Segregation of Children = Alienation

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Segregation = Alienation – RE: Jeff Davis Parish School Board
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Taking children and “segregating” them based on ‘mask status”, alienates them from their classmates and whoever came up with the idea and whoever enforces it has become jaded and I have to wonder about what really lies in their heart. I would hope their heart is good but that is not the impression they leave in their wake. The idea of “we are just following the law”, is the exact same thing as “we were just following orders”. Do you know who else used that excuse? Let me help you with some history, it was the Nazi’s after the holocaust and Bolsheviks after the Holodomor that cost the combined lives of just shy of 30 million people in both travesty’s. While the Bolsheviks fared a little better, the Nazi’s were not so lucky. Those who were “just following orders” are still being hunted down today.

The point is that there is rarely forgiveness or a reprieve of any kind, because you were “just following orders”.
If a child is sick then there is justification for separating them from the other students via sick room or sending them home. This is easy for everyone including the child to digest.
We are looking at an institution loaded with college graduates with degrees and masters and loaded up with accolades. I’m sure their resume’s are quite impressive. In all that education, did they teach them that alienating children from or in the classroom had great mental health benefits? I wonder what they taught them about the subject? Do they think it’s the same as separating them into groups for coloring projects?

According to, which is considered a reputable resource, states that alienation is not so healthy. I have provided a screen capture for a few of the issues it causes above. I am shocked beyond belief that anyone would even use a word like “segregation” to describe what is being done? The very word has been historically tainted and can never be used to describe anything involving the human species because it is a racist word, that goes back to school segregation of the past. It is like the word “Nazi”, that cannot used it in a sentence to make some positive agreeable point! These people are supposed to have college degrees. How about using those degrees for something other than wasting wall space behind your desk? Lets assume their just using the wrong word “segregation” to describe their decisions so that leaves the word “alienating” which is a more accurate word because that is exactly what their doing.

It may not seem like much because its just a paper mask but a seed is never really big, and that is what they could be doing, inadvertently planting a seed. Once a child is tagged as a non-conformist by others further alienation could develop. I don’t have a pedigree on my walls decorated with paper that is supposed to be proof I am intelligent, but I have some critical thinking skills that helps me get by and this is not very hard to figure out. I am not as impressed with pedigrees like most because I watch people on the nightly news with those same pedigrees destroying the country, going to jail, involved in financial scams and worse. Nope…Not impressed!
You don’t have to have a paper pedigrees or accolades in a picture frame to understand this stuff, you only need to be a parent.

Just following orders? Well they might want to question the pedigree of the person giving the order instead of blindly following the order because in the end there is no reprieve for people “just following orders”. Alienating children for any reason CANNOT BE HEALTHY. If it feels wrong and it looks wrong, it is wrong. Just following orders won’t cut it.

Alienated people that was left unchecked have had their names etched into the American conscience. You may recognize some of their names. They are Adam Lanza, Nikolas Cruz, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, Chris Harper-Mercer, Jeffrey Weise, Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden, just to name only a few.
The list seems endless of people who went through their whole lives being alienated, starting in their school years and it ended with tragic consequences. PLEASE DO NOT GO DOWN THAT PATH.
Even if I over-shot on my analogy, you can still plant the seed that could wreck a life. By what I am seeing, I’m not sure they even care!

It is no shocker to anyone that the schools system is a major bastion of liberalism and one of the obsessions of the liberal Democrats is “inclusiveness”. So how does this alienation of students fits within the liberal ideology of “inclusiveness”? I am having trouble fitting it anywhere, with the possible ideological exception of Nazism. Perhaps it is just another example of hypocrisy that liberalism is cursed with.
I empathize with the conservative employees who have to hide their beliefs while navigating this toxic culture and who are coerced, bullied and forced into going along with it.

Note: No restrictions on usage in whole or in part. Public Domain



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