School Board Member Party Affiliations

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I would suggest that everyone could write to the Republican Party of Louisiana and file a formal complaint against members of the
School Board and try to have them censured. At least they would have complaints on file for them. Unfortunately there are only 2 Republicans.
If your a Democrat or no party independent then complaining about a Republican is wasted breath because your not a party member.
It works the same for non-party members filing formal complaints on Democrats. Its a waste of time.
American is governed by a 2 party system. That’s just the way it is. the alternative is a 1 party system and that system would be run by Democrats and we are seeing what they can do.
The majority of the School Board at 62% are “no Party” or “Independents” which is the same thing. They are not a political party and are not bound by a written platform. They are considered “into the wind”. While being an independent sounds good as an individual voter, things change as an independent elected official. List the reasons you are an a registered independent or no party affiliate and the elected independent can do the same and if each of your lists are completely different it doesn’t change that either of you are still independent.
For example, both of you being independents, your list can espouse conservative values and his list can espouse communist values, nothing changes that your both independents. Neither of you are expected to embrace a written party platform.
Read data and statistics on Independents and you will see the most favored word used is “lean”, as in Independents lean towards conservatism , liberalism, socialism or communism, or populist. This lean is also relative in that whichever the wind blows you can lean the other way.
An independent can tell you they are conservative when speaking to conservatives and be liberal when talking to liberals. Their not lying either. They are not bound by any belief system or ideology than their own. Have you ever seen a political platform, a written document, outlining what they believe in?
I have never seen one. They do not usually do that because in so doing they would scare off voters, so they play both sides to get elected.
You might say that independents answer to the voters and not a political party. That is true…sort of!

If 10,000 people elects an Independent and 1000 complain about him, In the mind of an independent, that’s 9000 that still support him and its probably enough to win an election. He doesn’t have to seek out an endorsement from any political party. He is on his own free to make decisions or cast votes based on his beliefs, number one and secondly influenced by the 9000 that still support him/her.



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