The Eye's Have It!

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They say that “they eyes are a window to the soul”.
When I read headlines I am drawn to the eyes after I started noticing things. What I look for is that “nothingness”. I look for those dead eyes. They have a certain stare to them. You notice something is off, maybe the spacing, or the corners are often down turned or upturned in an unusual way. They are often darker than a regular brown eyed person, but its not always the color that is odd. Rarely are they blue or green or even regular brown. There is a certain emptiness. Sometimes they bulge or the whites are larger than the rest of the eye. They are sometimes out of balance or not proportional to the head, with a sleepy look or more wide open than normal exposing the whites more. Its an unscientific hobby of course and it belongs in the unpopular profiling category, but its an interesting thing to watch for. After a while you start to see the same thing! Maybe there is some truth to the old saying “the eyes are a window to the soul”, but what about those that might not have one?

Here’s a few examples to help you practice, with a couple of non-murderous types thrown in for comparison.
Take your time studying them. It will serve you well in the future.

Boulder Colorado shooter – Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa

Jeffrey Dahmer
Needs no introduction

Charles Manson
Needs no introduction

Margaret Sanger
Abortion advocate – Planned Parenthood founder

Reverend Jim Jones
Jonestown Massacre

The Menendez Brothers
Murdered their parents

David Koresh
Branch Davidians

Lee Harvey Oswald
JFK Assasin

Jack Ruby – Oswald Assassin

Ted Kazinsky – The Unabomber

Phile Spector – Record Producer and Murderer

Jared Fogle Subway Perv

Just a journalist named Kurt Eichanwald who said “I want to find an antimasker and beat them to death; You Fucking Christians are what Jesus condemns.”
Not in any way connected to any of these but he has the same eyes.

Marc Elias – The lawyer who was the architect of vote by mail. Not in any way connected to the monsters on this page but he has those lifeless eyes.

Eric Rudolph – Atlanta bomber

David Berkowitz – Son of Sam

Can you guess this one?

Jeffrey Toobin – Zoom call wanker fame

Jeffrey Epstein



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