The Fauci Virus - Put at risk by a Barbecued Pork Chop

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People are hesitant to get the vaccine. With the inconsistent information flying around it’s not hard to figure out why?
People have questions that either can’t be answered or won’t be answered. People have died taking the vaccine and while that number is low…it exists. It’s strange that we have become so desensitized to death that we even acknowledge acceptable losses.
So your faced with if you take the vaccine, you could have some level of protection or you could die. The long-term health effects or long term side effects of the vaccine are not known. If you don’t take the vaccine you get the virus and could die and infect others who could die and the long term effects of the Fauci Virus, is not known once you recover. ” (It’s not politically correct to call it the Chinese virus so I had to come up with another name that would be less offensive).

All of the scientists that like to vomit statistics and known facts, fail to tell us which vaccine is the statistically higher killer. They don’t want to cause a panic and interrupt the cashflow of big Pharma I suppose!
We are supposed to find comfort in the idea that those pushing the vaccine the most, Fauci, Bill Gates and others also double as promoters of population control, Doctor assisted suicide and abortion. Perhaps they should have found better spokespersons to promote the vaccine instead of members of the pro-death squad. I do not find comfort in “misanthropists”, all lined up, trying to tell me what is best for me and my family. A misanthropist is a word you don’t hear thrown around much but it should be. A misanthropist is a person who has a hatred, dislike or distrust of humankind. Apparently, there are so many people in the world that hates the human species, they had to come up with a name for them.

The scientists and politicians (read entry on good scientists VS serial killer scientist) goal seems to be pushing out the vaccines to assist in creating “herd immunity”. That is a common catch phrase you will hear in every discussion about the “Fauci Virus”. Think about that phrase a minute “herd immunity”. There are names to describe groups of animal species. A gaggle of geese, a colony of bats, a caravan of camels or a “litter” of puppies or “kittens”. Is the human species regarded as a “herd”, the same as cattle, goats, sheep and llamas (watch it they spit)? Perhaps we are not cattle but more like “sheep”, which seems a little more fitting. The interesting thing about these herds is that they all sooner or later end up in trailer or box car heading somewhere else, instead of out to pasture. Perhaps we are viewed as the herd and they look at themselves as the rancher. Who knows with these crackpots.

I suspect the most important immunity to them is not the “herd immunity” but rather “qualified immunity”. In all this “herd immunity” talk, do people like Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other big money people have “qualified immunity”? You know that legal term that protects people from personal financial responsibility if they are negligent, ignorant, or just flat out wrong! Remove Dr Anthony Fauci’s qualified immunity and then I want to hear what his new advice after that will be.
American’s have a tough choice in this decision between life and death potentials. The threat is real. The number of people I know who have died from COVID is growing. We cannot fall victim to the idea promoted that all of these people had “underlying issues”, either known or unknown. It seems to marginalize their death.
That seems to be a default mentality that we need to reject from our consciousness. There is some truth to it, but we should not assume it for all and move on. There are people dying from the vaccine and people dying who did not get the vaccine. We do not know the long term side effects of the vaccine nor the long term side effects from the Fauci virus either. The scientists and the politicians are feeding us generic terms and for many that is good enough, but for those with analytic minds, whose analytic switch stays turned on, we have to have detail with no stone upturned type information.

I voluntarily took the Moderna vaccine as a human guinea pig. I’m not an anti-faxer or anti-masker. I am an anti-mandater. There were several reasons I took the vaccine and it wasn’t without some research. I am one of those evil smokers and I was informed by the media and “scientists” with limited information that I was high risk. I later learned, post vax, that this was based on “scientific expectation”, which is a fancy term for having an expectation that I will be hardest hit if I come in contact with the Fauci virus because of smoking. The word scientific is added in the front of the term to give it credibility. I have since learned that smokers make up 9% of hospital cases and nobody knows why. Scientists can’t figure it out. IF smokers were the hardest hit out of everyone, the smoker-haters would be all over it with daily warnings but that is not what it is happening. Its crickets from the smoker-hater crowd. Interesting!
That’s not to say if I get hit with the virus that all the smoking and neglect of my body won’t all catch up with me and I end up with pie in my face, not to mention the dirt. The hard cold reality is that we are fed daily doses of inconsistent information and people are genuinely confused and not sure what to do.

I also suspected it would be mandated sooner or later if the Democrats took the Whitehouse so I figured I would take the voluntary vaccine formula instead of the mandated formula. I am a bit untrusting of the misanthropists running things.

We have bigger issues than masks that can’t possibly stop a microscopic bug.
So I go into a convenience story with a Plexiglas installed to protect me and the person behind the counter. I have my mask on, and the person behind the counter, with mask pulled down to their chin, is eating a barbecue pork chop while waiting on customers. I set my stuff on the counter and they lick the BBQ from their fingers, dry off the spit on their hand with a dry towel that was used for no telling what and grab my product to scan it and hand it to me. I have to pick up the product with the receipt given to me until I can get to my truck to wipe it down. So the Plexiglas was installed for protection, the masks were on and whole encounter was circumvented by a finger licking good pork chop! Luckily I had my mask on! (sarcasm intended)

In the early days of Covid, I go to Walmart and there is a person, who did not look healthy, hacking and coughing repeatedly and uncontrollably and not covering their mouth. Who knows they could have been patient zero for Covid. It was not a recognizable cigarette cough but one of those wet, phlegmy coughs . Everyone was looking at her and staying away as best they could but this person should not have been out and about, hacking all over the produce. That illustrates the level that people do not control where they go when they are sick.
But hey, we can’t mandate that she wear a mask without making EVERYONE wearing a mask right?

I go to a fast food restaurant with my wife, place the order, pay for it and the person behind the counter reaches inside the cup and pulls out 2 cups. Their fingers went deep into the cup just to pull it out, no gloves.
Again, Plexiglas in place to protect each other with everyone with masks on. For these workers, here is a good exercise to harden your critical thinking skills. Place the stack of cups in the spring loaded cup dispenser with mouth facing up. Stare at the setup and ask yourself this fundamental question. How can you get a single cup out of the dispenser without touching the rim with your unprotected fingers that you just used to just rubbed your nostrils with, or touching the inside of the cup to pull it out? Yes gloves could be a solution but its something even more clever…How about turning the cups over! Luckily the Plexiglas was in place and we all had masks on to control the transfer of germs!
We have bigger problems than masks that can’t possibly work!



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