking data. Study closely and you will learn something you didn’t know or were misled to believe as I was. Keep in mind that Pew Research center is one of the most recognizable and reputable research centers that is often quoted throughout the mainstream media.

In the end you find that the group that make up these self-righteous anti-abortionists are approaching minority status. Mr Guidry can relax and not get too stressed out at those he calls “so called Christians”, it looks like the murders of the unborn will continuing unabated.

copy/paste this link in your browser to reach the Pew Research table.



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