The Archie Bunker Conspiracy Theory

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Conservatism, the political ideology embraced by the Republican party is called bigoted, racists, homophobic, hateful and everything that is wrong with this country. People who embrace conservatism are idiot racist NAZI’S, that deserve to be called every vile thing that can be invented, and they should be harassed and threatened, chasing them to their grave. They should die and in fact when they do pass away the death of any conservative voice is celebrated. Liberal activists protest conservatism by holding the severed, bloody head of one its leadership members. They question their very existence and attempt to treat them as non-human. When they pass away, liberals say things like “Rest in Piss”. That is life as a Christian Conservative. If you’re a liberal Christian…your safe. You pose no threat to liberalism as long as you keep agreeing to everything. In fact, liberalism will ignore your as long as you’re in their fold. I think the bible calls it “yoking” in 2 Corinthians 14-16, but for the sake of safety, by all means they should keep yoking.

Conservatism’s political and ideological opposition is deeply rooted in hate, and it’s obvious every day. Its not new at all! Donald Trump only forced it to the surface so that it could be seen, he chased it out of the shadows, and they hate him for exposing them.

Conservatism is the “spawn of Satan”, so we have been taught since January 12, 1971. Oddly enough the majority of people who dreamed up the idea of equating conservatism to Satan, do not really believe Satan is real in the first place but it sells good to gullible liberal Christians. This January 12, 1971 date coincides with the date the beloved sitcom, “All in the Family” first aired. The creator for All in the Family, was Norman Lear. When you look the name up, using ONLY liberal resources for reference, you will find that “ Lear is a political activist, part of the so-called Malibu Mafia who funded liberal and progressive causes and politicians. Lear was a silent partner of The Nation magazine and founded the advocacy organization People for the American Way to counter the Christian right in politics. He has supported First Amendment rights”. (Except the first amendment rights of the Christian right. He also supports gun control and planned parenthood.)

Lear was born in New Haven, Connecticut, the son of Jeanette (née Seicol) and Hyman “Herman” Lear, a traveling salesman.2 He had a younger sister, Claire Lear Brown (1925–2015).3 Lear grew up in a Jewish household in Connecticut and had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony.4 His mother was originally from Ukraine, while his father’s family was from Russia. Oddly enough many of the “activists” you read about have roots to Communist Russia. Coincidence? The sitcom’s Lear created were the offspring of his political activism. He does not deny it.

The sitcom “All in the Family” has been called “ground-breaking”, influential, and it portrayed Archie Bunker, played by Carrol O’Conner, an ardent liberal in real life, as the typical blue collar, conservative, Republican and bigot. By today’s standard that should be ‘cultural appropriation”, but that’s off limits. The spin-offs from this show were pretty much the same, with Normal Lear propagating his activism for liberal views. Very little television since then has been just silly entertainment. It usually promotes some social or political causes which conservatism is not one of them, because it’s way too evil. Will the cancel culture eat their own and try to destroy Lear’s work? I doubt it! It’s untouchable! Archie Bunker’s character was carefully crafted as “Episcopal”, which gave Archie Bunker free reign to make a mockery of Catholicism in particular. It is true he made a mockery of many religions and groups but that was all part of aligning him to non-liberal groups. His son-in-law, daughter and wife were there to apply balance and defend liberalism.

When you look out at the vast wasteland of social and political ills of today, there is not a single topic that was not covered in “All in the Family” sitcom decades ago. To repeat myself from previous rantings, television programming is both a noun and a verb. If television does not shape our opinions, or drive our behaviors then why do they have commercials? Why to they use the media to promote causes? Why do they use television to promote “getting out the vote”? Why did they cover the social topics in “All in the Family” in the first place? Television media including all network news and throw in cable news has always leaned toward liberalism. That’s no secret. That is why there was room for Fox News that gave the appearance of being “the other side of the coin”. That’s what led to the hugely popular radio program “Rush Limbaugh” on AM radio of all places. There was a demand for the other side of the coin. Of course we all know that the other side is only made up of bigots, racists and homophobes along with other school yard bully name calling titles. It does bring to light some realizations with all that television has done to promote unity, love, compassion, understanding and you look out today at the results and you realize they were not promoting those things. They were promoting the opposite, to great effect, otherwise you have to admit their effort were an utter failure and had the opposite effect.
Lear’s political focus has been his opposition to the rise of Christian televangelists and the Christian right. In 1981 he left the television industry to focus on political activism and created the left-of-center advocacy group People for the American Way to fight against Christian causes. He distributed millions of dollars from his family foundation to left-wing groups such as Planned Parenthood, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Huge fans of Archie Bunker and all the spin-offs spawned from it, do not want to hear anything negative about their favorite programs no matter how much evidence you provide. Its easy to recognize once you actively watch the programming instead of staring at the television mindlessly and writing off the messages as just entertainment. Some people are good at identifying propaganda while others are not, that’s just the way it is. Many blue collar workers, conservatives, Christians especially Catholics should have been appalled on how they were being portrayed and marginalized, instead we laughed. We did not realize our identities were being redefined for all time. All in the Family nor its spinoffs did anything to create unity, instead it was the seeds of division that have grown out of control, because many shows followed the same format in promoting social and political causes with liberalism being portrayed as righteousness and all that is good, with conservatism portrayed as Lucifer himself.

When you research the word “Activist”, using ONLY liberal sources, the word often appears in the bio data of many prominent people, it is portrayed as an absolute good, and worded in such a way that is palatable in a positive way for its liberal viewers. It’s almost angelic. Add “liberal activist” to your word search and the top results will always be positive. Take the same word and add “conservative” to the front of it, “conservative activists” and you will quickly find the demonized explanation of activism and all of a sudden they are Hitler/Satan incarnate. People susceptible to propaganda and brainwashing never see this, because they want to believe that Conservatism is the spawn of Satan. Its easier to agree with the liberal propaganda than it is to question it. Liberalism is easy, when things go wrong, when their social engineering backfires, they always blame the Republicans/Conservatives. If you look closely at the upheaval that we are in it is nothing but a blame game, with each side blaming the other, but who has the real power and influence?

Liberalism is evil personified and it protects itself by projection, hiding its evil by accusing others of what they are guilty of.
What are we to do? Absolutely nothing except continue to vote, voice opposition wherever you can but do it peacefully. If you show up for a protest, they will infiltrate it, cause mayhem and conservatism will continue to be assaulted. Be patient, because they eat their own. Jump on the cancel train and go after the things they hold dear.

“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed”.
Friedrich Nietzsche



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