The Ethnic Cleansing from the American Conscience

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Remember when the owners of brands like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and the Indian on Land of Lakes and a growing list of other brands that are removing the so called racist imagery from their products? Don’t think for a minute there was some outside source pressuring them to do this. The movement that started the ball rolling was an inside job.
The narrative we hear is the one they want us to hear but there is another side and that is the one that is founded in “racism”.
It is one of the most clever campaigns of convincing the public they are becoming woke and more sensitive to racism when in fact their decisions are rooted in racism. They are removing icons of various non-white ethnicities from products.

Do you think the white supremacist groups are out there complaining about the changes or celebrating? I bet they are celebrating a great achievement of finally removing from the national conscience the imagery, the names and the historical significance of ethnic groups. The Washington Redskins have changed, and the Cleveland Indians are under fire and it seems like the list is never ending, all under the guise of the greater good. But when you think about it in reverse or an alternate view other than the story your being told, you begin to see something that looks more like a modified version of ethnic cleansing from the American conscience. The white supremacists must be loving it, or maybe its the white supremacist masquerading as someone else that are responsible for it.



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