Science - The Serial Killer

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You’ll need your tin foil hat for this one…Science is an interesting subject. We often hear the statement ‘follow the science”, and we hold science in high esteem because it saves lives.
Science has risen to a level of sainthood or even God like thanks to an effective advertising and propaganda program. Science has done a great deal to improve dally life and save lives. But, science has also done much to destroy human life. Thus, there are 2 sciences, siblings perhaps, that are polar opposites from one another. One is beneficial to mankind the other malicious to mankind. You might say that beneficial science outpaces the malicious science by a wide margin but I would be hard pressed to agree. The malicious science sibling is one of the most prolific serial killers in the history of the planet.
One might say this is a ridiculous train of thought but its not. If it were not for science we would not have a vaccine for the corona-virus.
That’s true but if the corona-virus was a man made creation that leaked out of a Wuhan lab then the deaths related to covid are from the hands of malicious science. All we end up with is beneficial science tackling the problems made by malicious science. Its a dual of 2 sciences. Nuclear and chemical weapons are from science. The agent Zyklon B used in the concentration camps were from science. The nucear weapons scatter across the earth are from science. Drug commercials talk about the benefits of a medicine and then at the end gives side effects that can kill you. You can make your own list. There is plenty of malicious science AND beneficial science but make no mistake about it, there are 2. I call these the “siblings of Science”. Science is being portrayed as something that you cannot challenge. People often say…“trust the science or follow the science”. But which science do you trust or follow?

The day of this writing a report came out on Fox News about “Monkey Pox”. So I do what I always do, I googled “who discovered Monkey Pox”. I look for the origin of everything. I want a fucking name! I found that Monkey Pox was first discovered in 1958 when 2 outbreaks of a pox-like disease occurred in colonies of monkeys kept for research. Did you miss It? It was found in monkeys kept for research. Kept for research. Kept for research! Kept for research. Got it? So we are left with the knowledge that it comes from monkeys, but overlook the value that they are monkeys in a fucking lab. More specifically monkey’s kept in a research (science) facility. Also “Monkeypox virus causes the disease in both humans and animals. It was first identified in 1958 as a pathogen of crab-eating macaque monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) being used as laboratory animals”.
Monkeypox was first reported by Preben von Magnus in 1958 in laboratory cynomolgus monkeys.

On to Wikipedia: Preben Christian Alexander von Magnus (25 February 1912 – 9 August 1973) was a Danish virologist who is known for his research on influenza, polio vaccination and monkeypox. He gave his name to the Von Magnus phenomenon.
He represented Denmark at the 1959 Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs where he explained that respiratory viruses such as influenza and the common cold were unsuitable as biological weapons. He became a Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog in 1965.
(Interesting remark: “he explained that respiratory viruses such as influenza and the common cold were unsuitable as biological weapons”)

Now we know what his research focus was. Biological weapons.
It is also noted that in 1970, the first human case was in the Republic of Congo, during a period of INTENSIFIED effort to eliminate smallpox.
The whole monkey pox history is suspicious. Why would a virologist, who is working for the benefit of the human species say, that viruses and the common cold were unsuitable as biological weapons unless he was performing research specifically for that purpose?

People are trying to remove qualified immunity from law enforcement. What if they removed qualified immunity from scientists?
Of course, there would be very little science just like there would be very few police. When a husband comes home and discovers his wife
is murdered, who is the first suspect? The person who made the discovery! I treat science news today in a similar fashion. Whoever found it, is a suspect.
We are learning that Dr Fauci, the front man on Covid19 has direct ties to the Wuhan lab where the virus was first discovered. Fauci was also a lead man on AIDS which supposedly came from monkeys. (There are those monkeys again). Its always either bats or monkeys. Its always discoveries from bats and monkeys KEPT in research facilities.
Its never, “I found a bat/monkey in the wild, brought him in, tested him and found a disease”. Its so prevalent that you could make the argument that bats and monkeys should be left alone and in the wild, because their getting mysteriously ill inside science facilities and those diseases are crossing over into human populations.

I am not talking about doctors, but more like the scientists who are developing and weaponizing viruses, and other dangerous pathogens.
Science has made great strides and brought us many wonderful things. At the same time science has brought misery and death and that is unmistakable. I love science. I do not trust science! On one hand, the sibling of good science has improved the lives of many. On the other hand, the malicious science has created so much death it could be labeled a serial killer.

That brings us to mask mandates and the science suggests that we wear masks and our children wear masks and get vaccinated.
Which sibling of science is this coming from? The one that is the saint of science or the serial killer of science?




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