SWLA Politics - Lee Mallet - District Attorney Election in Jeff Davis Parish

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SWLA Politics and Lee Mallet has been running 1 page ads in the Jennings Daily News to discredit Lauren Heinen for DA and is a strong supporter of Elliot Cassidy for DA. Lee Mallet has put Lauren Heinen under attack for “wokeism” and disloyalty to Conservative Republicans. Its nothing more than a smear campaign against a person that does not deserve it.

Lee Mallet has been under investigation twice for questionable practices involving Workers Compensation.
Read the full story here (Copy/Paste Link to your browser)
Excerpt from the story
The Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors website describes member Lee Mallett as a ‘respected businessman’ who has created businesses ‘that support good-paying jobs and give back to the community’ — but Mallett’s companies have been investigated twice by state agencies in relation to coverage under a state worker’s compensation program.

Mallett, who also serves as chairman of the State License Board of Contractors, owns several manufacturing and construction companies in the Lake Charles area. In 2018, his companies purchased workers compensation insurance through a state created entity, the Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Corporation. The coverage protects workers hurt on the job, as long as their company signs up for coverage and pays a premium.
The premium is based on the salary of each employee.

When applying for the worker’s compensation coverage, one of Mallett’s companies, Progressive Buildings, claimed one employee drove the equivalent of New Orleans to Atlanta every day of the week.

State records obtained by FOX 8 show the company claims it paid the woman about $18,000 in wages and then paid her another $95,000 in mileage reimbursements. That figure is key because the premium paid to the worker’s compensation corporation is based on the employee’s salary, not their other earnings and reimbursements. So in this example, 84 percent of the employee’s total earnings were not included in calculating the premium paid to the state corporation.

The $95,000 in mileage reimbursements to the employee equals about 3,400 miles a week — equal to the drive from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

The story is excellent and shows how Mallets companies attempted to circumvent worker compensation laws by showing a low wage and high mileage reimbursements to avoid workers compensation insurance.
But Mallet had it covered as Lee Mallet by his contributed considerable dollars to both Liberal Democrat Campaigns as well as Republican elections. Mallet is the embodiment of what is wrong in Louisiana politics and yet he wants to take the moral high ground and attack a real conservative Republican Lauren Heinen with false claims of “wokeism”. He has been appointed to prestigious positions by Bobby Jindal and its probably just a coincidence that he donated considerable funds to his election campaigns.

I received a flyer in the mail from the Elliot Cassidy campaign that stated “Elliot Cassidy is bringing the hammer down on LOWLIFE criminals”.
This my friend is NOT conservatism. The Cassidy campaign needs to expand on who he identifies as “lowlife criminals”! Is it ANYONE who breaks a law? Are lowlife criminals defined as anyone who breaks a law no matter how small outside the circle? Is a lowlife criminal someone who tries to circumvent worker compensation laws? What about the JeffDavis 8 victims? Are we going to put new resources on this cold case and other unsolved murders in the parish or are we going to start fresh with “dropping the hammer”?
I cannot believe Elliot Cassidy would align himself with Lee Mallet and I do not understand why he has not disavowed any connection between his campaign and Lee Mallets comments against Lauren Heinen.
Why the aggression on the part of Mallet?
Mallet is also involved in the Academy of Training Skills (ATS)that takes incarcerated non-violent offenders. The ATS, was located in Lacassine, La., is a referral facility where individuals charged for non-violent or non-sexual crimes can take educational courses and job training courses, along with counseling.
Is Mallet after the referrals to expand his Academy from the office of the DA?
According to the article as quoted by Superintendent Kelvin Smith “And when the cadets first arrive to the ATS, they are set up in a military-style dorm room with no privileges. “No TV, no air conditioner, no heating, no nothing,” Smith said.” Wow, it sounds like an episode of “Naked and Afraid”, or perhaps a Russian Gulag. They even call them “cadets”. Additional research shows that ATS is now Sanctuary Louisiana. According to the secretary of State website
ATS corporate standing was revoked in 2005, reinstated a year later, name change 4 months later. It started out as Progressive Plumbing then became ATS and then became Sanctuary Louisiana with Lee Mallet as one of the corporate officers.
copy/paste – https://www.sanctuarylouisiana.com/
I wonder if it has air conditioning or heating or any privileges? Is Mallet employing any of these people from Sanctuary Louisiana, as employees of any Lee Mallet business venture? If so what are the employment terms?

So I wonder how the election of Jeff Davis Parish District Attorney plays into this facility in a way that enriches Lee Mallet. I’m reaching here but only time will tell. How does this mesh with Elliot Cassidy’s campaign promise to “drop the hammer on lowlife criminals”? Is there a connection at all?
Is the DA’s office or the Parish dumping money into Lee Mallets Sanctuary Louisiana project and is it at risk if Lauren Heinen is elected?
Is that the reason for this aggression towards Heinen?

The LSU Board of Supervisors states that “Not only is Mallett a very well respected businessman, he is also an avid social reformer”
Social Reformer? That sounds like one of those “woke liberal terms”. You know they call Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a social reformer too!
Coincidence? Lee Mallet and his SWLA Politics Fakebook social media page are nothing more than agents for political bullying.



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