The Barabbas Syndrome

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Headline: Liberals Love Convicted Murderers like Kevin Cooper – Ann Coulter
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This story is just another example of liberals/progressives who would rather see the guilty taken off death row or better yet, freed altogether for their crimes. Its not unique at all, as there are many cases of these efforts that reach the public eye from time to time.
You are often left scratching your head about these cases and you wonder why people choose to free murderers and the condemned over the innocent lives that were lost to them. I call it the Barabbas syndrome.

If you don’t know the Barabbas story, perhaps you should check that out sometimes. It is widely overlooked story that most people do not sit and ponder for any length of time.
You often find these reporters who run stories about releasing these convicted murderers and if you dig deep enough you will find their opinions on abortion, because they have an opinion on it that they can’t resist revealing, that is very much pro-choice.
They will choose to come to the aid of murderers over the innocent lives of the unborn. Just like those that freed Barabbas, they choose to free murderers before coming to the aid of the innocent.
So when you read these stories of liberal lawyers, and journalists trying to free the convicted without regard to the innocent don’t get too upset with them. Just know they are suffering from the Barabbas syndrome.
When I read these stories I just tell myself…“Give us Barabbas”, and it helps me to make sense of it.



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