The Homelessness of Conservatism IS NEAR

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While lying in bed I was looking over various video clips and news reports and I ran across an article of a Former GOP congressman leaving the Republican Party.
Pay close attention to how this story is layed out and what the perception is verses what reality it. Continue to read and scroll because the reality is something you must be aware of.

Former Oklahoma GOP Congressman Mickey Edwards said that he is leaving his party because it has become a “cult” led by President Trump.
Edwards was critical of Republicans questioning the results of the presidential election, and of Republicans who voted to throw out Electoral College votes of two battleground states after a mob invaded the Capitol building last week to stop their work.
“This has become a cult. It’s no longer a political party. It’s a cult,” Edwards told Oklahoma’s News 4 on Thursday. “It’s the kind of a cult that when the leader of the cult does anything, no matter what it is, or how awful it is they still support him.

The reality is Mickey Edwards began the exit of the party in 2008, he finalized it in 2001 and became an “Independent”. He flew the flag of conservatism during his career but in reality he was more aligned with Democrats. He has labeled the GOP, Republicans, Conservatism “a cult.”
This claim is of value to the enemies of Conservatism because he is/was portrayed as a party insider.

These are the type of GOP infiltrators I have mentioned throughout my blogs, destroying Conservatism from within.
When you look at the pictures of the rioters (not those just protesting), the guy with the zip ties, the guy with the rebel flag and the guy wearing the horns, these are NOT conservative Republicans. The media never tells you their party affiliation, and there is a reason behind that.

These are people who clearly hate the whole Democrat/Republican, Liberal/Conservative conversation. They hate both and I would bet my last dollar that those rioters we are seeing are unaffiliated to any party. They are independents, but they are played as Trumps supporters and by default conservatives.

In my previous blogs I spoke about the independents describing them as homeless because they do not prescribe to any set political platform. They are like minded for sure but their views vary from one to another. Their only cohesion is found in the radical ideas category, like conspiracy theories etc.

Many may cheer with great jubilation of the news that Mickey Edwards is leaving the GOP and becoming an Independent. There is a growing number of politicians in office that are becoming Independents, but keep in mind what that means. It means they are for THEIR beliefs, not the beliefs of fellow independents because there is no platform to follow. There is nobody to answer to except voters and you can play both sides of the fence to obtain those votes.

It is of great interest how the media played this old news to make it today’s new news. He has been an Independent since 2011, 9 years ago, and a left leaning Republican before that, since 2008, 12-13 years, but they played it all as if it was a developing story, over the last 2 days.

If your not paying attention, very close attention you will miss these these pieces. Does it not send up a red flag, that the most fortified and protected building in the country was breached by rioters? Sadly 1 person was killed and 4 died of medical emergencies so they tell us.
Its odd that after the war on terror, 911, and with foreknowledge that “dangerously armed rioters” were descending on capitol grounds, that security was so laxed. Its almost as if it was that way because they knew there would be political fallout as a benefit. I have known since being a kid that if you breach security at the Capitol, Whitehouse or Pentagon security forces or Secret Service are authorized to shoot you. Sadly one person was shot, but it has all the leanings of a sacrifice for political purposes. Without a death, they could not call it a violent riot.

Read this list of security breaches of the white house / capitol and the outcomes.

Conservatism’s homelessness is approaching. Those rioters among the protesters were NOT conservatives or Republicans. They are individual operators who are making large contributions to the destruction of conservatism. The Republicans, in order to stay viable will either abandon conservatism or change it to be more inclusive of liberal ideas. So what…you might say! The principles of smaller government, freedom of religion, first amendment, private property rights and other traditional conservative ideas will no longer have a home, with politicians to defend it. It will be homeless, and like the Independents scattered to the wind.
Weigh this against my previous comments that “conservatism is the last line of defense against communism”, and you begin to see a more bleak picture. In the end, in the direction were heading it will be one party rule then the debate over parties, ideologies, freedoms, the Constitutions and taking sides will be over.
The greatest gift for the liberals in their effort to destroy conservatism, was the Independents.



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